If your phone is under 2 years old, Verizon's protection plan will fix your cracked screen for $29

Living in a world populated by all-glass phones is a precarious business. Though screens are getting stronger, that doesn't mean that they're impervious to accidents. Thankfully, Verizon announced today (opens in new tab) that beginning tomorrow, you can enroll any Verizon phone you've purchased within the last 24 months in their Total Mobile Protection plan and get your broken screen fixed for only $29. Best of all, you can do it whichever way is easiest for you:

Cracked screen repair comes with two convenient options: either bring it to one of 296 certified repair stores or save yourself a trip and have a certified technician meet you at your home or office in 152 cities.

Total Mobile Protection doesn't stop at cheaper screen repair, though. It covers your phone in case of damage, loss or theft, and if any of those happen to you, you can get your replacement phone delivered next-day. In addition, you'll also get expert technical support when you need help with your phone as well as more claims (up to three per year) to help keep your phone in tip-top shape.

If you want to sign up for Verizon's new protection plan, you can do so on the Verizon website (opens in new tab).

Thoughts? Questions?

If you're a Verizon customer, do you think you'll enroll in Total Mobile Protection? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

Tory Foulk

Tory Foulk is a writer at Mobile Nations. She lives at the intersection of technology and sorcery and enjoys radio, bees, and houses in small towns. When she isn't working on articles, you'll likely find her listening to her favorite podcasts in a carefully curated blanket nest. You can follow her on Twitter at @tsfoulk.

  • Save yourself a click: "Cover your account with Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device and share 9 claims on up to 3 eligible lines in 1 year. No need to register your lines until you file a claim.
    Want to protect more than 3 devices? Additional coverage is available for $9/month for each additional device and includes 3 more shared claims per 12-month period." Smartphones
    $11/mo. Basic phones
    and tablets
    $9/mo. Multi-device
    $33/mo. Additional Coverage
  • aside from that, my thoughts on this are, seems like for roughly the same price as normal phone insurance, this is a nice perk/upgrade. for those already not buying extra coverage, this isn't enticing enough to sign up for the additional monthly cost. It is progress, nonetheless.
  • Current eligible phones:
    iPhone SE, 5c/s, 6/s plus and non, 7/plus
    Galaxy S5/6/6edge/6edge+/7
    Note 4/5
    Moro droid turbo and droid maxx I wonder if they will ever support the iPhone X?
  • Total Mobile Protection is a terrible deal at lest for 3 or less phones. $11 dollars a month. Thats $132 year. 2-years of AppleCare+ is about the same price for most models. Another way to look at it - Apple will replace screens for $149. So, unless you break your screen more than once a year its cheaper just to fix your phone.