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How would you feel if the iPhone 6 didn't have a bigger screen?

The iPhone 6 is a hot topic right now, especially in the iMore forums. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook recently discussed a bigger iPhone, and while he wouldn't say no to the idea, he also said Apple wouldn't rush one out unless and until they had the technology to do it right. Namely, they didn't just want a big display, they wanted the best display.

I'm happy with the current screen size. I hope Apple doesn't get caught up in the Android phablet trend.HAWK, iMore Forums Member

Arguably, the technology is right right now. Other device manufacturers having been producing larger display devices for quite some time and have had a great deal of success doing so. Some have used technologies like OLED, which Tim Cook has said still doesn't meet Apple's standards, and others produce far smaller batches than Apple would need. Also, Apple has had massive success sticking with what has worked for them over the past few years, so making a change just for change's sake might not be the best decision. Then again, there are significant problems a 5-inch iPhone would solve for Apple.

Still, there is an increasing amount of customers out there who simply want a larger screen on their iPhone. Is it enough to make some of them jump ship if they don't get it next time around? Probably. But there will always be those who consider that option. On the other side of the coin, there is those customers who like the size of the iPhone currently and factor that into their purchase decision.

Small screen is the only thing I dislike about the iPhone. I don't know why people are so comfortable with the screen size!EmceeGeek , iMore Forums Member

Personally speaking, I am a lover of devices with bigger displays and right now, I can say my iPhone usage has decreased over time because it's just too small for me now. If the next iPhone doesn't have a bigger display then the chance of me purchasing one are slim to none. But, it's not about me. How would you feel if the next iPhone does not have a bigger screen?

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  • I may be switching from my BB Z10 in the fall and if the next iphone isn't bigger, I wouldn't think about buying it.
  • I work for a large phone company and I have this debate with customers all the time. The iPhone is the iPhone and a tech behemoth like Apple has it right with a 4" phone and a 7.8" tablet. If you think bigger phone means better then get the Samsung Mega. Yeah it's a dual core and has a 720 display but you get 6" of goodness to play Flappy Bird on... Switching to android for screen size is like trading in your V6 Aston Martin for a V8 Kia Sephia. Bigger engine but its still a Kia.
  • Great comparison!!
  • Please. All high end phones are about the same. None really outshine the others. Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none. IPhones are nice, but not the end all. Screen is too small for me, so I use a N4. Retina mini is perfection though. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • +1
  • "Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none." I would say Lumia 1520 has the best screen out there right now. Nokia also has the best cameras, which kind of makes the current top-end iPhone look a bit weird... I guess people do not pay for the hardware on the iPhone, but on continued support to their existing apps and media. That is what has let Apple skive off with a 2007-era screen size.
  • That's pretty subjective ...'Lumia 11520=best screen out there now?' They make decent cameras on their phones but display quality can and is easily measured 'objectively'. While the Lumia display is 'good' it's certainly not the 'best'. In fact for all intents and purposes, when it comes to consistency, Apple time and time again release well calibrated, accurate displays. We can argue 'gamut' on mini vs Air iPads but iPhone vs the's objectively measured each and every release (see Anandtech for details). Some prefer OLED saturation. Some prefer 'accuracy'. Others just want a phone. Regardless, as a former Lumia owner, iOS and Android tabs and phones, IMHO right now....iPhone 5/5s, Note 3 and the well as the G2 are kinda the pinnacle of quality right now. The Lumias, while interface and decent performance you nailed it. Bad. App. Support!
  • Actually, the S4 has the most color accurate screen on the market by a wide margin. It's nearly perfect when set to Movie mode, 6700k when the target is 6500... the 5S/5 coming in at 7200. Source being Displaymate.
  • Unless you're a child, I have yet to see any adult watch a movie on the S4.
  • Unless you're an idiot, why even reply if you don't have the first clue what you're talking about? Movie Mode is a preset color space setting on the device under the Screen Mode option. As is Standard. Both being more color accurate than any other device available. It's also 97% accurate in the Adobe RGB color space, which is 35% wider than than sRGB. It's color tolerance is 0.0057. That earned it awards from the UL.
  • Chill Tony. Name calling is not called for. Spaz888 was just saying how silly it is to watch a movie on a phone, and it is. Movie Mode Shmovie Mode manipulation is irrelevant to the issue of watching movies in a phone. BTW, wasn't the topic of this thread do you or don't you think iPhone should have a larger screen? Way off topic.
