How would you feel if the iPhone 6 didn't have a bigger screen?

The iPhone 6 is a hot topic right now, especially in the iMore forums. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook recently discussed a bigger iPhone, and while he wouldn't say no to the idea, he also said Apple wouldn't rush one out unless and until they had the technology to do it right. Namely, they didn't just want a big display, they wanted the best display.

I'm happy with the current screen size. I hope Apple doesn't get caught up in the Android phablet trend.HAWK, iMore Forums Member

Arguably, the technology is right right now. Other device manufacturers having been producing larger display devices for quite some time and have had a great deal of success doing so. Some have used technologies like OLED, which Tim Cook has said still doesn't meet Apple's standards, and others produce far smaller batches than Apple would need. Also, Apple has had massive success sticking with what has worked for them over the past few years, so making a change just for change's sake might not be the best decision. Then again, there are significant problems a 5-inch iPhone would solve for Apple.

Still, there is an increasing amount of customers out there who simply want a larger screen on their iPhone. Is it enough to make some of them jump ship if they don't get it next time around? Probably. But there will always be those who consider that option. On the other side of the coin, there is those customers who like the size of the iPhone currently and factor that into their purchase decision.

Small screen is the only thing I dislike about the iPhone. I don't know why people are so comfortable with the screen size!EmceeGeek , iMore Forums Member

Personally speaking, I am a lover of devices with bigger displays and right now, I can say my iPhone usage has decreased over time because it's just too small for me now. If the next iPhone doesn't have a bigger display then the chance of me purchasing one are slim to none. But, it's not about me. How would you feel if the next iPhone does not have a bigger screen?

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  • I may be switching from my BB Z10 in the fall and if the next iphone isn't bigger, I wouldn't think about buying it.
  • I work for a large phone company and I have this debate with customers all the time. The iPhone is the iPhone and a tech behemoth like Apple has it right with a 4" phone and a 7.8" tablet. If you think bigger phone means better then get the Samsung Mega. Yeah it's a dual core and has a 720 display but you get 6" of goodness to play Flappy Bird on... Switching to android for screen size is like trading in your V6 Aston Martin for a V8 Kia Sephia. Bigger engine but its still a Kia.
  • Great comparison!!
  • Please. All high end phones are about the same. None really outshine the others. Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none. IPhones are nice, but not the end all. Screen is too small for me, so I use a N4. Retina mini is perfection though. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • +1
  • "Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none." I would say Lumia 1520 has the best screen out there right now. Nokia also has the best cameras, which kind of makes the current top-end iPhone look a bit weird... I guess people do not pay for the hardware on the iPhone, but on continued support to their existing apps and media. That is what has let Apple skive off with a 2007-era screen size.
  • That's pretty subjective ...'Lumia 11520=best screen out there now?' They make decent cameras on their phones but display quality can and is easily measured 'objectively'. While the Lumia display is 'good' it's certainly not the 'best'. In fact for all intents and purposes, when it comes to consistency, Apple time and time again release well calibrated, accurate displays. We can argue 'gamut' on mini vs Air iPads but iPhone vs the's objectively measured each and every release (see Anandtech for details). Some prefer OLED saturation. Some prefer 'accuracy'. Others just want a phone. Regardless, as a former Lumia owner, iOS and Android tabs and phones, IMHO right now....iPhone 5/5s, Note 3 and the well as the G2 are kinda the pinnacle of quality right now. The Lumias, while interface and decent performance you nailed it. Bad. App. Support!
  • Actually, the S4 has the most color accurate screen on the market by a wide margin. It's nearly perfect when set to Movie mode, 6700k when the target is 6500... the 5S/5 coming in at 7200. Source being Displaymate.
  • Unless you're a child, I have yet to see any adult watch a movie on the S4.
  • Unless you're an idiot, why even reply if you don't have the first clue what you're talking about? Movie Mode is a preset color space setting on the device under the Screen Mode option. As is Standard. Both being more color accurate than any other device available. It's also 97% accurate in the Adobe RGB color space, which is 35% wider than than sRGB. It's color tolerance is 0.0057. That earned it awards from the UL.
  • Chill Tony. Name calling is not called for. Spaz888 was just saying how silly it is to watch a movie on a phone, and it is. Movie Mode Shmovie Mode manipulation is irrelevant to the issue of watching movies in a phone. BTW, wasn't the topic of this thread do you or don't you think iPhone should have a larger screen? Way off topic.
  • Yes, he's inferring only a "child" would watch a movie on a phone... and you aren't understanding what I said either. It's a color setting. It has nothing to do with watching a movie. It's just like your television has color setting presets... the S4 does as well. Movie Mode is a name of one of those color settings. It's the most color accurate display available on the entire planet when set to it -- and it has won awards for how good it is. The post I replied to, stated "Apple time and time again release well calibrated, accurate displays ... [snip] Some prefer OLED saturation. Some prefer 'accuracy'." The AMOLED on the S4 is more accurate than the well-calibrated display of the 5S by a wide margin... almost 1000 degrees Kelvin closer to the desired 6500K, to throw numbers at it. Going back further in this reply thread, "Samsung uses plastic, but the screen is second to none." is a statement used when someone compared it to a Kia Sephia, and it was treated as though it was a false statement... it was not. It's a statement of fact. It's the Ferrari of displays... housed in a plastic [carbon fiber] body. If you want to go for who brought this off the rails to off-topic territory, talk to the car guy up higher. For further reading: 6591K vs 7461K... and people say the S4 has a blue screen....... the higher it is, the more blue you'd see in a white...
  • Hi Tony, I’m still not understanding you. How is discussing color accuracy and screen quality relevant to whether one should watch a movie on ANY phone screen? The screen qualities of one phone vs another completely misses the point.
  • .... I never said watch a movie for color accuracy. That's the point. You and spaz do for some unknown reason. "Movie mode" is a color setting that changes the color settings on the phone for *everything*. This isn't that hard to understand and I don't know how you and spaz can both be this dense... I've only said it's a color setting and has nothing to do with movie watching directly 3 times now, and referred to it as a setting 4 times. It's just like color setting presets on on the market today.
  • Indeed...a setting often 'unchecked' by the layman owner. Same options in GN3. That said, color accuracy @ 6500K couldn't be more 'subjective'. Many folks enjoy warmer. Some like a cooler screen. These displays are ALL incredibly fact, the iPad Air and new Kindle HDX (new #1 by a point, they're almost identical) may indeed be the MOST accurate display a consumer has ever seen! We do a lot of video post prod and color correction with DaVinci, Smoke and After Effects. The amount is time and energy spent keeping the Eizo and NEC displays accurately calibrated can be an act of futility. Then, go spend a couple hundee on a Kindle or $500 on an Air and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! They're phenomenal! (Source. DisplayMate :)). That said, the brightness of the iPhone 5/5c/5s line is 500-605nits. Note 3 326. CalMAN Wht Pt Avg....I was gonna say the GSIII, 6809k. You're right though, and that's exactly the setting I use with the Note 3. That said, a couple hundred degrees isn't the only display characteristic you'll wanna use when buying. The Grayscale Avg, again CalMAN. Lower is better. The iPhones are registering scores of 3.52/3.56/4.5 good for spots 1,2, & 4. Note 3 @ 5.5 sits at the 8th 'best' tested grayscale display. CalMAN Dis Performance /Gretag Macbeth (avg 2000 dE)...lower again equaling 'better,' the 5s & 5c are one and two @ an astonishing 2.0 and 3.3. Note 3, #3 @ 4.6. Finally saturations. CalMAN dE2000 avg 5s/c are numbers one and two @ 1.8 and 2.9. Note 3---6th best tested phone and pretty well with OLED @ 4.6! As well, brightness nearly doubled makes for significant improvement 'in the sun' over heavy lit rooms that won't destroy your battery by amplifying the brightness of the N3 with 'auto' selected and cranking it to 800nits. Done that. Been there. An hour later you're plugging in!
    Source Anandtech's site as well, DisplayMate:>
    Excellent review. My favorite Android phone to date. His too. It's gorgeous AND about time samsung has begun (SGIII+) 'caring' about calibration pre-sale. It's a big bonus. It's one thing I've enjoyed as well with Apple's new retina line of 15" laptops. The displays are the best portable monitor I've had the pleasure of use. I'm 43 this year and it's the best purchase I've EVER Made! Again, PLEASE don't take my initial post as a slam in ANY way against Apple having a large display, Samsung's 'lack of quality' (hell, Apple's best portable displays are retina! I've got a pair. One LG. The other Sammy...I like the latter's colors a bit more!) or that a person can't use one as both. Just sharing my experiences. When it comes down to your personal phone though, you MUST be able to comfortably fit it in ALL of your clothes, pants, shorts, et al. I love my N3. But I've got pants it doesn't fit comfortably. Again. 43. No skinny jeans. Levi's ;). There's a limit and IMHO if one can afford a tab and phone, that's the BEST scenario. If only one device is possible...than Apple may be realizing that as we speak and the 5c was a 'trial' to see if they could pull off the execution ans delivery of essentially two completely different phones. Dunno.
  • look if you want good photos buy a camera, if you want the time buy a watch, if you want games buy a playstation or xbox, if you want music buy an ipod or mp3, if you want to call or text someone buy a phone it doesnt need to be fancy a phone is a phone at the end of the day as long as you can contact people it dont matter so all yous just get a nokia brick it has ttexts and calls and you can put a little cartoon by someone face on contacts, plus you get the fabulous game snakes xenzia, so thats my point of veiw and i am 16 and a lad who is probably one of the most popu,ar kids in school but walk round with a nokia and that shot dont phase me at all.
  • Exactly. The analogy of a V6 Aston Martin for a V8 Kia Sephia is simply ridiculous. If I heard that from anyone selling anything, I'd slap them in the face. However, knowing that's illegal to hit someone and tha I am also Canadian, I'd shake my head and walk away after saying, thank you. Any how, Apple just might implement a larger (.2-.5 inch) screen just for the sake of promoting that it does have a larger screen. Still their screen sizes with the exception of the first few generations of the iPhone won't keep up with the screen size compared to the competition. Personally, If Apple can't make an iPhone at least 5 inches in size, they should just leave the screen size as is. If they don't, the consumer will always want more...and maybe that's what they're banking on?
  • An Ashton Martin would be great, but if I can't see the road how am I supposed to drive? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Thanks for the replys guys. I appreciate your opinions. I'm a fan of Apples build quality more than anything. The screen size isn't a huge deal...unless they still had the old 3.5" that is.
  • there isn't much difference between the old 3.5 to the current 4 inch screen (size and layout wise).
  • Then you're living in the dark.
