Best answer: Smart lighting fixtures continue to grow in popularity and if you're looking for an outdoor wall lantern that works with your existing Philips Hue lighting system and like the look of the Inara, by all means, buy it. Otherwise, choose from perhaps thousands of other outdoor wall lanterns and create the same setup simply by buying a separate smart bulb such as the popular Philips Hue white A19.

Beautifully designed with limited appeal

The Inara outdoor lighting fixture by Philips Hue is weatherproof and should provide years of enjoyment (each bulb is rated for 25,000 hours of use and luckily, the fixture ships with one A19 white smart bulb by Philips Hue). If you want colors, buy an A19 bulb that supports both white and color ambiance. Connecting it with a Hue Bridge gives you access to 16 million colors and other features.

Unfortunately, the Inara also has limited appeal. If you don't like how the Inara looks but are still looking for a smart outdoor lighting solution, you can make one of your own. Just find a fixture that has a protection rating of at least IP44, so you know the bulb and wires are always protected. From there, install the A19 smart bulb in any fixture with an E26 screw base.

About the A19

The white A19 bulb works with or without the separate Hue Bridge — although the Bridge will give you full access to all it has to offer. When part of your existing Philips Hue system in your home, you can use the Hue app to schedule lighting routines whenever you're away or have the lights turn on when you return. Smart bulbs from Philips Hue can also pair with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, which allows you to control them with just your voice.

Our pick

Philips Hue A19 Bulb

Endless possibilities

The A19 bulb has been designed to work in any traditional E26 screw base. It offers 25,000 hours of use during its lifetime with a color temperature of 2700K. The light becomes dimmable when used with the Hue Bridge. These type of all-in-one solutions have been designed for easy installation and use. Buy the A19 bulb, find the outdoor lighting you want and enjoy your new purchase.

If you still want it

Inara Outdoor Wall Lantern

A beautiful iconic design

If you love the look of the Inara outdoor wall lantern and are in the market for an outdoor smart lighting fixture, go and buy it. Each piece comes with an A19 white bulb. Just know you can use that bulb in a lot of other fixtures as well.

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