  • Yes, he's inferring only a "child" would watch a movie on a phone... and you aren't understanding what I said either. It's a color setting. It has nothing to do with watching a movie. It's just like your television has color setting presets... the S4 does as well. Movie Mode is a name of one of those color settings. It's the most color accurate display available on the entire planet when set to it -- and it has won awards for how good it is. The post I replied to, stated "Apple time and time again release well calibrated, accurate displays ... [snip] Some prefer OLED saturation. Some prefer 'accuracy'." The AMOLED on the S4 is more accurate than the well-calibrated display of the 5S by a wide margin... almost 1000 degrees Kelvin closer to the desired 6500K, to throw numbers at it. Going back further in this reply thread, "Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none." is a statement used when someone compared it to a Kia Sephia, and it was treated as though it was a false statement... it was not. It's a statement of fact. It's the Ferrari of displays... housed in a plastic [carbon fiber] body. If you want to go for who brought this off the rails to off-topic territory, talk to the car guy up higher. For further reading: 6591K vs 7461K... and people say the S4 has a blue screen....... the higher it is, the more blue you'd see in a white...
  • Hi Tony, I’m still not understanding you. How is discussing color accuracy and screen quality relevant to whether one should watch a movie on ANY phone screen? The screen qualities of one phone vs another completely misses the point.
  • .... I never said watch a movie for color accuracy. That's the point. You and spaz do for some unknown reason. "Movie mode" is a color setting that changes the color settings on the phone for *everything*. This isn't that hard to understand and I don't know how you and spaz can both be this dense... I've only said it's a color setting and has nothing to do with movie watching directly 3 times now, and referred to it as a setting 4 times. It's just like color setting presets on on the market today.
  • Indeed...a setting often 'unchecked' by the layman owner. Same options in GN3. That said, color accuracy @ 6500K couldn't be more 'subjective'. Many folks enjoy warmer. Some like a cooler screen. These displays are ALL incredibly fact, the iPad Air and new Kindle HDX (new #1 by a point, they're almost identical) may indeed be the MOST accurate display a consumer has ever seen! We do a lot of video post prod and color correction with DaVinci, Smoke and After Effects. The amount is time and energy spent keeping the Eizo and NEC displays accurately calibrated can be an act of futility. Then, go spend a couple hundee on a Kindle or $500 on an Air and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! They're phenomenal! (Source. DisplayMate :)). That said, the brightness of the iPhone 5/5c/5s line is 500-605nits. Note 3 326. CalMAN Wht Pt Avg....I was gonna say the GSIII, 6809k. You're right though, and that's exactly the setting I use with the Note 3. That said, a couple hundred degrees isn't the only display characteristic you'll wanna use when buying. The Grayscale Avg, again CalMAN. Lower is better. The iPhones are registering scores of 3.52/3.56/4.5 good for spots 1,2, & 4. Note 3 @ 5.5 sits at the 8th 'best' tested grayscale display. CalMAN Dis Performance /Gretag Macbeth (avg 2000 dE)...lower again equaling 'better,' the 5s & 5c are one and two @ an astonishing 2.0 and 3.3. Note 3, #3 @ 4.6. Finally saturations. CalMAN dE2000 avg 5s/c are numbers one and two @ 1.8 and 2.9. Note 3---6th best tested phone and pretty well with OLED @ 4.6! As well, brightness nearly doubled makes for significant improvement 'in the sun' over heavy lit rooms that won't destroy your battery by amplifying the brightness of the N3 with 'auto' selected and cranking it to 800nits. Done that. Been there. An hour later you're plugging in!
    Source Anandtech's site as well, DisplayMate:>
    Excellent review. My favorite Android phone to date. His too. It's gorgeous AND about time samsung has begun (SGIII+) 'caring' about calibration pre-sale. It's a big bonus. It's one thing I've enjoyed as well with Apple's new retina line of 15" laptops. The displays are the best portable monitor I've had the pleasure of use. I'm 43 this year and it's the best purchase I've EVER Made! Again, PLEASE don't take my initial post as a slam in ANY way against Apple having a large display, Samsung's 'lack of quality' (hell, Apple's best portable displays are retina! I've got a pair. One LG. The other Sammy...I like the latter's colors a bit more!) or that a person can't use one as both. Just sharing my experiences. When it comes down to your personal phone though, you MUST be able to comfortably fit it in ALL of your clothes, pants, shorts, et al. I love my N3. But I've got pants it doesn't fit comfortably. Again. 43. No skinny jeans. Levi's ;). There's a limit and IMHO if one can afford a tab and phone, that's the BEST scenario. If only one device is possible...than Apple may be realizing that as we speak and the 5c was a 'trial' to see if they could pull off the execution ans delivery of essentially two completely different phones. Dunno.