  • Yup. I really do want a bigger screen. Keep going to Android phones, keep coming back to my iPhone. Last one was the Moto X, which lasted two weeks. Great phone, but it still felt like using Windows Vista compared to the iPhone. So even if Apple doesn't up the screen size next time around I'll stick with the iPhone.
  • Eh no. Apple can and should up the display(no need to go huge). Plus all high end devices are very similar now. The mega is mid range at best. And you having an argument with customers over what they want shows your fanboyism Sent from the iMore App
  • That is the best comparison I've heard! Going to steal it ;) On the other hand... Even if apple had a bigger screen I would still not want the iPhone with a bigger screen! I really hope there will be a choice if they do decide to make it bigger. Bigger is not always better and when it comes to phones I prefer slick and classy over bulky and cheap looking.
  • I couldn't agree more.
  • Personally I would like the iPhone 6 to stay the same size as the iPhone 5/ iPhone 5s I think a bigger phone would just push the limits just a bit too far. I would also be quite annoyed if they got rid of the back middle bit. Just my clueless opinion.
  • Perhaps switching to a SAMSUNG from an iPhone is as you described, but switching from an iPhone to an HTC for the larger screen is actually a pretty nice trade. I did it (originally switching from the iPhone 4 to the HTC One X+, then upgrading to the One m7). And I don't regret it one bit. HTC's devices are beautifully designed, just like Apple (In fact, many consider the HTC One m8 to be even BETTER-designed than the iPhone), and Sense (their Android overlay) is simple, functional & elegant, and is largely considered to be the best Android skin on the market. I think HTC has positioned itself to be "The Apple of the Android World" (in terms of quality & design; not sales). You should check out their devices, and see if you still feel the same way afterwards.
  • You should switch regardless.. Almost every other phone manufacturer is making better phones than blackberry.. But then again "better" is relative. Not meant to provoke. Sent from the iMore App
  • Its not about the phones its about the generation.As competition tend to increases, greater quality phone emerges and the once that loses track of the competition gets left behind .I agree Blackberry didn't keep up with the competition and had suffered drastically but now they are right back on track .The New BB10 is excellent hardware and software wise and can compete with new phones in the market however The Injury they inflicted upon themselves will Take a long time to Heal.I have used my friends IPhone before and i liked it but Ultimately it was due to screen size and certain monopolies of the company that kept me away from buying the phone .Anyways Getting back to the topic Apple really needs to get the screen size bigger.I am not talking about phablet sizes but 4.3 or 4.5 which i think would be good for Smartphones.
  • Better as in hardware, sure, but in software I do not agree. There's nothing else like it on the market. It really is one of the most powerful mobile OS:es currently (but of course not the most customisable). Hardware will only get you so far. Sure it's nice to have a better camera, faster cpu/gpu or whatnot, but if I still cannot do full multitasking, or having to use inferior soft keyboards, worse mail management, etc, then what's the point? I need all of that stuff, just as some people seem to need 50 quadzillion applications (even though they only use two or three).
  • I have a BlackBerry Z10, and its 4.2" screen is too big for my hands to safely do one handed gestures from anywhere on the screen. The iPhone's 4" screen is actually better for it (even though it's not gesture based). My old Nokia N9 (swipe based UI) had a 4" 16:10 screen which was perfect, and I wished more companies would jump onto the same formfactor instead of just lazily making bigger and bigger phones.
  • I agree, it appears that the strategy "make is bigger and faster" is easy ...but is it what we want? Henry ford said "if I asked people what they wanted, they'd have said faster horses..." I think you'll find its deeper than 'Apple needs to compete with bigger screens ...' The opinions expressed on most of these blogs are from the very small and very technical .... Whom should not be considered everyone and if I was apple would almost be tempted to NOT listen to.... In fact, thank God that they didn't listen to them as the technical enginneering focused computing industry have been delivering to us crap for decades prior to the recent smart phone, tablet and desk top computing solutions ...
  • +
  • No larger screen=no buy for me. The screen is just too small for me, and I'm sure the hardcore apple fans will come and bash me saying go get an android, but why is it so hard for apple to make a larger iPhone that many people want? Sent from the iMore App
  • Because it pretty much ruins the design all together.
  • True. The way their ecosystem is set up is to separate phone from tablet from casual computer to working computer. There is no in between and I highly doubt there will be. Don't like your small screen? Buy an iPad mini! Posted from my TARDIS!
  • I disagree. It's not set up to separate anything. They have just stuck by that "comfortable one hand usage" idea that Steve Jobs pitched to consumers in 2007 with the original iPhone and the reason why they've stuck by that is because it's worked for so long. Quite frankly they have been more than likely too scared to make such a drastic change to the iPhone such as increasing screen size for fear of losing customers.. Which is why in 7 years we've only seen a .5 inch increase in the size of the screen. I think they'll lose more customers if they didn't change it this year as apposed to if they did. So they only solution to that is to have a double phone release like the iPhone 5s and 5c but a 6c and 6 one being a larger display and one being larger but closer to what's available now and can fall underline with that "comfortable one hand usage" idea.. Because now its a different time people see android users with big 5 inch plus screens with high pixel density and high resolution and were envious so it's time for a change and a "big"one. And an iPad mini is not the solution to a phone with small display because you wouldn't be able to put the thing in your pocket nor make phone calls so that means you'll have to have two device and one would have to have a carrying case. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. The Mini isn't the solution 'as a phone'. BUT...I've seen this debate come up EVERY iPhone release since the original Note & GS phones came to life. Yet time and time again Apple blows the doors off their prior YoY sales....with the same 4" display released 18 months ago. Q1 '14 (or as we know the last quarter of '13's earnings were the largest in history! Yet their 'doomed'. Stock tanks. Etc. all after releasing the most popular phone (@ release) in history??? It's not just about 'us'. The geeks. But the masses. Phones are meant to be carried discreetly in pockets. Pants, jacket, shirt, purse. Doesn't matter. I own the 5s as my personal phone. Note 3 for the business and credit card signatures, layout and rigging points (we do A/V production). The iPad has also revolutionized my 22 year old business. But NOT for Tx/Rx. Rather for DMX lighting control, effects and synths as well as redundancy in the case of a main computer failure. The rMini is extraordinary. As is the Air. As is the iPhone and Note 3. That said, Android high resolution displays and large phones aren't necessarily compatible with 'all phone' apps. In many cases it's considered a tablet in the 'Play Store'. So either A) it's twice the price (as the similar phone app) or B) non-existent. There absolutely IS NO Comparison to the App Store for iOS when it comes to 'creative' and/or productivity. As far as consumption, general communication, email and the larger display for an occasional, don't have an iPad with me 'video-viewer'....but when it's time to watch a full flick instead of a three minute HD YouTube video, I'd rather be at home. On the couch. Or with an iPad and/or Android tab. The Note 3 is an incredible phone. So is the HTC One. LG2. XPerias, S3/4...plenty of choice. But overall worldwide sales figures have shown preference to smaller, <4.3/4.5" phones to the masses. The 4.5"+ sales are but a fraction of overall sales. I'm not sure the 'Note series---1-3' have even come close to a 'single launch quarter' sale of the latest iPhone. Even coupled with the GS4/Note3, they've not sold through to the customer +50 mil units over the past 12 months (hell, throw the GS3 in too! Remember how excited Sammy was to sell 10 million?). Point being, everyone's different. Competition = Choice. That's cool. My thought is that is EXACTLY what Apple did this past year with the 'C'. To see if they could pull off two simultaneous ans completely different models AND then sell them through. I believe we'll see a larger iPhone. But I don't think it'll be anywhere near the 5.5" Note. I think if the resolutions pan out we'll see a 4.3" in same form, smaller bezels (remember they're measured diagnolly) and 'maybe' a larger 4.7-5.1" iPhone to go up against the larger flagship competition
  • So well put, thank you!
  • Except for the fact that the whole "comfortable one hand usage" idea is a legitimate point. Going from my older Galaxy S2 to an iPhone 5, there is a noticeable difference in ease of one handed use. I don't want to two hand my phone for most day to day operations. Make all the "hurr durr you have tiny hands!" jokes you want, I don't care. If Apple can reduce the bezel size while keeping the same physical width, then great. Otherwise it's going to be a hard sell for me. Additionally, keep in mind that not all of us are yeti's with massive meat hook hands that can't operate on anything other than a 5.5" screen. I know my wife in particular even thinks that my 4" iPhone 5 is too big (she has a 4S). Something even larger to wield with her small hands (which is probably shared by the majority of the female population) would be an even tougher sell. Believe it or not, most people don't want to two hand their phone for every day use, outside of tech blogs, that is.
  • agreed. i own a galaxy nexus. thinking of upgrading, but android just doesn't have any smaller high end phones (the z1 compact has a smaller screen, but the bezel around it makes it almost as wide as the moto x). i'm waiting until the iphone 6 launches later this year to make a final decision, but i'm really hoping that they at least keep one of their models at the current size even if they do release a larger model.
  • Ask any 5 inch display Android user who ever used the old 3.5 or 4 inch iPhone. One thing that seems consistent, for the most part, they prefer the larger 5 " screen and have no issues in handling the device, even girls and women. On the other hand, many device owners who have owned more than two smartphones in their lifetime do tend to go back to the iPhone for the software experience and hardware support.
  • I agree 100%, I need a larger screen say 4.7"- 5.0". If Apple doesn't make one in that range I'm done. Motorola made the Moto X @ 4.7" and it's only slightly bigger than the iPhone.
  • +1
  • If it isn't bigger I will be sorely disappointed and will heavily consider switching, it's just I've invested a bit into this specific eco system. Those HTCs are pretty ;)
  • I would never consider switching but I would be disappointed as well. Yes the 4" screen is nice and bigger than we were used to but it isn't big enough. I don't think it needs to be 5" though. Somewhere between 4 and 5 should be enough. The HTC is nice... Feels a lot like the iPhone with the aluminum casing. The samsung phones just feel cheap.
  • I think a sweet spot will be 4.5
  • *Thumbs Up*
  • the sweet spot for me is 4.999 inches
  • Indifferent. Regardless of what Apple does they'll sell their next iPhone on obscene quantitites. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • If the iPhone 6 screen stays the same as the iPhone 5 / 5s screen, then I don't agree. Given that more than half of Apple's business is dependant upon the iPhone, it could end up being a costly mistake on Apple's part to not have a bigger-screen option. Personally, I'd like to see them get a little agressive in 2014 & release two bigger-screen options - 4.7" & 5.5". There's no point for them to leave money on the table in the high-end segment. Just go for it.
  • Read the comments further down. Seems the general consensus is that Apple has the perfect device as is and nothing needs to change. Who likes options anyways? Posted from my TARDIS!
  • bwahahaa. sad, but true.
