How would you change iPad multitasking?

The original iPad ran "iPhone OS", which shows how tightly coupled Apple's tablets have been with their phones. A few multitasking navigation gestures aside, it remained that way until iOS 9 introduced several new features specifically for the iPad. That includes slide over and split view apps, and picture-in-picture video. They're a huge step forward, but also a first step. So what would you like to see changed in iOS 10?

  • More efficient app switcher for slide over and secondary (right) apps.
  • More consistent app switcher for split view and primary (left) apps.
  • Ability to quickly swap apps from primary (left) to secondary (right).
  • Drag-and-drop content between primary (left) and secondary (right) apps.
  • 30/70 split view with narrow primary (left) app.
  • 50/50 split view in portrait mode.
  • Horizontal split view for portrait mode.
  • Multiple instances of same app (i.e. two Safari windows) in split view.
  • Picture-in-picture-style remote view for apps.

I've long wanted iPad to benefit from iPadOS the way Watch and TV benefit from watchOS and tvOS. Multi-app multitasking brings that dream closer to reality, at least for apps if not for Home screen.

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The challenge is to do it in such a way that it maintains accessibility and approachability for the mainstream. That adds capability without undue complexity. But iOS 10 (iOS X) is less than a year away, so what do you want from multi-app multitasking?