Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review


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I have just finished my stint with the Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 (hence-forth "Feather", that title is just way too long). What can I say? I like! The really thin nature of the case and the grip it provides is really nice. Plus, there are some extra benefits too. Keep reading to see all you get with this awesome case.

The first thing you will notice when you open the packaging for this case is that you get more than just a case, you also receive two surface protectors and a cleaning cloth. This is a very nice value for the price of this case ($23.95). The case itself is, as described, light and thin. It adds minimal thickness to the iPhone 4 and has a nice grip too it. I often refer to this as "grippy" plastic. Not slippery, but adds enough traction to be useful and stick in your pocket. The cut of the case is very precise. The back is completely covered except the camera and flash exposed. The case is very flush against the back with no real room for lint to enter. The sides flush as well. In fact, once you slip on the case, it can be a challenge to take it off. This, is a good thing.

The only issue with this case is that it does not protect the screen at all. For example, Apple's bumper case extends past the glass to prevent any accidental scratches, etc. So, to remedy this and make the case as thin as possible, Incipio kindly includes two surface protectors. To make it easy for you, they even include an applicator for the surface protector. The side of the case only extends to cover the height of the silver antenna, so there is still about a millimeter or so of glass exposed. Even with a screen protector, it is possible that the glass could crack if hit at the proper angle.

This is easily one of the best cases for the iPhone 4 if you like this style of case. It isn't rubber, but plastic, grips well and keeps the device thin and comes with two surface protectors. This case not only looks awesome, but protects in conjunction with the included protectors. Oh, and if you want colors, there are a whopping 12 colors to choose from.

You can find the Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 at the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store.


  • Really light and thin
  • Solid protection
  • Grippy feel
  • Lots of colors


  • Case offers no frontal protection (includes surface protectors though)

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