Instapaper Dark Mode

What you need to know

  • Instapaper has been updated with Dark Mode support.
  • The existing Tweet Shot feature has been revamped, too.
  • The update is available for free from the App Store.

Following the recent release of iOS 13 developers have been steadily releasing app updates to add support for various new features. One of those is Dark Mode, and now Instapaper is the latest to be updated to take advantage of it.

Instapaper is available for both iPhone and iPad and has been around for as long as the App Store. Saving webpages for offline reading has always been its forte, and now you can do it in a lovely shade of black.

Today we launched Instapaper 7.8 for iOS 13. In the new version, dark mode will automatically turn on when you enable dark mode at the system level through iOS Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark mode. Disabling dark mode will return Instapaper to your non-dark mode theme. If you set your device to automatically go into dark mode, Instapaper will mirror the transition.

In addition to work on Dark Mode, the team behind Instapaper has also reworked the existing Tweet Shot feature to include support for more apps. Previously Twitter was the only app supported.

Lastly, we've expanded the "Tweet Shot" feature to be compatible with apps beyond Twitter. With the new "Share Image" option, you can now share an image of your highlight or text selection to any app (including Twitter, of course).

If all that sounds like a good time to you – and it really should – you can download Instapaper for free now.

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