  • look if you want good photos buy a camera, if you want the time buy a watch, if you want games buy a playstation or xbox, if you want music buy an ipod or mp3, if you want to call or text someone buy a phone it doesnt need to be fancy a phone is a phone at the end of the day as long as you can contact people it dont matter so all yous just get a nokia brick it has ttexts and calls and you can put a little cartoon by someone face on contacts, plus you get the fabulous game snakes xenzia, so thats my point of veiw and i am 16 and a lad who is probably one of the most popu,ar kids in school but walk round with a nokia and that shot dont phase me at all.
  • Exactly. The analogy of a V6 Aston Martin for a V8 Kia Sephia is simply ridiculous. If I heard that from anyone selling anything, I'd slap them in the face. However, knowing that's illegal to hit someone and tha I am also Canadian, I'd shake my head and walk away after saying, thank you. Any how, Apple just might implement a larger (.2-.5 inch) screen just for the sake of promoting that it does have a larger screen. Still their screen sizes with the exception of the first few generations of the iPhone won't keep up with the screen size compared to the competition. Personally, If Apple can't make an iPhone at least 5 inches in size, they should just leave the screen size as is. If they don't, the consumer will always want more...and maybe that's what they're banking on?
  • An Ashton Martin would be great, but if I can't see the road how am I supposed to drive? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Thanks for the replys guys. I appreciate your opinions. I'm a fan of Apples build quality more than anything. The screen size isn't a huge deal...unless they still had the old 3.5" that is.
  • there isn't much difference between the old 3.5 to the current 4 inch screen (size and layout wise).
  • Then you're living in the dark.
  • Yup. I really do want a bigger screen. Keep going to Android phones, keep coming back to my iPhone. Last one was the Moto X, which lasted two weeks. Great phone, but it still felt like using Windows Vista compared to the iPhone. So even if Apple doesn't up the screen size next time around I'll stick with the iPhone.
  • Eh no. Apple can and should up the display(no need to go huge). Plus all high end devices are very similar now. The mega is mid range at best. And you having an argument with customers over what they want shows your fanboyism Sent from the iMore App
  • That is the best comparison I've heard! Going to steal it ;) On the other hand... Even if apple had a bigger screen I would still not want the iPhone with a bigger screen! I really hope there will be a choice if they do decide to make it bigger. Bigger is not always better and when it comes to phones I prefer slick and classy over bulky and cheap looking.
  • I couldn't agree more.
  • Personally I would like the iPhone 6 to stay the same size as the iPhone 5/ iPhone 5s I think a bigger phone would just push the limits just a bit too far. I would also be quite annoyed if they got rid of the back middle bit. Just my clueless opinion.
  • Perhaps switching to a SAMSUNG from an iPhone is as you described, but switching from an iPhone to an HTC for the larger screen is actually a pretty nice trade. I did it (originally switching from the iPhone 4 to the HTC One X+, then upgrading to the One m7). And I don't regret it one bit. HTC's devices are beautifully designed, just like Apple (In fact, many consider the HTC One m8 to be even BETTER-designed than the iPhone), and Sense (their Android overlay) is simple, functional & elegant, and is largely considered to be the best Android skin on the market. I think HTC has positioned itself to be "The Apple of the Android World" (in terms of quality & design; not sales). You should check out their devices, and see if you still feel the same way afterwards.
  • You should switch regardless.. Almost every other phone manufacturer is making better phones than blackberry.. But then again "better" is relative. Not meant to provoke. Sent from the iMore App
  • Its not about the phones its about the generation.As competition tend to increases, greater quality phone emerges and the once that loses track of the competition gets left behind .I agree Blackberry didn't keep up with the competition and had suffered drastically but now they are right back on track .The New BB10 is excellent hardware and software wise and can compete with new phones in the market however The Injury they inflicted upon themselves will Take a long time to Heal.I have used my friends IPhone before and i liked it but Ultimately it was due to screen size and certain monopolies of the company that kept me away from buying the phone .Anyways Getting back to the topic Apple really needs to get the screen size bigger.I am not talking about phablet sizes but 4.3 or 4.5 which i think would be good for Smartphones.
