Incase IconConnected Power Sleeve charges your MacBook Pro while protecting it

Though there have been a couple of crowd-funding attempts to get a case that also charges your USB-C MacBook Pro, Incase is the first company I've heard of that has a finished product. Not only does the IconConnected Power Sleeve send some juice to your MacBook Pro while you're on the go, it's sleek and attractive and only adds a minimal amount of size and weight to your thin, light laptop.

The design is based on the Incase Icon, which is a sleek sleeve made from the company's specially designed neoprene outer layer and faux fur lining. It also features a protective bumper frame to help protect from damage if you drop it.

The built-in battery powers at 14,000mAh and includes a USB-C cable and charging port. It also has an external USB-A charging port so you can juice up your iPhone, iPad, or anything that has a USB-A cable. Incase notes that the case will charge the MacBook Pro from empty to full once, plus have some juice left over for some of your other gadgets.

The IconConnected Power Sleeve will be available for both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro, late 2016 and newer.

Incase doesn't have an official release date, but are expecting it to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2018 for $200.

While waiting for its release, you can check out Incase's other MacBook Pro cases, bags, and sleeves.

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