Infinity Blade III for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now available

Having been first teased at the September 10 iPhone event, blockbuster game title Infinity Blade III is now available to download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Siris and Isa have joined with the God-King Raidriar in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless titans. Uncover new mysteries to wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless adventure of champions and villains.

It looks amazing, and we're looking forward to seeing what it can do on the new iPhone 5s later in the week. For now, grab a beverage, wait for it to download, and get your game on. It's a pretty hefty 1.47GB in size, so make sure you've got the space before pulling the trigger.

Once you've taken it for a ride, let me know what you think.

Richard Devine

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  • 1st
  • First to publicly show yourself to be a douchebag. Congrats!
  • That's a big file.
  • 1.47 GB! Wow, I don't have that much free space.
  • That's one of the reasons why i wont be downloading it. The second is that i didnt like IB2 all that much anyway.
  • Finally its Come to App Store, I was so excited for it.
  • I can see playing this type of game on an iPad, or maybe even an iPad Mini. But on a 4" iPhone screen? Not worth it. Maybe Apple will bring over the 64-bit architecture and performance enhancements to the new iPad 5. Now THAT would make for an awesome gaming experience.
  • Apps with file sizes like these (and my very full iPhone) make me loathe the app installation process on iOS: No matter if you use iTunes to sync an app to the iPhone/iPad or download it directly from the AppStore on the device - to install an app, the free space available must be at least twice the app's size. Apparently, it copies/downloads it first, and then installs/extracts it, and therefore needs twice the app's size for the installation process.
  • I agree that it takes twice as much due to extraction but I've seen a different problem on my iPhone. I'm noticing that apps are taking up WAY more space than what the App Store says. Asphalt 8 - App Store says 885 MB, iPhone reports 1.4 GB - Pretty big diff.
    GarageBand - App Store says 584 MB, iPhone reports 709 MB
    Spongebob Moves In - App Store says 266, iPhone reports 659 MB
    Oregon Trail - App Store says 314 MB, iPhone reports 1.2 GB - Holy wow!!! These are pretty significan differences and begin affecting how full your phone is. And on Oregon & Asphalt this is the size *before* playing, so it's not save game files or anything. I wonder how big Infinity Blade III _really_ is.