Igloohome smart padlockSource: Igloohome

What you need to know

  • Igloohome announced three new smart locks.
  • There's a deadbolt, padlock, and keybox.
  • All three are remotely programmable.

Igloohome has announced three new smart locks at CES and they're all remotely programmable. None of them use WiFi, either, meaning they can't be compromised by an internet-based attack.

The lack of WiFi connectivity is made possible by algoPIN Technology, which means everything is handled on-device rather than needing to talk to the internet. The only thing that connects to a server is your phone

All our products feature the unique algoPIN™ technology which lets owners grant time-sensitive PIN codes to guests anytime, anywhere via the igloohome app. There's no need for the owner to be near the lock to do this, and guests do not need to download an additional app to receive these PIN codes.

Where this really comes into play is if you're someone who gives other people access to their homes regularly, like Airbnb hosts. If that's you, Igloohome lets you create new PIN codes on the fly and you don't even need to be near the lock for it to work.

igloohome devices work offline for greater security and reliability. Unlike other Bluetooth smart locks in the market, your guests will not need to download an additional app to gain access. Our unique algoPIN™ uses technology that's similar to a banking token's One Time Password (OTP).

There are three new devices that feature this technology; a deadbolt, a padlock, and a keybox. They're all available to order now and cost $299, $109, and $189 respectively.