International lineups persist for iPhone 4

I went by Apple's Canadian Flagship store this week and there was a lineup of about 100 people waiting for iPhone 4. Actually, waiting just to see if there'd be a shipment of iPhone 4 so they could lineup for those. Apple staff said it's been happening every day around 10am. Even some of the smaller stores are seeing dozens of people lining up every morning. Checking with carrier stores it was the same, only they had less stock to begin with. So did the Best Buys and other big boxes. As Apple COO Tim Cook said about the US launch a month earlier, iPhone 4 is selling out as fast as Apple can make and deliver them.

This isn't launch day. This isn't artificial supply constraints. This isn't a product that's only available in Apple Stores. This is a single phone sold in probably more places than any other phone. It's on every carrier, it's in every tele-franchise, it's in every big box.

Or it would be, if they had stock.

Curiously, Apple hasn't put out a press release with post-international launch sales numbers, but we'll keep an eye on next quarter's result.

Rene Ritchie

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