  • Better as in hardware, sure, but in software I do not agree. There's nothing else like it on the market. It really is one of the most powerful mobile OS:es currently (but of course not the most customisable). Hardware will only get you so far. Sure it's nice to have a better camera, faster cpu/gpu or whatnot, but if I still cannot do full multitasking, or having to use inferior soft keyboards, worse mail management, etc, then what's the point? I need all of that stuff, just as some people seem to need 50 quadzillion applications (even though they only use two or three).
  • I have a BlackBerry Z10, and its 4.2" screen is too big for my hands to safely do one handed gestures from anywhere on the screen. The iPhone's 4" screen is actually better for it (even though it's not gesture based). My old Nokia N9 (swipe based UI) had a 4" 16:10 screen which was perfect, and I wished more companies would jump onto the same formfactor instead of just lazily making bigger and bigger phones.
  • I agree, it appears that the strategy "make is bigger and faster" is easy ...but is it what we want? Henry ford said "if I asked people what they wanted, they'd have said faster horses..." I think you'll find its deeper than 'Apple needs to compete with bigger screens ...' The opinions expressed on most of these blogs are from the very small and very technical .... Whom should not be considered everyone and if I was apple would almost be tempted to NOT listen to.... In fact, thank God that they didn't listen to them as the technical enginneering focused computing industry have been delivering to us crap for decades prior to the recent smart phone, tablet and desk top computing solutions ...
  • +
  • No larger screen=no buy for me. The screen is just too small for me, and I'm sure the hardcore apple fans will come and bash me saying go get an android, but why is it so hard for apple to make a larger iPhone that many people want? Sent from the iMore App
  • Because it pretty much ruins the design all together.
  • True. The way their ecosystem is set up is to separate phone from tablet from casual computer to working computer. There is no in between and I highly doubt there will be. Don't like your small screen? Buy an iPad mini! Posted from my TARDIS!
  • I disagree. It's not set up to separate anything. They have just stuck by that "comfortable one hand usage" idea that Steve Jobs pitched to consumers in 2007 with the original iPhone and the reason why they've stuck by that is because it's worked for so long. Quite frankly they have been more than likely too scared to make such a drastic change to the iPhone such as increasing screen size for fear of losing customers.. Which is why in 7 years we've only seen a .5 inch increase in the size of the screen. I think they'll lose more customers if they didn't change it this year as apposed to if they did. So they only solution to that is to have a double phone release like the iPhone 5s and 5c but a 6c and 6 one being a larger display and one being larger but closer to what's available now and can fall underline with that "comfortable one hand usage" idea.. Because now its a different time people see android users with big 5 inch plus screens with high pixel density and high resolution and were envious so it's time for a change and a "big"one. And an iPad mini is not the solution to a phone with small display because you wouldn't be able to put the thing in your pocket nor make phone calls so that means you'll have to have two device and one would have to have a carrying case. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. The Mini isn't the solution 'as a phone'. BUT...I've seen this debate come up EVERY iPhone release since the original Note & GS phones came to life. Yet time and time again Apple blows the doors off their prior YoY sales....with the same 4" display released 18 months ago. Q1 '14 (or as we know the last quarter of '13's earnings were the largest in history! Yet their 'doomed'. Stock tanks. Etc. all after releasing the most popular phone (@ release) in history??? It's not just about 'us'. The geeks. But the masses. Phones are meant to be carried discreetly in pockets. Pants, jacket, shirt, purse. Doesn't matter. I own the 5s as my personal phone. Note 3 for the business and credit card signatures, layout and rigging points (we do A/V production). The iPad has also revolutionized my 22 year old business. But NOT for Tx/Rx. Rather for DMX lighting control, effects and synths as well as redundancy in the case of a main computer failure. The rMini is extraordinary. As is the Air. As is the iPhone and Note 3. That said, Android high resolution displays and large phones aren't necessarily compatible with 'all phone' apps. In many cases it's considered a tablet in the 'Play Store'. So either A) it's twice the price (as the similar phone app) or B) non-existent. There absolutely IS NO Comparison to the App Store for iOS when it comes to 'creative' and/or productivity. As far as consumption, general communication, email and the larger display for an occasional, don't have an iPad with me 'video-viewer'....but when it's time to watch a full flick instead of a three minute HD YouTube video, I'd rather be at home. On the couch. Or with an iPad and/or Android tab. The Note 3 is an incredible phone. So is the HTC One. LG2. XPerias, S3/4...plenty of choice. But overall worldwide sales figures have shown preference to smaller, <4.3/4.5" phones to the masses. The 4.5"+ sales are but a fraction of overall sales. I'm not sure the 'Note series---1-3' have even come close to a 'single launch quarter' sale of the latest iPhone. Even coupled with the GS4/Note3, they've not sold through to the customer +50 mil units over the past 12 months (hell, throw the GS3 in too! Remember how excited Sammy was to sell 10 million?). Point being, everyone's different. Competition = Choice. That's cool. My thought is that is EXACTLY what Apple did this past year with the 'C'. To see if they could pull off two simultaneous ans completely different models AND then sell them through. I believe we'll see a larger iPhone. But I don't think it'll be anywhere near the 5.5" Note. I think if the resolutions pan out we'll see a 4.3" in same form, smaller bezels (remember they're measured diagnolly) and 'maybe' a larger 4.7-5.1" iPhone to go up against the larger flagship competition
  • So well put, thank you!
