iOS 10 is the name for Apple's next generation iPhone and iPad operating system that was previewed during the WWDC 2016 keynote. iOS 10 builds upon what made iOS 9 great, adding a ton of new features.

Included in the bunch is a good number of lock screen features that include raising your phone to turn on the screen. 3D touch can be used on notifications, allowing you to perform actions right from the notification for things like accepting calendar invites or responding to messages. You can easily clear all of your notifications in the dropdown with one tap as well. Control Center gets a redesign, adding in a special area for music controls complete with full album art.

Camera? Widgets? Still there! Swipe right to quickly open the camera, left to open and interact with your widgets.

Plenty more to come from iOS 10 as it nears release, so don't go too far!