How many Legion forms are there in Astral Chain?

How many Legion forms are there in Astral Chain?

Best answer: There are five Legion forms which the player has access to during gameplay. Each of which has a unique appearance, fighting style, and abilities.Be a Legion: Astral Chain ($60 at Amazon)

The Game

Astral Chain is a single-player campaign or co-op action game from the PlatinumGames studio, the same studio that developed Bayonetta, Star Fox Zero, and Nier: Automata. You will get to play one out of a pair of twin siblings who are also police officers in The Ark, a futuristic, massive, multi-cultural city. The special task force you are assigned to is built to defend against alien attackers called Chimera and is equipped with weapons to aid in your efforts, the Legion.

The Legion

The Legion are specially designed living weapons created by humanity in response to the chimera threat. They were once chimera themselves but have been captured, controlled, suited with armor and tethered to a controller, a human officer, by a neural chain that connects their minds. All in the name of protecting the Ark.

While there are many Legion, there are only five types of Legion — Sword, Arrow, Beast, Arm, and Axe. The appearance, skills, and fighting style of a Legion is dependant on its type.


The arms of this humanoid Legion are long, sword-like blades below the elbow which are used as their weapons. Their blades seem to be retractable or perhaps morph as it sometimes appears in the game with traditional humanoid arms.


The Arrow Legion is similar in its semi-humanoid appearance to the Sword. However, this guy lacks legs and instead floats above six appendages that protrude from its waist like an armored skirt. Its weapon of choice is a large energy bow which it can materialize at will.


Rather than a humanoid, the Beast Legion is reminiscent of a large dog or cat. The long slender tail gives it a feline aspect, but it's hard to deny a Doberman quality to their pointed ears. But the very best part, no matter what type of animal it is, you get to ride them!


The semi-humanoid Arm Legion, suitably living up to its name, has no legs. It floats much like the Arrow, but this big boy has massive armored forearms and claw-like hands that are detached from his body near the shoulder.


This streamlined Legion is the last humanoid Legion, and like the Sword, it can stand on its own two feet. Despite offering a more slimmed-down frame, the Axe still seems like a formidable opponent with its weapon of choice is a massive battle axe style blade.

No matter which Legion you end up working with they won't purely be a weapon, they are your partner as well. Your Legion will end up helping you during your investigations throughout the story and not just in battle. But let's be honest, we can't wait to get them into combat. This game feels like it has drawn inspiration from many sources both in anime and games, all of which have epic battles and so does Astral Chain.

Kelly Peirce