  • Except for the fact that the whole "comfortable one hand usage" idea is a legitimate point. Going from my older Galaxy S2 to an iPhone 5, there is a noticeable difference in ease of one handed use. I don't want to two hand my phone for most day to day operations. Make all the "hurr durr you have tiny hands!" jokes you want, I don't care. If Apple can reduce the bezel size while keeping the same physical width, then great. Otherwise it's going to be a hard sell for me. Additionally, keep in mind that not all of us are yeti's with massive meat hook hands that can't operate on anything other than a 5.5" screen. I know my wife in particular even thinks that my 4" iPhone 5 is too big (she has a 4S). Something even larger to wield with her small hands (which is probably shared by the majority of the female population) would be an even tougher sell. Believe it or not, most people don't want to two hand their phone for every day use, outside of tech blogs, that is.
  • agreed. i own a galaxy nexus. thinking of upgrading, but android just doesn't have any smaller high end phones (the z1 compact has a smaller screen, but the bezel around it makes it almost as wide as the moto x). i'm waiting until the iphone 6 launches later this year to make a final decision, but i'm really hoping that they at least keep one of their models at the current size even if they do release a larger model.
  • Ask any 5 inch display Android user who ever used the old 3.5 or 4 inch iPhone. One thing that seems consistent, for the most part, they prefer the larger 5 " screen and have no issues in handling the device, even girls and women. On the other hand, many device owners who have owned more than two smartphones in their lifetime do tend to go back to the iPhone for the software experience and hardware support.
  • I agree 100%, I need a larger screen say 4.7"- 5.0". If Apple doesn't make one in that range I'm done. Motorola made the Moto X @ 4.7" and it's only slightly bigger than the iPhone.
  • +1
  • If it isn't bigger I will be sorely disappointed and will heavily consider switching, it's just I've invested a bit into this specific eco system. Those HTCs are pretty ;)
  • I would never consider switching but I would be disappointed as well. Yes the 4" screen is nice and bigger than we were used to but it isn't big enough. I don't think it needs to be 5" though. Somewhere between 4 and 5 should be enough. The HTC is nice... Feels a lot like the iPhone with the aluminum casing. The samsung phones just feel cheap.
  • I think a sweet spot will be 4.5
  • *Thumbs Up*
  • the sweet spot for me is 4.999 inches
  • Indifferent. Regardless of what Apple does they'll sell their next iPhone on obscene quantitites. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • If the iPhone 6 screen stays the same as the iPhone 5 / 5s screen, then I don't agree. Given that more than half of Apple's business is dependant upon the iPhone, it could end up being a costly mistake on Apple's part to not have a bigger-screen option. Personally, I'd like to see them get a little agressive in 2014 & release two bigger-screen options - 4.7" & 5.5". There's no point for them to leave money on the table in the high-end segment. Just go for it.
  • Read the comments further down. Seems the general consensus is that Apple has the perfect device as is and nothing needs to change. Who likes options anyways? Posted from my TARDIS!
  • bwahahaa. sad, but true.