  • I like my iPhone 5s the way it is, cries for a larger display just goes to show that everyone knows no matter who makes large screen devices only apple will get it right. For those who say that the screen size of the current model is too small you will have an equal amount who will say (once a larger iPhone is actually out) that the screen size is too big. But apple may be on too something by having 3 handsets out with multiple sizes all at once. If that's indeed the case then everyone will win. Sent from the iMore App
  • "Only apple gets it right" Lol. Posted from my TARDIS!
  • that's like saying one like's their spouse or significant other just the way they are (or is).....until one day, they experience someone or something else and that changes their perspective and opinion lol.
  • I still use my iPhone 4s because I'm waiting for the iPhone 6 upgrade. If they don't release a larger iPhone, I will heavily consider Samsung.
  • Why Samsung? The Moto X and the Nexus 5 are considerably better.
  • Specially the Nexus...
  • Exactly, I'll probably go for the Nexus 7 (that's when my cell contract ends).
  • Those are all great phones as well. Its just that over time I've realized how much more beneficial a bigger screen would be for me and my job. I feel iPhone should have larger display alternative to it's current size for the next cycle.
  • Wouldn't mind. I would still get an iPhone regardless of screen size. I have an iPad mini. Sent from the iMore App
  • The iPhone screen needs to be a little bigger. Even if it's 4.8 inches. That is way I would like to see. I think it's a silly excuse regarding being sure that Apple can provide a larger display with the same quality. Apple have stuck to their guns because the original selling point of the iphone 5 was that it stayed the same width so that you could still just use your thumb. They now realize that the consumers in general want a larger display and I think we will see a larger display in the iphone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • Though I'm not averse to larger screens, I am perfectly happy with the iPhone screen as it is.
  • Feel the same way on my end Sent from the iMore App
  • Ditto!
  • I agree. I don't have huge hands, and the screen right now is the perfect size for one-handed use. I realize a lot of people want a larger phone, and I can see where people with big hands would be able to easily use a 5" device. But I like small. I want something to slide in my pocket and not feel like I'm carrying a brick. I want my phone to disappear as much as possible. I have an iPad for the other stuff.
  • I'd like to have the option of a bigger screen. If the speculation is correct w a few options I would be very happy. The current size works fine for me...but, I'd like the option to have a bigger screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • The only thing I am waiting on the next iPhone is a bigger screen!! BIG SCREEN IPHONE FTW !!! I actually would like 5+ inch screen size...but at least 5inch would be sufficient for me! I was rocking a 4S till 2 days ago. Couldn't deal with it and bought iPhone5s... OMG such a difference with just 0.5 inch bigger screen!! Cannot wait to see a 5 inch iPhone.... Bring it already apple!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I, too, am waiting for a larger iPhone 6. I have used all iPhones, except the 5's. I switched to a Lumia 920, and love it. 4.3" screen and all. I have small hands and still am writing this one handed. There are too many things I can't access from icloud, calendar being the most important, that I wait patiently for apple to make a larger screen, 4" is not large enough. The moment they do, goodbye all other phones, Hello iPhone again!!! sent using Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone! (One Handed)!
  • I'd prefer a smaller screen actually. I have an iPad for anything that requires a larger screen.
  • Exactly what I was going to say, 4" is perfect, maybe 4.3" but that's it, if I need a bigger screen I have my iPad Mini, for en even bigger screen you can get the iPad Air, and anything bigger than that in a tablet is just ridiculous...
  • I like the size of my 5s, if the the next is bigger that's fine, I will waite till the s version to upgrade.
  • No big screen option for iPhone 6?
    Farewell Apple, hello Android!
  • I need a bigger phone. I love the newest thing, but going from the 5 to 5S made me go "eh".
    Ok, that and I'm over 50, so a bigger phone is easier on the eyes.
  • People for whom screen size is more important than everything else about the user experience (to the point where they'd consider jumping ship based on that alone) absolutely baffle me. But I also think that if the iPhone gets any bigger than it is now, Apple will need to make an iPhone mini for people who still want to be able to carry the thing in their pockets. I have hands that are larger than average, but for me the 5s is a little bigger than I'd prefer, though still tolerable. Any wider and I'd be disappointed.
  • I used an s4 before and it easily fit in jeans pockets. Unless you wear skinny jeans, the iPhone is small. I'm not a big guy 5'8 and I was easily able to handle an s4. One hand was a little hard but if apple went 4.5-4.7 it could still be used one handed. Plus there is a TON of wasted space on the iPhone they could shrink down to increase screen size without making device that much larger. Take some pointers from Samsung if apple can't figure it out. Sent from the iMore App
  • this is the key phrase here: "One hand was a little hard but" There is no 'but' for me. I will not tolerate hoping that I don't drop my phone why my thumb has to uncomfortably stretch to reach the corner of the screen. It's an instant no-sell for me. Like I said in an earlier post, if they can shrink the bezels and keep the same physical dimensions, then great. If it gets wider, than I'm not going to two hand my now more difficult to use everyday phone. If I need a larger screen, I have an iPad for that.
  • People who say they can't fit phones bigger than the iPhone 5s in their pockets baffle me. Especially tight are your pants?
  • Let me clarify then... For some "A phone that fits in your pocket", is meant to be followed by "and that you forget it’s there". I know those big phones "fit" in pockets... That’s not the whole idea. I don’t wear tight pants and the iPhone is nearly the perfect size/weight for me. I forget it’s in my pocket and it doesn’t intrude on my awareness when I move about (especially when I sit/stand up).
  • This. I could technically fit a 7" Nexus 7 into my pants pocket. Would I *want* to carry a device that large around in my pocket everyday? Nope!
  • I had an HTC Evo. 4.3 inch screen. It was too big. It didn't fit girl pockets and I felt noticeable pain after regular use from thumb over extension.. If apple can keep the size the dame with bigger screen and male the phone a little thicker for better battery life i'd be one happy Apple Bitch! Sent from the iMore App
  • Heh, I remember thinking once that if my iPhone were the same size as my old Evo it'd be perfect. I wouldn't mind a bigger screen, but I'd also be okay if they left it at the current 4". It's compact and light perfect to have in a pocket.
  • I will not leave Apple, however, a bigger iPhone is an instant purchase for me. If the next iPhone is not bigger, I will continue to use my 5s until a bigger iPhone is released or until the 5s cannot keep up any longer. With AT&T reducing their Family plan pricing, I would actually save money by not upgrading.
  • It's more about the software for me. A slightly wider screen would be a nice improvement. But, I like the iPhone current size. As long aaa they don't go with the massive size phones that look ridiculously, I'm okay. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd see no reason to upgrade to the next version of the iPhone if it's not a larger screen size. As Chris stayed in the posting, numerous other makers have had beautiful larger screens for a few years already, so that's no longer an excuse for Apple. Likewise, many of the same smart phone makers have had more than one size of the same model of phone, so that's not an excuse for Apple either.
    With the stunning number of iPhones Apple sells each quarter I can't imagine how many more they'd sell per quarter with screen two sizes. Now that would be something to watch...
  • I've been putting off buying my first iPhone for months now as I'm holding out for a slightly larger screen (ageing eyesight !). I also like the one handed use however so whatever size they produce will effectively make my decision for me and I will buy.
  • I need my phone to fit in my pocket still, while I work. Not walk around with it in my hand all day like a teenaged girl. Sent from the iMore App
  • If a bigger phone doesn't fit in your pants you're probably wearing pants like a teenage the phone in hand wouldn't put you too far out of your element.
  • Aren't you being a little personal? God forbid someone doesn't agree with you or they get bashed.
    I wear tight jeans and am male. Suck off
  • Was the comment I replied to not as equally "bashing" to those who may keep their phones in hand? Or did the right pants thing sting too much? Loosen up. Cwhatididthurrr
  • Moto x size is perfect Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I think the 4.7 inch screen would be a great size for the new iPhone 6. I have the 5S and Note 3, I can honestly say I use the Note 3 for my business phone and the 5S for going out. I am a builder and the Note 3 with the S-Pen is such a great tool for me, use it for everything job related. The current iPhone will always do great, but there are just as many people who want that larger screen. If Apple doesn't come up with the larger screen they will be just hurting theemselves. All signs point to the majority would choose a larger screen if available.
  • I personally would be happy with the current size. I currently have a Note 2, and I've discovered that it's too big for its own good. Yes, the size is occasionally helpful, but ultimately I do find it less portable, and quite frankly, more hazardous to its own health. This is the first smartphone I've had to carry in a case, and it has too much leverage against belt clips.
  • I had the Note 2 before I switched to the Note 3 and the Note 3 is a lot more comfortable in the hand than the Note 2. Plus the slickness factor of the Note 2 doesn't help.
  • Interesting that the Note 3 is more comfortable. You're spot on about the slickness. It's way too easy to fumble due to size and slickness. .. and I don't have small hands!
  • Kind of a scary thought to see Apple introduce an iPhone in 2014 with a 4" display. I mean, not just for my sake - being that I desperately want a larger screen iPhone - but for the success of Apple. I mean, you think media chews them up now? The iPhone 5s was the evolvement of last year's (2012) iPhone. We all know we'd see a 4" display. The imitations of technology are no longer an issue for Apple. And this year we get an entirely new number. iPhone 6. While I don't expect Apple to go completely Galaxy Note 3 big, I do hope to see at least a larger-than 4" display. My biggest fear, however is that Apple will not only increase the size, but increase touch targets as well. Effectively making the larger screen just as pointless as the larger screens on Android handsets. The point of a larger screen shouldn't be just for the sake of it. Or just for people with eye sight issues. If Apple does a larger screen iPhone, I'd expect they maintain their focus on what really matters. The iPhone 5 increased the size of the iPhone, and added more usable space. They added more real estate to the entire OS. Expanding the current iOS, by making everything larger, only makes everything more visible - not more usable. Which appeals to only a specific part of the market share. An iPhone with more icons, more pixels, and more room appeals to the mass market - and allows for more information on screen. More buttons. And a better user experience. I, like Rene, am nauseously sick of the 'Apple is Doomed' headlines and the 'Ever Since Steve Jobs Died' excuses, but an Apple that doesn't see the opportunity to enter a market and shame everyone else that was in it before them is not Apple at all. Not the way I know it. It's the fruition of every news report that claims Apple was doomed ever since Steve died. The screen size of the iPhone has been mocked since iPhone 4 but Apple's (justified) excuse was that they'd not ship a product until technology allowed them to get it right. Technology is inarguably right where it needs to be, considering the iPad Air's breakthrough in thinness, lightness, and amazing battery life. I would not switch, because I love the Apple ecosystem, but I would be greatly disappointed. Now, for those who still want that one-handed ease of use, and really prefer the smaller screen sizes, it's clear that Apple should introduce both sizes 4" and a larger option. This would make small screen lover and larger screen lovers happy. It would also appeal to all of those Android users that are not using an iPhone solely because of screen size. win/win win/win.
