International iPhone 4 carrier plans and rates

What you'll pay for an iPhone 4 on Rogers/Fido, more to come!

International carriers are finally starting to release their iPhone 4 plans and rates, and as more countries now have multiple providers and unlocked iPhones, does that mean things will be more competitive than ever?

Nope. You say monopoly, I say oligopoly, they'll still take every penny they can.

We'll post them as we find them, and if you've come across the plans and rates in your area, drop them in the comments and we'll add them here.

Canada, Rogers/Fido

Rogers/Fido has just put up a post detailing upgrade costs, along with a tool to find out what you're eligible for. In addition, they're once again offering a special $30/6GB data plan for a limited time, and are also adding a $20 option to share your iPhone 4 data with your iPad.

Now I'm no math wiz but I do know $20 for sharing data compared to $30 for doubling it doesn't sound like a great deal... yet. Let's hope Rogers improves on that asap.


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