iHome teams up with Amazon to bring Alexa to your bedside table

The iAVS16 may seem to follow the good old-fashioned clock radio format - LCD display, snooze button and all - but it is so much more: it can do pretty much anything that an Amazon Echo can do (no additional smart speakers necessary). You can ask for everything from the weather forecast to traffic conditions, and because the iAVS16 supports many streaming music services, you can listen to all your favorite songs as well. The company claimed in a press release that the clock is the first voice-activated Alexa-enabled clock radio from a major brand.

The alarm clock offers a plethora of cool features. It boasts far-field listening capabilities (the better to hear you with, my dear) as well as Smart Plug compatibility, so you can control all your favorite iHome Smart Plug devices. In addition to supporting streaming music services like Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora, the iAVS16 also includes programmable presets so you can play your favorite playlists or radio stations with a single touch.

iHome says that along with the LCD display, the clock will have LED lighting with unique patterns for different Alexa functions - much like Amazon Echo speakers do. However, instead of a slim light ring, the entire bottom of the device will glow. The company refers to this as "mood lighting," but some users might find it bothersome.

top view of ihome's iavs16

back view of ihome's iavs16

The iAV16 will set you back about $150, and is available for preorder on Amazon and on iHome's website.

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Tory Foulk

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