  • Mostly agree. But it's not just end-users who need to be factored into the screen size calculation. Developers also need to be 1. prepared for the step-up in size by gradual exposure to new iOS technologies in Xcode, etc. in advance, then 2. officially informed that the newer technologies will be Apple's future direction and that older (screen size-dependent) technologies are deprecated. Phase 1 has been underway since WWDC 2013. A little birdie has told me that Apple is pushing something called "Auto Layout" in iOS programming, and that we, I mean, those people developing iOS apps should all use it. Whatever it is. I'm sure it's tricky at first but worth it in the long run. And why would it be worth it? Why bother re-coding your apps with this new technology when the old technology works just perfectly on 960x640 and 1136x640 screens? For one reason and one reason alone: to enable apps to seamlessly transition to future higher-resolution iPhone displays with no further coding. Or so the little birdie tells me. Phase 2? WWDC 2014 of course. iOS 8 will be released to devs, new features will be blogged, re-blogged, and re-re-blogged ad nauseam despite non-disclosure agreements. Old APIs will be marked as deprecated, and Apple will start nudging devs down the "Auto Layout" path to future-proofed resolution-independent nirvana. That future arriving some time in late Q3 / early Q4 of 2014 when the "iPhone 6" is announced.
  • I read about that "auto-layout" feature in iOS 7, which really only implies that Apple will eventually switch to larger displays in future iOS devices which is not at all my concern. My concern is that they'll wait too long, or not do it this year. After all, if Apple doesn't do it this year, they'll likely not do it for the 's' upgrade next year, that will almost inevitably happen. Apple will push for the use of it, sure, but will not gives specifics as they love their secrecy. As for Apple considering developers when switching to larger screen sizes, they will not compromise user experience for the sake of developers. Apple is user experience, and design focused, and developers will have to do some work, or else Apple will push them off the app cliff. Just how Apple demanded that updates be optimized for iOS 7, Apple will likely force all app updates to be optimized for the larger screen. Apple's dominance in the smartphone race (as the maker of the single most popular handset maker), is largely due to their dominance in app quality and quantity. Of course Apple will try to make it easier, which is where app-layout fits in - but Apple will not break their rule of secrecy to give developers a heads-up on specifics before time. Giving developers a heads-up means giving the world a heads-up. I am excited to see what they do with a larger screen, though.
  • "As for Apple considering developers when switching to larger screen sizes, they will not compromise user experience for the sake of developers." That's not what I meant. I meant that Apple needs to make sure developers aren't caught by surprise by a larger-screened iPhone. Because it would break many 3rd party apps and the user experience would be terrible as a result. But yes, Apple started preparing developers for a future larger-screened iPhone last year. A year of "advance warning" is enough for any developer. So this must be the year of the "big screen" iPhone, no?
  • Oh, I believe that's why they did that - because a larger screen iPhone is prominent. But the same that happened when Apple introduced the iPad and the iPhone 5's longer display (black space around the app until developers optimized the user interface for the larger size), yet an even larger screen iPhone will likely require developer updates to take full advantage. It would suck for users and developers at first, but eventually we'll heal. We want larger screens. We want more real estate. We want the best apps. There are trade-offs and sacrifices to be made. I'd rather have a better end result, than the easy way into a larger screen. If Apple keeps the same resolution, expands the size of the pixels - thus lowering the resolution I would hate the lower resolutiond a heck of a lot longer than I'd hate that some apps weren't updated to the new screen size.
  • "So this must be the year of the "big screen" iPhone, no?" For Apple's sake, it better be.
  • Oh, yes. I would love a larger screen iPhone. This year, for the first time since the iPhone 5 introduction, I actually have my hopes up for one. I wouldn't leave Apple because of it, though.
  • I wouldn't leave Apple because of it either. But I'm only one person. My only concern is, if Apple doesn't release a bigger-screen option, how will it affect their iPhone business, which is huge, in terms of growth and installed base. Or put it another, how many people will leave the Apple ecosystem? That's what Apple has to be concerned or think about.
  • I would feel great. I like the size now.
  • I would be 100% fine
    I have always thought those crappy big androids looked stupid Sent from the iMore App
  • If the next iPhone doesn't have an option for a screen larger than 4 inches I'm a going to take a very serious look at switching to an Android phablet. Apple know they have to release a new model with a larger screen or they will suffer the consequences. I will be extremely surprised if they don't budge on screen size. Sent from the iMore App
  • Meh .. As a former HTC one user I say one handed use > all. If they're gonna go with a bigger screen they should focus on a 4.7 inch screen tops with great ergonomics ala Moto X.
  • If Apple doesn't release a larger screen iPhone, they will lose me as a customer. Simple as that. I've been waiting patiently for them to release a 4.5"-5" screen iPhone and if it doesn't arrive I will reluctantly switch to Android. I'd prefer to stay with the Apple ecosystem, but the tiny screens of their current phones just do not cut it. I want a bigger (wider) screen that I can more easily type on and that I can more easily consume and share media on. If Apple won't cater to my needs Samsung, HTC, and any number of other companies will.
  • Would not bother me a bit. I don't relish carrying around an iPhone as big as my ipad mini. Would be no benefit to me and would look silly.
    Seems no one remembers how ridiculously big the Mobile phones of the 70's were. Are we trying to go there again?
  • I agree with you 100%. Its like we take one step forward and 1,000 back. Like what is it with these people wanting this huge phones that they can't even comfortably put in their pockets. Smh. Sent from the iMore App
  • You do know that a phone that's bigger than 4" doesn't automatically make it "as big as my iPad mini," right?
  • Current screen is just fine. And no, even if if there isn't a 4.7" to 4.9" iPhone this year, I won't be disappointed. Just mildly surprised. In fact, here is my iPhone "6" hardware wish list in decreasing order of likelihood IMHO: 1. Synthetic sapphire-laminated screen (to kill off many 3rd party cases)
    2. 4.7" to 4.9" diagonal screen (for "stretch" one-handed use)
    3. 1920x1080 "full HD" resolution screen
    4. OLED-based display (for longer battery life from a thinner lighter battery)
    5. Little if any increase in overall device footprint (if bezel width is decreased)
    6. Liquidmetal enclosure (to kill off the rest of the cases) Say what you want about one-handed use. But I think the biggest reason why Apple (probably) won't make an iPhone with much bigger than 4.9" diagonal screen is "pocketability." You want to carry your mobile phone in your pocket? Then 5.0" (plus extra for the enclosure) is getting too big. At 5.5" and larger, your device is essentially a tablet. Doesn't matter whether you call it a "big-screen smartphone" or a "phablet" or a "mini-pad." It's not going to fit in your pants pocket, so you'll carry it around like a tablet. They're topologically identical (and you'll feel goofy making calls on a giant clown-phone.)
  • You won't see #4 any time soon
  • Not a major concern here.
    But we didn't expect a 64-bit A7 processor last year either.
    Did we?
  • "At 5.5" and larger, your device is essentially a tablet. " In a sense, yes. Long-term, I see the phablet as a growing segment & has the potential to cannibalize the mini-tablets (7" to 8"). In a lot of developing countries, where consumers can't afford to buy more than one device, the phablet essentially becomes their smartphone / tablet / pc, which is one of the reason why it's very popular in Asia. Personally, I'd rather carry around a phablet for my communication / consumption tasks and a large-screen (10"+) tablet or notebook for my work / productivity tasks. Don't really need much more than that.
  • I would immediately switch to android, sell my mbp, iPad and appletv and then cry tears of joy that I know have a larger screen with android and then proclaim my hate for apple on every forum for not bringing a larger screen and continue to make reassurance posts on twitter and websites about how android is the best phone os even though no one cares other than other android users. Sent from the iMore App
  • Most Android users will say "I got it because it was big and cheap."
    Zero will say "I got it because I'm an open source crazy pants."
    About 0.1% will say "I like using a giant clown-phone. Woot!"
  • Excellent comment
  • What do Apple users say?
  • Apple users say "I got it because I wanted the best."
  • If they make the next iPhone only a larger screen then I won't be buying it. I want to use it with only one hand and the larger screen won't let me do that. And don't say that gestures can substitute. There are times when you need to click on an app or use the keyboard and gestures won't help you out. I have no problem if Apple makes a larger screened iPhone but I would want them to make a phone with matching specs with a screen that matches the current iPhone size. Some people want the larger screen. Great for them. But the current size screen works very well for me and I don't want anything larger.
  • "But the current size screen works very well for me and I don't want anything larger. " Then you better hope that Apple offers the iPhone 6 in the current size then. Speaking of which, it wouldn't hurt Apple to take a page out of the iPad playbook and offer multiple screen size iPhones(4", 4.7", 5.5") all with the same performance / internals. The way users only have to worry about choosing which size to buy.
  • i am 6'5" and 275 lbs..... my hands are so big.... my palm can almost completely cover the whole phone..... that being said, i love my iPhone and would rather slit my wrists then go back to android.... but i almost never use my iPhone for any more than calls.... my big sausage finger won't let me type at all..... So Apple.... keep the current size but offer a 5in screen option too.... either that or damn you, let me make calls on my LTE IPAD.... its frustrating as all hell....
  • Happy with the size of my 5S, would not want it bigger. If I'm going some place where I think I'll want a bigger screen, I grab my Mini.
  • This... I want my phone to be a good size for a phone. I have a laptop, and iPad Mini. I don't want to HAVE to cary a bigger screen with me. If they can do it without adjusting the physical size of the phone, I'm for it.
  • Amen!
    Why would you have to always switch to a bigger screen to carry around? Why not just have one device capable enough? These are the same ones who were crying that "3.5" was perfect and didn't want a bigger screen. Now 4" is perfect for "one hand usability" and "pocket ability". WTF? Y'all don't know what you want, Apple TELLS you what you want. Who in their right mind wouldn't a larger screen than 4"?
    The only thing keeping me is the ecosystem. 5S is great, I use the finger print scanner A LOT! But I'm not going to sit here and say that a bigger screen wouldn't be welcomed. That would be a LIE.
  • Same here. I like my cell phone to be like a cell phone. Compact, a decent set
    of features and fits in the pocket effortlessly. I like compact.
