How to set up Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure Ring Con
Ring Fit Adventure Ring Con (Image credit: iMore)

Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch is a unique fitness game that has you take on a wide range of physical challenges. There are different modes and ways you can play, but before you do any of that, you need to set it up. Ring Fit Adventure has some unique hardware that requires more set up than other Switch games, though it should only take a couple of minutes. Here's how to do it.

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How to set up Ring Fit Adventure

  1. Launch Ring Fit Adventure from the Switch HOME screen.
  2. Remove the Joy-Con (L) from your Nintendo Switch or have the Joy-Con (L) ready to move

Ring Fit Adventure Strap (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Place the Joy-Con (L) into the leg strap pocket with the control stick outside of the mesh. The control stick should be at the top of the leg strap.
  2. Wrap the leg strap around your left thigh.

Ring Fit Adventure Attach Strap (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Tighten the leg strap by pulling the strap and attaching it to the rest of the strap. Be careful not to overtighten the strap.
  2. Remove the Joy-Con (R) from your Nintendo Switch or have the Joy-Con (R) ready to move.
  1. Slide the Joy-Con (R) into the Ring-Con accessory. Make sure to align the "+" button with the "+" mark.
  2. You might need to perform a controller update when you place the Joy-Con (R) into the Ring-Con. Do so by pressing "A" if prompted.
  3. Place the Ring-Con on a flat surface to calibrate it

Ring Fit Adventure Squeeze (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Pick up the Ring-Con by both grips (the padded parts) and press the sides inwards. Have the buttons of the Joy-Con facing you during this step.
  2. Select the unit of measurement you prefer by choosing a region.
  3. Press the Ring-Con together as you did in the previous step to and hold it until "START" appears on the screen.

Ring Fit Adventure will then go through the basic controls of the game and review health and safety information. You rotate the Ring-Con to move your cursor, squeeze to confirm, and pull apart to cancel. Now, you're set up and good to go!

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To play Ring Fit Adventure, you need more than just the game on your Switch. Luckily, the Ring-Con comes in the box when you buy a physical copy of Ring Fit Adventure. If you have the original Nintendo Switch, you should already have the Joy-cons you need, but if you have a Switch Lite, you may need to invest in some if you'd like to try out the game. Here's what you need to jump right in.

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