What you need to know

  • Adoption of iOS 13 up to 20% in first week.
  • Slightly ahead of iOS 12 after the same period.
  • iOS 12 previously had a 93% share.

A report from Mixpanel today shows that after just one week, adoption of iOS 13 on both iPad and iPhone is up to 20%, despite the fact that iPad OS 13.1 only came out on Tuesday. The figures show that since its release on 19 September, iOS 13 has accrued 20.27% adoption as of 9:00am UTC today. iOS 12 is down from a 92.10% share to 74.59%.

Considering that iOS 13 has been really quite buggy to begin with, that's a fairly impressive statline. It is likely that adoption will increase markedly now that Apple has realeased update 13.1 to take care of the very earliest teething problems that have come to light since the new software's release. As 9to5 Mac notes, there is also a disparity in when new software is released and when users are prompted to update. This means that once users start getting notifications advising them that their new software is ready, adoption will probably spike again.

At keynote events, Apple always take immense pride in how successfully it pushes out each software launch in order to avoid fragmentation, both iOS 12's share up to September 19, and the quick initial uptake of iOS 13 are testament to that. Spare a thought for the 5.14% in the "Older" category.