  • I'm sure we will all be happy come Sept-Oct. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ill switch to the samsung note phones. I enjoy ios better than android but the screen size is the only advantage over apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • I wouldn't mind a bigger phone but I'm cool with the current screen size. The functionality iOS has me hooked. Sent from the iMore App
  • One ADVICE for people who will switch if there is no bigger screen... Switch to WP.. Trust me, don't go to android.. WP will release now WP 8.1 and it will be great with something like Siri (Cortana).. I switched from iOS (iPhone 4) to Note 2 (It was disgusting, so much lag, crashes, bad and slow updates), and decided to give them second chance.. So I bought Note 3.. Same Sh*t different number... Lags, UGLY apps, iOS has the best looking apps, they get them first and have more features.. Especially Samsung.. You pay so much money for cracking phone because it's BAD made plastic.. Camera has 1000000 features, half work awful.. When you use HDR, you can't tell it was ON... Camera is NOT as good as android fans say... For 13 mpx it's 10 times worst than iPhone 5S.. Front face camera is disgusting.. So much noise in pictures.. Don't do this mistake.. If they dont release bigger iPhone I am going to WP.. Prefer less apps (They have the most used apps already) And wp is getting really popular.. More and more devs will support it.. So wait for updated Lumia 1020 with 1080p and WP 8.1 with Cortana and you will be the king.. At least this is what I will do... Just can't do this again to me, to go back to Android and spending $900 (in my country Bulgaria this was the price for unlocked Note 2 / 3) for phone that cracks when you press it.. Poor build quality, disgusting OS, slow updates.. Just can't do it.. About the screen size.. People think it's cool.. It's not .. At least 5,5" and over is TOO BIG.. I carried my phone in my hand or man purse.. If you like to run with your phone listening your favorite music, just forget it.. Weight is too much and it's too big.. Even typing is hard.. 4.7"-5" is the next phone I am looking for :-)))
  • WP still has an app problem and dwindling ecosystem. Beautiful displays on the Nokia Windows Phones though and City lens is a killer app.
  • And buying a Windows Phone gets you a piece of techno-history.
    "The phone that killed Microsoft" might have some collector value in the future.
    And not just because of its ultra-rarity.
  • I would be very angry!! Been holding out, I still have the iPhone4. Will not be upgrading till an iPhone with a screen bigger then 4inches comes out.
  • I think since Tim Cook said that, it's a question of when not if. And I'm wondering when/if they will follow the same pattern as the iPad and go smaller (eg 4s size) as well as bigger and introduce a range of iPhones with the same tech but with different sized storage and screens, to satisfy different price points. There's no compromise in terms of quality of the product there. not everybody wants a dom joly 5+ inch phone. It's supposed to be a mobile after all!
  • Mobile means you can take the device with you. Notebooks are mobile, tablets are mobile, smartphones & phablets are mobile.
  • Not from around here are you?!?!? Why do you think I stuck the indefinite article 'a' before it???
  • I think apple is really leaving $$ on the table by not having a larger iPhone. Imagine how many android and Samsung users they could get with a larger screen. Just seems strange apple is so against it when clearly there is such a huge market for larger devices Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree.
  • I haven't used a iPhone since the 5 came out. If the new iphone doesn't sport a increased size I will once again stay away this year too. Enjoying my 5.2 inch screen
  • I have the iPhone 5, i think it is already too big! I need it to fit in my pockets, in my cars cup holder/console etc. i also have an ipad mini. I don't need a stupid phablet. I just want the same size phone but thicker, to accompany a battery that will give me three times my current usage of 3hrs!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been flirting with larger screened Android phones (Nexus 5 & HTC One). I want a larger screen. At least 4.7". If Apple chooses to retain the 4" form factor they will lose my business.
  • First, I will get the next iPhone. I am ok with the 4" on the 5. Now, I would not mind a 4.7" range, but anything much over 5-5.25" is getting absurd. Sent from the iMore App
  • I almost bought a Nexus 5 this year cause iPhone 5, 5c, 5s screen is just to small. What stop me the love for iOS (apps) software compare to Android software. But Android software has made great improvements over the years. My iDevices (jailbroken too) still feel limited. I want a bigger screen or I think I'm gonna give Android a try.
  • ...allow me to add, i do everything on my "tiny phone"(sarcasm!) i do all my banking, bills, work schedule, pages/alerts for work, mapping/directions, texts, just everything! I need the one handed small compatible-ness nature of the iphone 4/iphone5 Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm perfectly happy with the size of my 5S. Not sure I'd like a larger screen. I'm a pretty heavy user, but I like for the device to disappear when I'm carrying it around. I'm wondering if we aren't suffering a presbyopic epidemic.
  • relieved!
  • I use the iphone 5. It is the perfect size. It is a phone. It fits in my pocket. I do not want to see apple get caught up in media hype about the size of a screen.
  • Honestly, I don't mind. Either way, I will be purchasing the iPhone 6 no matter the size. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would feel, relieved. A 5-inch screen is just too large for my hands. The 4-inch fits perfectly. Also I have an iPad for my larger screen needs. Sent from the iMore App
  • Would be very sad if the screen isn't bigger! 5" please! Sent from the iMore App
  • As someone that just switched to the iPhone from android. I will be fine with the screen staying the same size as my 5s. That said. If they switch jt to a bigger screen but still keep the small small size like the moto x that would be fine with me as well. I'll wait for the 6s though. Sent from the iMore App
  • No bigger screen and it's back to android for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • I use the 4s and recently got an iPad Air. I find I am more content with the size of my 4s having a larger display on the iPad. My 4s is still my favorite phone that I have owned. My wife has a 5c and while I like the screen size the difference is not compelling enough for me to upgrade even though I am eligible. Whatever the size of the 6 I will buy it and would not switch to any other platform for screen size because of ease of use between devices. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dear Apple, Please oh please forego a bigger screen, and if you do do it, be sure to keep making non- mutant phone sizes. I will not be seen with a phablet plastered to my ear.
  • It want really matter as long as I Upgrade from a 4S to a 6 Sent from the iMore App
  • It's gotta have a bigger screen. It has too. The next iPhone must have a bigger screen...I don't see why they would not increase the size. Sent from the iMore App
  • I hope Apple jumps to a 4.5-5 inch screen for the iPhone 6. There is no reason they can't do it and don't make the phone any thinner. They could still keep a 4 inch model for those who want choice. No reason they can't have 2 screen sizes and please don't tell me the tech isn't ready.
  • I'd like to see Apple announce a 4" phone, then read these same people post that they're leaving and that Apple is doomed, and then wait until Apple announces that they've sold a record number of phones. I'd like to see this repeated for several years until all of you who are clamoring for a large screen realize that that you are a very vocal minority.
  • I can understand not wanting Apple to quit manufacturing a 4" phone. What I don't understand is not wanting them to also manufacture a larger phone. We have an iPad mini, why not an iPhone max?
  • I really like the screen size as is, I mean wouldn't mind if it's a little bigger, if I wanted anything bigger really I would just use tablet. I do think they should have an option for a bigger screen though. Sent from the iMore App
  • If the screen size stays the same I will not be jumping ship.....again. I switched from an iPhone 4 to the galaxy s4 ,which I immediately traded in for a Note 2. Loved the massive screen of the Note 2. I am constantly creating/editing/sharing google docs using google drive. The screen real estate made this super easy to do while on the go. Also a Netflix binge watcher and news junkie!! I recently traded in my Note 2 for a 5s. I am missing the larger screen but enjoying the perks of dependable apple products.
    I am all for a larger iPhone. The Note 2 opened my eyes to the possibilities/joys of a larger screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • I like the size of my 4S iPhone. I'm not sure why I need a larger screen. If Apple can increase the screen size without substantially increasing the physical size of the phone that would be great. I would like to be able to slip my phone into the pocket of my dress slacks, shirt or coat without too much trouble or a bulging pocket. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't see the point of upgrading my 5S if Apple don't increase that screen size to at least 4'7 "not 5 inch for me Sent from the iMore App
  • Craig an Apple person for 25 years. During the time that Microsoft computers " the in thing at that time " Apple was the outcast. Having said that I've been loyal to Apple for 25 years !!
    I had every iPhone , switching from Verizon after 14 years again I am very loyal to AT&T just for the iPhone !!!
    After the iPhone 4 upgrade to the 4S I waited and waited for the bigger iPhone, only to be completely disappointed . I could not believe that I waited all that time for the bigger phone had I only known I would've bought a 4S instead of waiting a whole year . I believe that's what's going on now people are holding off waiting to buy the 6 and if it's not at least 5''phone I am going to be once again disappointed in Apple. And I am waiting to buy 4 new phones !!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Current iPhone SIZE is perfect for me (and weight too), so if Apple introduces an iPhone that is about the same size/weight as the current iPhones (5/5C and 5S) but sports a bigger screen, I will be fine with that. But I really like the current size of the phone. I do have a feeling that they (Apple) are going to start diversifying like they did with the iPod because the iPhone growth seems to be coming down to more "sane" levels. I mean, for Apple to enter a market they knew next-to-nothing about in 2007 and be selling at the rate of 150 million devices six years later is crazy growth. I don’t know if they are going through a bit of a consolidation period at the moment (since the launch of the iPhone 5), last year they redid the interface and introduced a new iPhone line (I know, not a really "new" line, but still...). So this year, adding a bigger-screened option would seem like a no-brainer (like they have 2 screen sizes for the iPad, iMac, the MBA and the MBP).
  • Geez people! What makes you rule out that Apple won't have the 4" iPhone and a larger screen iPhone? I mean there is iPad and an iPad Mini, right?! Both are hot sellers and so can both iPhones! America is about choices, Apple will provide! Sent from the iMore App
  • It wouldn't bother me even in the slightest. Apple has finally conditioned my mind to the point where I am so content with their devices that I just don't care anymore. Being able to pick up my iphone everyday and there is no fear of it not functioning is all I care about... I can't say the same for my car but once something in my life has reached a remarkable level of consistency I'll stick with it through thick and thin until something else comes and blows me away. Sent from the iMore App
  • I like the feel of Apple's current iPhone screen size. It's a mobile phone after all. To me bigger just kinda defeats the purpose if me putting it in my pocket. People will by a larger iPhone well enough to make it worth Apple's while & I might be interested in it too. I'd have to see one up close.
    I suppose it just depends on how complicated Apple would like to make the lives of its iOS developers, I suppose - Universal binaries would be CrAzY!
    Apple could always make it a little bigger [thicker] with a larger battery for 24 usage! Sent from the iMore App
  • "It's a mobile phone after all." I prefer to think of it as a mobile computer. Smartphones these days are being asked to do and accomplish a lot more than just being a phone. Having a bigger screen actually helps with the user experience with types of tasks people require of their devices.
  • Completely happy!!! I DON'T want a bigger screen, and I'm afraid if they made one with a bigger screen, the smaller screen iPhone would lack something in specs, and that would make me consider a smaller screen android for the 1st time ever after having iPhones since day 1! The only exception would be if the screen could grow slightly with length and width of phone remaining the same. Sent from the iMore App
  • So basically a ruler with Retina display? Posted from my TARDIS!