  • I like my iPhone 5s the way it is, cries for a larger display just goes to show that everyone knows no matter who makes large screen devices only apple will get it right. For those who say that the screen size of the current model is too small you will have an equal amount who will say (once a larger iPhone is actually out) that the screen size is too big. But apple may be on too something by having 3 handsets out with multiple sizes all at once. If that's indeed the case then everyone will win. Sent from the iMore App
  • "Only apple gets it right" Lol. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • that's like saying one like's their spouse or significant other just the way they are (or is).....until one day, they experience someone or something else and that changes their perspective and opinion lol.
  • I still use my iPhone 4s because I'm waiting for the iPhone 6 upgrade. If they don't release a larger iPhone, I will heavily consider Samsung.
  • Why Samsung? The Moto X and the Nexus 5 are considerably better.
  • Specially the Nexus...
  • Exactly, I'll probably go for the Nexus 7 (that's when my cell contract ends).
  • Those are all great phones as well. Its just that over time I've realized how much more beneficial a bigger screen would be for me and my job. I feel iPhone should have larger display alternative to it's current size for the next cycle.
  • Wouldn't mind. I would still get an iPhone regardless of screen size. I have an iPad mini. Sent from the iMore App
  • The iPhone screen needs to be a little bigger. Even if it's 4.8 inches. That is way I would like to see. I think it's a silly excuse regarding being sure that Apple can provide a larger display with the same quality. Apple have stuck to their guns because the original selling point of the iphone 5 was that it stayed the same width so that you could still just use your thumb. They now realize that the consumers in general want a larger display and I think we will see a larger display in the iphone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • Though I'm not averse to larger screens, I am perfectly happy with the iPhone screen as it is.
  • Feel the same way on my end Sent from the iMore App
  • Ditto!
  • I agree. I don't have huge hands, and the screen right now is the perfect size for one-handed use. I realize a lot of people want a larger phone, and I can see where people with big hands would be able to easily use a 5" device. But I like small. I want something to slide in my pocket and not feel like I'm carrying a brick. I want my phone to disappear as much as possible. I have an iPad for the other stuff.
  • I'd like to have the option of a bigger screen. If the speculation is correct w a few options I would be very happy. The current size works fine for me...but, I'd like the option to have a bigger screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • The only thing I am waiting on the next iPhone is a bigger screen!! BIG SCREEN IPHONE FTW !!! I actually would like 5+ inch screen size...but at least 5inch would be sufficient for me! I was rocking a 4S till 2 days ago. Couldn't deal with it and bought iPhone5s... OMG such a difference with just 0.5 inch bigger screen!! Cannot wait to see a 5 inch iPhone.... Bring it already apple!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I, too, am waiting for a larger iPhone 6. I have used all iPhones, except the 5's. I switched to a Lumia 920, and love it. 4.3" screen and all. I have small hands and still am writing this one handed. There are too many things I can't access from icloud, calendar being the most important, that I wait patiently for apple to make a larger screen, 4" is not large enough. The moment they do, goodbye all other phones, Hello iPhone again!!! sent using Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone! (One Handed)!
  • I'd prefer a smaller screen actually. I have an iPad for anything that requires a larger screen.
  • Exactly what I was going to say, 4" is perfect, maybe 4.3" but that's it, if I need a bigger screen I have my iPad Mini, for en even bigger screen you can get the iPad Air, and anything bigger than that in a tablet is just ridiculous...
  • I like the size of my 5s, if the the next is bigger that's fine, I will waite till the s version to upgrade.
  • No big screen option for iPhone 6?
    Farewell Apple, hello Android!
  • I need a bigger phone. I love the newest thing, but going from the 5 to 5S made me go "eh".
    Ok, that and I'm over 50, so a bigger phone is easier on the eyes.
  • People for whom screen size is more important than everything else about the user experience (to the point where they'd consider jumping ship based on that alone) absolutely baffle me. But I also think that if the iPhone gets any bigger than it is now, Apple will need to make an iPhone mini for people who still want to be able to carry the thing in their pockets. I have hands that are larger than average, but for me the 5s is a little bigger than I'd prefer, though still tolerable. Any wider and I'd be disappointed.
  • I used an s4 before and it easily fit in jeans pockets. Unless you wear skinny jeans, the iPhone is small. I'm not a big guy 5'8 and I was easily able to handle an s4. One hand was a little hard but if apple went 4.5-4.7 it could still be used one handed. Plus there is a TON of wasted space on the iPhone they could shrink down to increase screen size without making device that much larger. Take some pointers from Samsung if apple can't figure it out. Sent from the iMore App
  • this is the key phrase here: "One hand was a little hard but" There is no 'but' for me. I will not tolerate hoping that I don't drop my phone why my thumb has to uncomfortably stretch to reach the corner of the screen. It's an instant no-sell for me. Like I said in an earlier post, if they can shrink the bezels and keep the same physical dimensions, then great. If it gets wider, than I'm not going to two hand my now more difficult to use everyday phone. If I need a larger screen, I have an iPad for that.
