How would you feel if the iPhone 6 didn't have a bigger screen?

The iPhone 6 is a hot topic right now, especially in the iMore forums. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook recently discussed a bigger iPhone, and while he wouldn't say no to the idea, he also said Apple wouldn't rush one out unless and until they had the technology to do it right. Namely, they didn't just want a big display, they wanted the best display.

I'm happy with the current screen size. I hope Apple doesn't get caught up in the Android phablet trend.HAWK, iMore Forums Member

Arguably, the technology is right right now. Other device manufacturers having been producing larger display devices for quite some time and have had a great deal of success doing so. Some have used technologies like OLED, which Tim Cook has said still doesn't meet Apple's standards, and others produce far smaller batches than Apple would need. Also, Apple has had massive success sticking with what has worked for them over the past few years, so making a change just for change's sake might not be the best decision. Then again, there are significant problems a 5-inch iPhone would solve for Apple.

Still, there is an increasing amount of customers out there who simply want a larger screen on their iPhone. Is it enough to make some of them jump ship if they don't get it next time around? Probably. But there will always be those who consider that option. On the other side of the coin, there is those customers who like the size of the iPhone currently and factor that into their purchase decision.

Small screen is the only thing I dislike about the iPhone. I don't know why people are so comfortable with the screen size!EmceeGeek , iMore Forums Member

Personally speaking, I am a lover of devices with bigger displays and right now, I can say my iPhone usage has decreased over time because it's just too small for me now. If the next iPhone doesn't have a bigger display then the chance of me purchasing one are slim to none. But, it's not about me. How would you feel if the next iPhone does not have a bigger screen?

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