  • Bigger screen for me. Not more than 5 though. I have friends with the note 3 and it's way too big for me.
  • Bit surprised. Not surprised. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I'll be disappointed and perplexed. I would love for them to have 3 sizes; 4, 4.7, and 5.5ish. I doubt it and I think 2 will be the max that they will do if they do go with a larger screen. If it doesn't have a larger screen I hope they really knock it out the park with bells and whistles.
  • I'd like a bigger screen, but I'm not jumping platforms if I don't get it. Sent from the iMore App
  • I love the current iPhone (5s)form factor and size. A bigger screen would be nice - but I think that would reduce - for me - it's usability factor. Best case scenario in my opinion is if Apple can increase the screen size but keep the phone size.
  • I don't really want a pocket burster. or one of those phones that people are forced to carry in their back pocket. Larger screens are nice for looking at stuff. but not at the cost of portability. I'm not going to like a phone if it's too big to fit comfortably in a pocket. plus it's nice to have a small screen. it feels more private. edit: if they go larger i seriously hope they yank out the terrible widescreen and go back to a 4:3 display.
  • Would be wonderful to many people who like iOS but just want a big screen, but I just prefer other OSes to iOS. That being said, I hope they do something nice with the bigger screen iPhone, and not just adding more icons to the screen.
  • I wouldn't mind if they made an iPhone maxi, as long as they made one the same size they have now too. The iPhone 5 is the perfect size for me. If I want something bigger than that, I pick up my iPad mini.
  • 4.3 is big enough Sent from the iMore App
  • I think the iPhone's screen should be wider. It doesn't have to be taller because I think the screen is fine in terms of its height, but viewing websites and news apps is a bad experience.
  • LOL Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I don't have any qualms about my iPhone 5S' screen size: I have an iPad. I don't see why a lot of people have this need of bringing a mammoth inside their pockets every time. Apple shouldn't play catch up & me-too because they lead the market they're in. But whatever Apple's decision regarding the next iPhone's screen size would be, it'd be great :)
  • "I don't see why a lot of people have this need of bringing a mammoth inside their pockets every time. " Different strokes for different folks. You don't want a bigger screen, that's fine. There are many who do. "Apple shouldn't play catch up & me-too because they lead the market they're in." Apple should leverage their brand to what the market wants or is heading towards.
  • "I don't see why a lot of people have this need of bringing a mammoth inside their pockets every time." Maybe because I do not want to carry/buy 2 devices (that do the same thing) when I can have 1 device between the sizes and make my life easier... That could just be me though
  • Had already jumped ship. Love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Love the keyboards. Love the way photos could be organised. Love how easier it is you share anything to anything .
  • The next iPhone would have to be a pretty big upgrade of everything if the size doesn't change for me to stay. I love my iPhone but it's time for a slightly bigger screen. Maybe make it thicker too, to fit a bigger better battery. Screen size and battery life are my 2 key things that need to happen from apple this year. Same w the iwatch it must happen! Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't care. I like the current size. The Moto X os a good form factor and feels pretty descent in the hand but I need something that will easily fit my hand my pocket and doesn't make me over extended my thumbs. I like the 4 inch screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • As long as adding another screen size doesn't fragment the OS for users and developers like Androids with their 50 screen sizes do what you will Apple! Sent from the iMore App
  • 51 Million people buying the smaller screen iPhone in the last quarter & Samsung losing sales does not point to everyone wanting a larger screen phone. What are the sales figures on the Galaxy Note 3? Galaxy S4 is always behind the iPhone. It only surpasses it when buyers are waiting for the new iPhone cycle. Money talks and money says 4" is more good enough! So sayeth 51 buyers Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah, I agree. Plus, the smaller screen of the iPhone is what pretty much creates a diversity in the phone market. You said "more good" :P
  • Nope.
  • 4" screen = No buy I don't see any reason to upgrade from my iPhone 5 if the screen size isn't increased. Let's hope this is the direction Apple goes.
  • I am absolutely fine with 4" display. No geometry box pls
  • 4.7-5"!
  • 4.3 with same build quality enough to satisfy me. I'm staying with Apple regardless.
  • Screen size is fine, I'd prefer a little larger, maybe 4.3-4.6. My biggest beef with the iPhone is the Ugly as F@ck top and bottom bezel. Please make these smaller Apple!!!
  • I would feel indifferent. Im not due an upgrade until well after the next iPhone release anyway!
  • I disagree. It's not set up to separate anything. They have just stuck by that "comfortable one hand usage" idea that Steve Jobs pitched to consumers in 2007 with the original iPhone and the reason why they've stuck by that is because it's worked for so long. Quite frankly they have been more than likely too scared to make such a drastic change to the iPhone such as increasing screen size for fear of losing customers.. Which is why in 7 years we've only seen a .5 inch increase in the size of the screen. But now is a different time.. people see android users with big 5 inch plus screens with high pixel density and high resolution and were envious so it's time for a change and a "big"one. And if they don't change it this year I think they'll lose more customers than if they did change it so an ideal solution would be to have a double release like the iPhone 5c and 5s but with a 6c and 6 one being a larger screen and the other being closer to what's available now. And an iPad mini is not the solution to a small display phone simply because you wouldn't be able to put the thing in your pocket nor make phone calls so that means your have two devices and one having to have a 3rd party carrier. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm still using my iPhone 4S, waiting for the release of iPhone 6. I'm expecting, it has a bigger screen compared to iPhone 5. If the size of the screen doesn't change I'll still get it this year.
  • I don't understand why people want bigger phones? I find it difficult to even hold an iphone 5s. I liked the idea that Apple had only one iPhone ever year, you knew what you were getting and it was the best one. Now we have the 5c it's a lot different. We have choices, Apple will add different screen sizes, it's becoming like Android devices. They're are too many of them to even keep up which is the best ones and I'd hate if Apple decide this.
  • "I don't understand why people want bigger phones?" I don't understand why people want to continue using a small phone. Everyone is different with different preferences. "I'd hate if Apple decide this." Why on earth would you hate if Apple makes the current same size and adds a larger screen too? That literally makes no sense... It is a win/win for Apple...
  • I am not going to switch my main phone to Android after using Moto G which I still have and consider an excellent phone, however I can't cope with androids lack of refinement that I don't get with the iPhone. However if there's not a bigger screen iPhone out I am just staying on my 5 and getting more grumpy!
  • I'm very happy with the current size, but I do know people who switched to Android for a larger screen. I'd be fine with Apple making a larger phone as long as they continue to make the smaller one as well with similar specs. I don't want a dumbed down smaller phone. Sent from the iMore App
  • The current size of the screen is just fine!
  • The current size is fine. We don't need a bigger screen we need a wider one.
  • I wont really feel anything. It's just a phone. But I'll switch to Android. I've been holding to my 4s for years in the hope of smth significantly bigger (so no iPhone 5/5s for me). This year is the year we'll clearly see where Apple is going on that front, cause they dont really have any excuse: the technology has been here for a while, the general population has gotten used to those bigger devices, the iPhone 5 cycle (5/5c/5s) is over, etc. I'll respect their choice if they decide to keep the current size and I'll just spend my money elsewhere. No big deal. And keep enjoying the iOS/OSx environments on my other apple devices
  • Honestly I am an Apple fan, but having an iPhone 5 right now is good for me. The 5s didn't have enough behind it to motivate me to go to it just as the 4s didn't have enough behind it for me to upgrade from the 4. Being that I am getting older not younger I would like to see a 5"ish screen on the iPhone 6. Not this rumored 6" screen. If I want something that big I will get an iPad Mini Retina and use Talkatone with my Google voice account. the 5" screen size would be the sweet spot I think.
  • 4.7 to 5 inches is a absolutely perfect size screen for me. Had the S4 for a small stint. Hated the phone. Loved the screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • Personally, I believe that the current iPhone size is perfect and am very happy with it. A smartphone should remain a modest size and should be capable of one-handed operation. The iPhone 5(x) line continues to allow one-handed operation, but it has become a bit more of a challenge for the hands of some people. However, there does appear to be a tangible consumer demand for a bigger iPhone. Apple has traditionally done what it believes to be right, but it also does respond to market conditions. Just as Apple listened to reasonable demand for a smaller iPad, and released the iPad Mini, the time may have arrived to release a bigger iPhone.
  • "A smartphone should remain a modest size and should be capable of one-handed operation" Should? Mind you, besides the fact that my hand is big enough to operate a 5' phone with no problem (that's a bit too biased, now isnt it?), most of my female friends use S3 or S4 and wouldnt go back. However, to follow you on the second part of your argument, lets just hope Apple gives us the choice. We pretty much know by now that they're not gonna enter the sub 400$ market, so why not manufacture two sizes of phones and play on both sub 5' and +5' high end markets and satisfy absolutely ALL people that can dish out 700$ for a phone? Following their profit making strategy, they dont lose much on people that cannot afford the phone and its ecosystem, but they lose a lot more if people like me (not me particularly, I dont have anything special, I mean people that spend time and money on their device) switch to something else. I personally will. I like Apple, but not at any cost. And counting on other manufacturers not offering a similar experience can only last for so long.
  • Well the premise question of this article does solicit biased opinions, and I simply expressed mine ("Personally, ... should .....") along with a more objective opinion ("However, ....."). It's all good, aye? :)
  • Just sell a 6s that has a 4.5" screen and 6c (identical to 5s, sans Touch ID, and slightly cheaper) that retains the 4" screen. iOS 7 looks perfectly scalable, and developers have had plenty of time to update their apps to support the new frameworks; so in theory, it should be a smooth transition at this point. All that being said, I could care less about screen size, personally. I use my phone basically for calling and texting only. I don't want my cell phone to be everything to me, it's just not the best experience for gaming/productivity (I'll gladyly carry my iPad mini around for that).
  • I'm not a loyal apple user, so in the case of them not making a bigger iphone, I'd go back to samsung. Sent from the iMore App
  • If they don't then I'm switching to Android.
  • I like to try out all operating systems for phones and have owned at least one of every OS. Overall I wish I could just cherry-pick the features I like from each. That being said, if the next iPhone doesn't sport a significantly larger screen, then I will be giving up the iPhone entirely. My vision has grown worse over the last few years and I appreciate a larger screen. I will probably go with a Note 4 or something similar. I will keep my iPad mini retina or upgrade to full sized as well. The thing I will miss most is Siri. I can't seem to find an Android version that works exactly the same.