  • People who say they can't fit phones bigger than the iPhone 5s in their pockets baffle me. Especially tight are your pants?
  • Let me clarify then... For some "A phone that fits in your pocket", is meant to be followed by "and that you forget it’s there". I know those big phones "fit" in pockets... That’s not the whole idea. I don’t wear tight pants and the iPhone is nearly the perfect size/weight for me. I forget it’s in my pocket and it doesn’t intrude on my awareness when I move about (especially when I sit/stand up).
  • This. I could technically fit a 7" Nexus 7 into my pants pocket. Would I *want* to carry a device that large around in my pocket everyday? Nope!
  • I had an HTC Evo. 4.3 inch screen. It was too big. It didn't fit girl pockets and I felt noticeable pain after regular use from thumb over extension.. If apple can keep the size the dame with bigger screen and male the phone a little thicker for better battery life i'd be one happy Apple Bitch! Sent from the iMore App
  • Heh, I remember thinking once that if my iPhone were the same size as my old Evo it'd be perfect. I wouldn't mind a bigger screen, but I'd also be okay if they left it at the current 4". It's compact and light perfect to have in a pocket.
  • I will not leave Apple, however, a bigger iPhone is an instant purchase for me. If the next iPhone is not bigger, I will continue to use my 5s until a bigger iPhone is released or until the 5s cannot keep up any longer. With AT&T reducing their Family plan pricing, I would actually save money by not upgrading.
  • It's more about the software for me. A slightly wider screen would be a nice improvement. But, I like the iPhone current size. As long aaa they don't go with the massive size phones that look ridiculously, I'm okay. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd see no reason to upgrade to the next version of the iPhone if it's not a larger screen size. As Chris stayed in the posting, numerous other makers have had beautiful larger screens for a few years already, so that's no longer an excuse for Apple. Likewise, many of the same smart phone makers have had more than one size of the same model of phone, so that's not an excuse for Apple either.
    With the stunning number of iPhones Apple sells each quarter I can't imagine how many more they'd sell per quarter with screen two sizes. Now that would be something to watch...
  • I've been putting off buying my first iPhone for months now as I'm holding out for a slightly larger screen (ageing eyesight !). I also like the one handed use however so whatever size they produce will effectively make my decision for me and I will buy.
  • I need my phone to fit in my pocket still, while I work. Not walk around with it in my hand all day like a teenaged girl. Sent from the iMore App
  • If a bigger phone doesn't fit in your pants you're probably wearing pants like a teenage the phone in hand wouldn't put you too far out of your element.
  • Aren't you being a little personal? God forbid someone doesn't agree with you or they get bashed.
    I wear tight jeans and am male. Suck off
  • Was the comment I replied to not as equally "bashing" to those who may keep their phones in hand? Or did the right pants thing sting too much? Loosen up. Cwhatididthurrr
  • Moto x size is perfect Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I think the 4.7 inch screen would be a great size for the new iPhone 6. I have the 5S and Note 3, I can honestly say I use the Note 3 for my business phone and the 5S for going out. I am a builder and the Note 3 with the S-Pen is such a great tool for me, use it for everything job related. The current iPhone will always do great, but there are just as many people who want that larger screen. If Apple doesn't come up with the larger screen they will be just hurting theemselves. All signs point to the majority would choose a larger screen if available.
  • I personally would be happy with the current size. I currently have a Note 2, and I've discovered that it's too big for its own good. Yes, the size is occasionally helpful, but ultimately I do find it less portable, and quite frankly, more hazardous to its own health. This is the first smartphone I've had to carry in a case, and it has too much leverage against belt clips.
  • I had the Note 2 before I switched to the Note 3 and the Note 3 is a lot more comfortable in the hand than the Note 2. Plus the slickness factor of the Note 2 doesn't help.
  • Interesting that the Note 3 is more comfortable. You're spot on about the slickness. It's way too easy to fumble due to size and slickness. .. and I don't have small hands!
