How to tell which version Nintendo Switch Pro Controller you have

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Image credit: iMore)

There have been a few changes to the Pro Controller since its initial release in early 2017. These updates have been pretty minimal and have mostly gone unnoticed. Curious about which controller you have? It will be harder for you to discover if you didn't keep the box that the Pro Controller came in. Here's how to figure out which version you have.

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How to tell which Pro Controller version you have

Oddly enough, you can't tell what version you have by looking at the controller itself. There are currently four versions of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: A, B, C, and the most recently released, D. Here's how you can determine which version you have.

  1. Get the box that the Pro Controller comes in.
  2. Turn to the backside.

  1. Look just above the barcode on the right. The letter at the end of the string of numbers will tell you if you have version A, B, C, or D. In my case, I have version C.

Are there other ways to find the version?

We've looked at the exterior and pulled apart the interior of the Pro Controller to see if this version number is listed anywhere on the controller itself. We can confirm and say that it is not. You must have the box in order to discover what version you have.

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