How to watch Nintendo at E3 2021

Nintendo E3
Nintendo E3 (Image credit: iMore)

We expect a lot of exciting Nintendo E3 announcements this year what with so many highly anticipated games being worked on. Historically, the Japanese gaming company goes all out during their Nintendo E3 Direct announcing new Switch games, giving release dates, and even showing off new gameplay for some of their bigger titles.

If you don't want to miss out on the excitement of watching the E3 event live and first hand then make sure to tune in at the right day and time. Here's when and where to watch the Nintendo E3 2021 Direct.

Nintendo E3 2021 date and start time

There will be a Nintendo Direct on June 15 that lasts roughly 40 minutes focusing on Nintendo Switch games. After that, we'll see about three hours of gameplay during the Nintendo Tree House Live presentation. The Nintendo Direct will start at 9AM PT local CA time.

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Where to watch E3 Nintendo Direct

E3 2021 is a free event that you can watch from YouTube, Twitch, the E3 2021 app, or other popular streaming services. Sometimes when enough people jump onto a live stream the service doesn't work as well. You might want to jump between these options if you're experienceing issues.

Nintendo E3 YouTube

Nintendo E3 Twitch

Nintendo E3 E3 2021 App

The official app has not been updated yet at the time of this posting.

Sweet Nintendo news

Each year Nintendo blows us away with exciting announcements and updates. Make sure you tune in at the right time and place to you can learn the news as it goes live.

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