  • Kind of a scary thought to see Apple introduce an iPhone in 2014 with a 4" display. I mean, not just for my sake - being that I desperately want a larger screen iPhone - but for the success of Apple. I mean, you think media chews them up now? The iPhone 5s was the evolvement of last year's (2012) iPhone. We all know we'd see a 4" display. The imitations of technology are no longer an issue for Apple. And this year we get an entirely new number. iPhone 6. While I don't expect Apple to go completely Galaxy Note 3 big, I do hope to see at least a larger-than 4" display. My biggest fear, however is that Apple will not only increase the size, but increase touch targets as well. Effectively making the larger screen just as pointless as the larger screens on Android handsets. The point of a larger screen shouldn't be just for the sake of it. Or just for people with eye sight issues. If Apple does a larger screen iPhone, I'd expect they maintain their focus on what really matters. The iPhone 5 increased the size of the iPhone, and added more usable space. They added more real estate to the entire OS. Expanding the current iOS, by making everything larger, only makes everything more visible - not more usable. Which appeals to only a specific part of the market share. An iPhone with more icons, more pixels, and more room appeals to the mass market - and allows for more information on screen. More buttons. And a better user experience. I, like Rene, am nauseously sick of the 'Apple is Doomed' headlines and the 'Ever Since Steve Jobs Died' excuses, but an Apple that doesn't see the opportunity to enter a market and shame everyone else that was in it before them is not Apple at all. Not the way I know it. It's the fruition of every news report that claims Apple was doomed ever since Steve died. The screen size of the iPhone has been mocked since iPhone 4 but Apple's (justified) excuse was that they'd not ship a product until technology allowed them to get it right. Technology is inarguably right where it needs to be, considering the iPad Air's breakthrough in thinness, lightness, and amazing battery life. I would not switch, because I love the Apple ecosystem, but I would be greatly disappointed. Now, for those who still want that one-handed ease of use, and really prefer the smaller screen sizes, it's clear that Apple should introduce both sizes 4" and a larger option. This would make small screen lover and larger screen lovers happy. It would also appeal to all of those Android users that are not using an iPhone solely because of screen size. win/win win/win.
  • Mostly agree. But it's not just end-users who need to be factored into the screen size calculation. Developers also need to be 1. prepared for the step-up in size by gradual exposure to new iOS technologies in Xcode, etc. in advance, then 2. officially informed that the newer technologies will be Apple's future direction and that older (screen size-dependent) technologies are deprecated. Phase 1 has been underway since WWDC 2013. A little birdie has told me that Apple is pushing something called "Auto Layout" in iOS programming, and that we, I mean, those people developing iOS apps should all use it. Whatever it is. I'm sure it's tricky at first but worth it in the long run. And why would it be worth it? Why bother re-coding your apps with this new technology when the old technology works just perfectly on 960x640 and 1136x640 screens? For one reason and one reason alone: to enable apps to seamlessly transition to future higher-resolution iPhone displays with no further coding. Or so the little birdie tells me. Phase 2? WWDC 2014 of course. iOS 8 will be released to devs, new features will be blogged, re-blogged, and re-re-blogged ad nauseam despite non-disclosure agreements. Old APIs will be marked as deprecated, and Apple will start nudging devs down the "Auto Layout" path to future-proofed resolution-independent nirvana. That future arriving some time in late Q3 / early Q4 of 2014 when the "iPhone 6" is announced.
  • I read about that "auto-layout" feature in iOS 7, which really only implies that Apple will eventually switch to larger displays in future iOS devices which is not at all my concern. My concern is that they'll wait too long, or not do it this year. After all, if Apple doesn't do it this year, they'll likely not do it for the 's' upgrade next year, that will almost inevitably happen. Apple will push for the use of it, sure, but will not gives specifics as they love their secrecy. As for Apple considering developers when switching to larger screen sizes, they will not compromise user experience for the sake of developers. Apple is user experience, and design focused, and developers will have to do some work, or else Apple will push them off the app cliff. Just how Apple demanded that updates be optimized for iOS 7, Apple will likely force all app updates to be optimized for the larger screen. Apple's dominance in the smartphone race (as the maker of the single most popular handset maker), is largely due to their dominance in app quality and quantity. Of course Apple will try to make it easier, which is where app-layout fits in - but Apple will not break their rule of secrecy to give developers a heads-up on specifics before time. Giving developers a heads-up means giving the world a heads-up. I am excited to see what they do with a larger screen, though.
  • "As for Apple considering developers when switching to larger screen sizes, they will not