iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit for iPad review [Giveaway]

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The iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit allows you to secure your iPad to the seat of your vehicle to keep your little pests -- i’m mean, your sweet innocent children! -- entertained on those long drives to the grandparents house, whether it's across town, or across country.

Thanks to an adjustable, extensible holder, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit easily fits the iPad, and might even be able to scale down to fit smaller tablets depending on their exact dimensions when and if they launch...

iGrip made the Headrest Tablet Kit to be easy to position in virtually any vehicle. It's got a number of hinges and an adjustable grip. However, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is made mainly of plastic and, while it feels sturdy enough, based on my experience with similar plastics, I worry it may be too brittle to withstand the wear and tear of extended use. Especially from children.

Once attached, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit works well. Thanks to integrated rubber foam pads, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit can lock down snuggly and securely without damaging your iPad, and hold your iPad in place even over the bumps and potholes that plague our roads, especially in colder climates and less competent roadwork departments. If you've tightened all the hinges accordingly, there's not even much sway or vibration.

Because of it's open grip design, all the buttons and ports remain easily accessible on your iPad. Depending on their age and how far back the front seats are, passengers in the back can reach the Home button and touch screen interface to choose what they want to watch, and control volume and playback as well. If you have an AC adapter in the back, the Dock port can be plugged in to keep your iPad charged while you're driving, and the kids are watching. And if you're not a fan of the same shows they like, the 3.5mm headset jack can just as easily be used with headsets. Two or three kids in the back? No problem, just pick up a splitter cable and hook up multiple headsets.

The good

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to position
  • Hold iPad securely

The bad

  • Plastic isn't typically the longest-lasting material

The conclusion

Overall, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is easy to install, easy to use, and does just what you need it to do -- keep backseat passengers entertained while you're on the road. But here's the thing -- I’m not a fan of keeping my kids entertained through zombifying videos. I think the value of being together and enjoying a journey together is far, far more important. Singing, puzzling, talking, and otherwise being together without the typical distractions of our modern, digital lives is something that we enjoy as a family.

However, there are times, especially on long trips, where a little bit of video goes a long way to keeping the kids happy, and giving the drivers and other up front passengers a little peace and quiet on the road.

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Anthony Casella