  • I don't know if I'm to the point I'd jump ship. It may be getting there because I'd have the phone for 2 years. I've only ever had iPhones. I like how they work. I like the selection of apps. Yeah, I could move most of my stuff over but it's easier not to. Not increasing the size would bug me for two reasons, A) I want a larger screen and B) I feel like Apple is ignoring where the market is clearly heading, they're not giving people (including me) what they want, and not buying a 6 w/ the same size screen would be like voting w/ my dollars. Ideally they'd offer at least 2 sizes. I want larger, as do many people, but some want the same. Offer 2 sizes and make everyone happy. Make both the same (spec-wise) and use the extra space in the larger phone for more battery. Rake in the money. Shouldn't be that difficult.
  • If Apple decides to keep the size the same I will not upgrade my iphone 5. I will wait till they decide to make it a little larger, at least 4.7". If something else comes up in the future I might look at it. As our generation gets older we need a larger surface to see more and clearer. I hope they do it with iphone 6. That is my main reason for a larger screen.
  • I will most likely switch to android because they will be able to suit my needs better. I really don't want to have to do that but I may not be left with much of a choice. I will feel disappointed.
  • Screen size is so subjective. I recently switched from a galaxy nexus to a 5s. The screen size of the 5s doesn't really bother me but the 4.65 inch screen on the gnex was perfect for me. I think a bigger iphone 6 would sell like hot cakes.
  • I'm on the other end. An Android user that has been waiting for a larger screen iPhone to switch. For many years the lack of functionality is what kept me away from Apple but with each iOS iteration that gap has closed to a bearable level for me but the absolute most important value still yet to be addressed is the tiny screen size. Give me a 5" screen and it is an easy switch.
  • I'm hoping a 4/4.7/5.7 mix, but if its small screen alone again, I'll be looking at other options. 4" is perfect for consumers, but less than ideal if you work with your phone. No, I'm not carrying around a murse for an iPad Mini.
  • I will appreciate a bigger screen but maintain the same size phone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have a 5s and really don't want anything very much larger. I use it mainly for text, voice, mail, calendar, reminders, music, gps, and audible books. The screen size is OK for reading mail and text, and while a larger keyboard would be nice, I prefer to dictate or use Siri for most input these days. It's a working phone that I carry constantly. Anything much larger would be a problem.
  • If the next iPhone is the same 4", I would probably still get it. I used a Nexus 5 briefly and the bigger screen was a very welcome change. For me personally, a screen that's between 4" and 5" is the "sweet spot" for me, so an iPhone with a 4.7" screen would be great! I would probably stick with Apple even if it didn't have a bigger screen because the app ecosystem is still that much better on iOS, in my opinion. Many of the apps I use just run smoother and look better on the iPhone. The Android versions, while they are there, lack certain features or just run slower. This isn't bashing the device, but more so the developers of the apps. iOS apps are still the frontrunner in terms of usability and design, in my opinion. I think Apple would be foolish to not have a larger iPhone for their next device. 4" is just barely cutting it...and given all the people I see with Galaxy S3/S4 and HTC Ones, I think people will get accustomed to a larger iPhone just fine. I think people who prefer the current size of the iPhone are the minority.
  • I went from android to iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and now I am back to android with a Nexus 5. I do enjoy the larger screen, and the more control I have over the phone but it's not perfect by any means. if the iPhone were to come out with a larger screen then I would be back for sure but if it doesn't, then I will probably stay put and just get a ipad mini to compliment my Nexus.
  • if samsung can produce the phones for your taste/size, buy theirs, do not whine about apple. samsung is already making the phones for so many sizes and features, most of them totally useless, except for the bragging rights (i have a bigger screen or newer chipset or 8K video in 1230fps). these are the exact useless sizes/features that the 16-year-olds have been posting in their wishing-blogs about the "next true iphone rumors" since the first iphone arrived. my pocket the current 5s is ok enough, if i need to work i will carry ipad air or a laptop around. i would not mind apple releasing a bigger screen phone at all, but i would not say i will switch to different ecosystem, if they do not. if apple comes out with 5-incher and it fits into my pocket, i am not against it. i would like to see how it works out first though. also keep in mind that the bigger screen smartphone sales are still a small fraction of the smartphones, most of the users do not care about anything larger than 4" or 4.5" maybe tops 5". if you want apple to make 12" iphone, please switch to android and be the 0.01% of the smartphone users who constantly complains about iphone screen
  • I am happy with the iPhone 5s screen size, and already struggle to reach the whole screen one handed. If Apple do introduce a big screen phone, I hope they also keep the iPhone 5s size. I have an iPad Air if I want to use a bigger screen and having no choice but to have a big screen phone would be very disappointing. I update my iPhone every year, but would definitely hold on to my 5s if the only option was a big screen iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am using HTC One at the moment, everything else I use is Apple product (iMac and i Pad2). I would really enjoy having the iPhone 6 only if it has a screen same or larger size than HTC One. My hand measures from tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger 10.5", so as you can imagine large screen for me is a must. iPhone 5 on my hand looks like a miniature phone.
    Bottom line, no larger screen - not switching.
    And please fix the problem with printing things from the phone via wifi!
  • Apple has the money, and resources to easily make a next gen iphone line that has numerous size options. Keep a 4inch and give a larger option. It's a no brainer. There's obviously a massive market for larger phones. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'd buy 2 ....
  • Strikes me that there maybe something in that WSJ article about two devices being released. Perhaps there will be a 5s size (perhaps call it a 6c or iphone mini?) and larger one. I think this make a lot of sense. How many women do you see walking around with a large Samsung? Clearly apple's strategy with the iPad of having two different sizes has worked. Maybe if the smaller one doesn't sell they'll scrap it the year after but it seems like too big a gamble to throw all their eggs into the larger screen market. Wouldn't that simply create a space for another company to exploit?
  • terrible idea the iPhone should stay the same size but then again i haven't read the 5 problems a bigger iPhone would fix
  • Disappointed!! Note 3 or 4 here I come! Even though I have an iMac and an iPad I don't want to leave apple but think I would have too. Sent from the iMore App
  • Geesh people, Apple is probably not going to make a 6" phone. Probably not seven a 5" phone. The screen ratio on the 5/5C/5S is pretty funky. I bet they'll shoot for the 4.5-4.7" range with a focus on making it eeeeeeven slimmer.
  • Cheated. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would buy the iPhone 6 albeit with a same sized screen. But I'd feel cheated. We want a larger screen or atleast a choice of screens.
    IMHO ... I think like the small and large Macs and iPad ... It's high time iPhone went down that road !!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • One size does not fit all. It's about choice. I've used Apple products since 1984 and have been pleased. But, getting older I find the 4" screen on my iPhone 5 just to small. I have moved to a 5" Android only hoping that Apple will bring out a 5" or larger option this fall.
  • I have always used Mac for my computing, but I did not switch over to an iPhone till about 2 years ago. I had blackberry and android devices before my iOS device. My last phone prior to iOS was a HTC Rezound, the screen was larger than the iPhone4 I moved over to. This was one of the only things that bothered my about the iphone 4. As soon as the iPhone 5 was available I moved over to that device for the larger screen. The display on the iPhone is beautiful and quality, but I would want the next iPhone model to have a larger screen. Mobile devices are the standard and their functionality in society its becoming more and more apparent. I will hold on to my iPhone 5 until the next model and make a decision from there. I am happy with the stability and ease of use with my iOS device, but if the screen size does not increase I will strongly consider moving to a non iOS device.
  • I've been an iPhone user since the 3G, the last I used was the iPhone 5 but I wanted to try something diferent so I got the Moto X, then de Moto G and now the Blackberry Z30. I can say that those phones are fine but I still miss the iPhone. These devises has a bigger screen but worst distribution of the things that you see on the screen. I read better on safari, everthing apeared on that little screen and everything was sharp and clear, besides organized. I got angry with the glitchy ios7 interface but now i'm sad with the lack of apps and the horrible AMOLED screen. I just can use with one single hand the Moto X, I admit that the iphone 5/5S/5C it's the best size for a phone but i think apple needs to offer a bigger screen because some of us need it, even if we are wrong.
  • Really an iPhone can't get that much bigger without causing screen ratio problems to its apps, most of which are hard coded to specific resolutions. They MIGHT be able to work a 4.3 without causing big issues. As to going to the "open source" (yes note the quotes) Android, just remember it is shot through with proprietary Google spyware that steals your personal data and sends it to Google (proven not a conspiracy) who uses it to (among other uses) bomb you with "personalized" ads. If you value your privacy at all stay FAR away from all things Google - so either stick to Apple or go MS or if you must go Android get an AOSP rom and wipe off all Google stuff.
  • +100 for this
  • Having upgraded from the 5 to the 5s last October (and regretting it), if the bigger screen doesn't arrive with the next iPhone, there would have to be huge improvements on the phone in order for me to upgrade again. Oh and get rid of the freakin' home button!! It's not 2007!!
  • I feel the same way I upgraded from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s. I so regret it. In real world use the 5s isn't blazing fast compare to the iPhone 5. Some area the iPhone 5s is even slower than the iPhone 5. I want bigger screen 4.6 to 5", more ram 2 to 3 gigs, stereo sound ( not really) and true 16gb or 32gb. Meaning if iOS is 5gb the next iPhone should be 21gb 5 for iOS and 16gb for us.
  • The industry had a mad dash making smaller and smaller phones. And small phones is what most want. A tiny device fitting in a jeans or shirt pocket, feather light so you almost dont feel its there. It needs to be fast, and it needs to last long between charging.
    Todays iPhone is almost there. Its relatively small, and not too big. It fits in jeans and shirt pockets. It could be a iny tiny bit lighter. The thing that works against the phone is how long it lasts between charging, it has to last as long as the old small dumbphones, a couple of days or a weak would be perfect.
    Bigger size would give more room for battery, but again a bigger screen will give more cons than pros. It would not fit the pockets anymore, except if you are a giant. The screen size makes an average person reach all icons using one hand in portrait mode. Bigger screen forces the use of both hands.
    Most will use devices in various size segments, iPad Minis and Airs for different type of work, and the iPhone for hypermobile stuff.
    Im never ever going to buy an iPhablet and look like a complete dork when talking in it, and look like a meterosexual schmuck while carrying it in the man-purse because the damn thing wont fit my pocket.
    I really hope Apple wont budge to the whiners and make a bigger iPhone. Let the whiners go for some Android thingie. Apple don't need them.
  • +1000 for this. You can have a drink on me my friend! :-) I'm glad I have an iPhone 4. Easily fits in my pocket,
    excellent resolution, lightweight but sturdy stainless
    steel and strong glass construction and it just works effortlessly
    with one hand. Anything bigger is a mini-tablet, not a phone.
