iFixDirect is an iPhone repair company based out of New York and one of their services is an aftermarket white iPhone 4 conversion. Included in the swap is replacement of the front glass, back cover, home button, LCD screen, and flash diffuser. Additionally, they boast of being the only company that replaces the speaker mesh to ensure nothing can get trapped inside and damage your phone. The conversion takes less than 24 hours and it is shipped back overnight.

When Steve Jobs first announced the white iPhone 4, I was in love and couldn't wait for one to be in my iPhone-loving hands. But my heart was soon crushed when it was delayed at launch. This wound got increasingly worse as the white iPhone 4 was delayed further and further. It wasn't long before the white iPhone 4 became nothing but a mystical device to me - until now. My black iPhone 4 has been converted to white with iFixDirect.

How is it? Photos and hands-on impressions after the break!

iFixDirect did an excellent job converting my phone. All the parts look amazing and there is no evidence that the phone was taken apart. It looks particularly beautiful with Apple's blue bumper case. One thing that should be noted is that with a white front, you can see how light is passed through the glass at the speaker and home button. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it's there and you should be aware of it.

Remember the rumor that the reason for the white iPhone 4 delay was because of light leakage? I believe this may be true. With the conversion of my iPhone to white, a little bit of light does leak from the edges of the back. It's not noticeable in a brightly lit environment, but if it's dark enough, it's obvious. I do not consider this a flaw of the the service, but a consequence of the see-through nature of the material. With that said, I use a bumper so the light leaks do not bother me one bit.

Another rumor for the delay was that the camera's flash did not behave well with the white back. I've tested many photos and have not run into a single issue. All my pictures look great.

If you've been dying to have a white iPhone 4 and plan to use a case, I recommend the iPhone 4 white color swap with iFixDirect. They do great work and offer excellent customer service. The basic conversion runs at $249 and for an additional $50, you can have the dock connector and headphone jack also switched to white. However, the good folks at iFixDirect are offering TiPb readers a 10% discount on the iPhone 4 white color swap. Just use the discount code whiteTiPb at checkout.

If you decide to get the iPhone 4 white color swap, please let us know what you think!

The iPhone 4 color swap voids your warranty with Apple. iFixDirect offers a warranty for $4.99/mo.

*iFixDirect provided converted my iPhone at no cost. However, this did


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