  • Disappointed. Like we're getting another 'S' upgrade, rather than something more game changing. I can't see it not having a bigger screen, it would be almost a bad move on their end. The way "Phablets" are storming the market, I think we're due for at least a 4.5- 5" Sent from the iMore App
  • Sorry for the double post :/ Sent from the iMore App
  • Disappointed. Like we're getting another 'S' upgrade, rather than something more game changing. I can't see it not having a bigger screen, it would be almost a bad move on their end. The way "Phablets" are storming the market, I think we're due for at least a 4.5- 5" model. Sent from the iMore App
  • In the last six or so years, I've owned an iPhone 3G, 4, 5 and 5s. I would have bought the original iPhone as well if it were available in my home country (Greece). Last year, I got an S-version iPhone for the first time, breaking my usual two-year cycle. A gold iPhone with a fingerprint scanner was too hard to resist! This year, I will definitely break that cycle again if the new iPhone has a larger screen. iPhones are unique in that they offer the most seamless integration of hardware and software and the best user experience. Sometimes they are lacking in features but the features they do offer are always very well implemented. I believe Apple's greatest miscalculation, however, is its reluctance to increase screen size. Have you seen an iPhone 4s lately? 3.5 inches is much too small! It is clear people want larger screens. Apple is going to oblige, willingly or not.
  • I agree with you 100%, I just hope it's soon....I'm losing patience.
  • Screen size isnt really the issue, its phone size. Im ok with making an edge to edge screen to make the screen better, but if iphone 6 is the bug huge gaudy looking tablet sized phone i will pass on it, i want my phone size to be phone sized. Love the current size, but we will see what the 6 is..
  • Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave right now as Apple deviates from his "minimalism" approach of design for aesthetics and functionality. Does one really need a +3.5 screen to make a call, occasionally check emails/texts, and skim the web? IMHO, anything bigger is over-indulging and our appetites become rapacious...kinda like eating a tasty slice of pizza, then eventually the entire box and getting sick of it later...pretty soon, folks will ask from something smaller again.
  • The iPhone has become kind of like the catholic church, too conservative and afraid to change.
    I had to switch to android, got tired of the same boring screen size and they way apps are organised. Plus I got amazing battery life. Side note* after a few years with a smartphone at least for me It becomes very standard regarding the way I use my phone so there was no need anymore to have a super expensive iphone to use basic apps available in both platforms.
  • There is nothing to dislike about the present screen size, but at my age a larger is more of a necessity then a cosmetic choice. I can just assume that there are plenty of people out there with the exact same issue. Sent from the iMore App
  • I already think the 5/5S is too big. So if it gets bigger I will be disappointed.
  • I have eye problems so I need a larger screen.
    I know I'm not alone, so there is a large market out there.
    I need a minimum 5" screen, and I want it to be an iPhone. If not, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola will be glad to have me switch.
  • That's just silly Chris. iOS 7 already looks incredibly congested on the 4" screen. There is no doubt in my mind that 7.1 on a 4.7 or a 5" screen will look spectacular. Plus there is too much information out there and the screen is too small for reading and for displaying it all. There HAS TO BE a bigger display otherwise the iPhone will fall behind the Androids since there already exists an iPhone equivalent. They need to have fantastic hardware AND innovate with the software in the form of iOS 8 to stay ahead. iOS 8 better be effing spectacular. lol. If they're not going to create software that's ahead of its time anymore, they at least need to create tomorrow's hardware today and have the software play beautifully on that hardware.
  • Honestly...I'm not a fan of the HUGE screens but I think apple could benefit from at least 1/2 inch of extra screen...keeps it in the running since everybody LOVES the big long as it's an higher resolution...Apple should do well with the next phone!!
  • It's all about what you are used to. For me, it feels okay as iphone 5 is my first smartphone. But that may change if I use a smartphone with a bigger display.
  • I assume they'll still offer a phone the size of this year's. I hope they offer a larger option though. It isn't necessary for me -- I tether my iPad when I need a bigger screen -- but it'd be nice. That said, I don't plan on upgrading till the 6s. Bought both the 5 and 5s, so I already have one iPhone and a traveller. No need to add to the collection. All I needed was LTE and a decent camera. Got that already.
  • Not gonna lie... I think anything up to 5" would be nice. I'll probably end up with whatever comes out as I generally upgrade every two years, but a screen size bump would help solidify the purchase for me. Nothing against Android... I'm just happy with my iPhones right now. Sent from the iMore App
  • 2 gigz of ramz or I'm leaving.
  • No matter what size screen the iPhone 6 comes out with it will be instantly declared Epic Fail, as are all Apple products. Since the Mac was released in 1984 every product Apple puts out for sale is pounced upon, derided, declared D.O.A. and written off as Apple’s swan song before bankruptcy puts the company our of its misery… until it succeeds wildly beyond belief. And so it will be with the iPhone 6. Why even discuss it?
  • I don't get why analysts have such a hard time figuring out that Apple offers huge upgrades if one replaces one's phone on a two-year cycle. If one upgrades every year it doesn't seem like so much, but in larger bites it's huge. (I always have a home phone and a traveller, so I got both the 5 and the 5s for their LTE antennas, but I'm going back on a two-year cycle now...)
  • Bigger iPhone 4.6 to 5" and more ram 2 or 3 gigs. I almost when Nexus 5 this year.
  • I would most certainly abandon ship if the iPhone 6 does not have a larger screen. Between the bugginess of iOS 7 and the small screen, I almost can't take it anymore. I am very deep in the Apple ecosystem. I have purchased every iPhone since the 3GS. But I would be moving to an Android phone if the next iPhone does not have a larger screen.
  • I have an iPhone 4 (yes, a really ancient 4!). I got it new and it has served me well. Until last year, I was not compelled to upgrade. However, my phone is now showing its age after heavy use along with its border-line capability of running iOS 7. Trying to read many websites on this baby screen is an unpleasant experience. If Apple doesn't release a phone with a screen size of 5" or more, I'm definitely jumping ship to Android!
  • This is a dilemma for me. I traded in my iPad for a retina mini and thats my favorite device Apple has ever made. It has made my 5S however seem even smaller due to the portability of the mini. That said I already notice the 5S in my front left pocket when I rarely ever noticed my 4S. I would love the bigger screen but portability would be an issue for sure. How do you droid guys get around this? Back pocket?
  • On second thought maybe Ill just get the sim card for my Mini, sell the 5S and get a little flip for calls....
  • Having come to iPhone from Android (Galaxy S3), the one thing I miss most about my Android phone is the larger screen. I'm not a big person and I don't have big hands, but even so, I find the screen on my iPhone 5 most difficult to type on. If the next phone doesn't have a larger screen, I won't buy it. I don't know at this point if I would go back to Android, but I couldn't rule it out. I like my iPhone otherwise, I just can't see investing in another phone that doesn't address my biggest dislike.
  • I have been getting excited because of all the rumors. So I would be a little disappointed if it doesn't happen. Simply because I want to see Apple's take on a bigger screen. I update my iPhones every two years. I wont be upgrading until the 6s so I'm just excited to see what gets debuted really. As to whether I would buy an iPhone or not screen size is not a consideration for me. I have an iPad Mini and a laptop so if screen size was really bothering me for something I would switch my device. I'm more interested in the features that make my life easier like Touch ID. If there was a bigger screen I would buy it just to experience the difference. Sent from the iMore App
  • Reading all of this and the heated debates just reminds me that it comes down to opinions and personal preference. For me, a bigger display would be great for my bigger hands and crappy eye sight. However, these reasons have not been and likely will not be a reason for me to ditch my iPhone. However, the likelihood that I will buy a new iPhone is not going to be high without a larger display with retina quality. I would be content to ride my 5s for a while in this case because I don't see many other hardware features in the pipeline that make me willing to upgrade at this point.
  • not a big deal to me. I prefer a smaller phone anyways.
  • Very happy indeed... And I think Apple should stick to its strategy, it's been biggest and most successful tech company for the last, at least, 5 years without copying others ideas and it should keep doing just that. Remember back when everyone was asking why it didn't installed the NFC chip, I did ask that myself, and now I see we didn't need that after all, and I see the screen size battle just the same way.
    I still have the 4s and I'll probably get the next version... If they change the size ok, I'll probably still buy it, but I'd like to have the same size as the 5...
  • I would love to see a larger screen on the next IPhone. It would make it a lot easier to edit photos and easier for reading and it would do away with some scrolling. I have been a apple fan for some time now and I love my IPad mini, which in my opinion should have the first IPad. I would just love to see a larger IPhone but not to large that it does not fit in my pocket. If they do this it would be the perfect pair. Sent from the iMore App
  • If ppl wants bigger screens - iPad. Sent from the iMore App
  • If Apple does not release a 4.7 or larger phone this year, I may switch to another brand.
  • It will be perfect if the new iphone 6 have a larger 4.7 inches screen size !
  • I really hope the iphone doesn't get bigger or if it does they also release a 4 in one along with it. I like my pocketable 5c. I had the galaxy s3 and went back to apple for a smaller screen, believe it or not. Also because I missed iOS.
  • I will only consider buying the new iPhone if it has the same or SMALLER screen compared to iphone5. I like the height of iphone5, but it's a bit too wide for my taste. If the only options for iphone 6 are bigger screen with a flat ios, I will buy another new iphone 5 with ios6.
  • For the Samsung Galaxy S3, I jumped ship from Apple.
    I continued that with the Samsung Galaxy S4.
    Each has it Pros and Cons.
    But, bigger screen and large megapixel camera are the most important features that sold me. If Apple got a bigger screen, I might consider jumping back.
    But, I am kind of bothered by the term Larger or Bigger screen when it comes to Apple iPhones.
    In reality, Apple has not made their screens Bigger.
    They have only made their screens Taller.
    To make a screen bigger, they need to increase the height and width.
  • If my only experience with phone screen sizes had only ever been the iPhone, I could understand the opinion of wanting a bigger screen for the iPhone 6. However, having recently switched to and dealt with an Android for the past week (a Moto X), I can tell you that the small iPhone screen size isn't something done out of being conservative—it absolutely is the choice between being able to use a phone one-handed or not. 4.7 inches may not seem that large. Yet I find myself unable to reach my right thumb all the way to the upper left of the screen for common "back" button maneuvering, or even to the dedicated back button on the lower left of my device. Some people here have pointed out the fact that not everyone has the same-sized hands, which is true. But it's all about designing for tolerances: there's a very large market of small-handed users. Sure, YOUR hands might be able to handle a bigger phone, but the 5'3" woman next to you might not have that luxury. When it comes down to it, you are left with a choice: either screen size is important to you, or one-handed operation is important to you. You can't have both. Granted, Apple could make the smaller screen size a lot less painful. Why does iOS still not have a swipe-style keyboard? Typing in iOS is still, at best, an annoying experience. Predictive text replacement could also give you some choices, as Android does. I am afraid to learn that the answer is “patents,” but that's something money has always been able to solve.