iOS 13 beta testers question software's quality ahead of launch

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This month, Apple is expected to unveil a trio of new iPhones, as well as release the consumer version of iOS 13. With features like Dark Mode, revamped Reminders, and pro-level camera tools, there's a lot to look forward to in Apple's new mobile update. Unfortunately, developers are questioning the software's quality after a buggy beta period.

By its very nature beta software is in a constant state of repair, so problems are expected to arise. Even "finished" software exhibits its fair share of bugs. However, iOS 13's beta cycle appears to be particularly bad, with several testers questioning what shape the final software will be in by the time it's released.

Almost the moment the first beta of iOS 13 became available complaints started flooding in: crashes, broken apps, absent features. And it doesn't appear things have improved much over the past several weeks.

The experience is apparently so bad that one developer wondered if Apple would ship its new iPhones with a version of iOS 12 instead of iOS 13. It's not likely this will happen, but the developer's question underscores just how problematic the iOS 13 betas have been.

Even Apple seems eager to move beyond iOS 13. The company has already released the first beta for iOS 13.1, which appears to include some features that likely won't be ready in time for the initial rollout of iOS 13.

Less than a month before iOS 13 is expected to be available, people continue to comment on how bad the beta experience is. Searching "iOS 13 buggy" on Twitter returns a litany of complaints, and they don't end.

However, it's not all bad. Some people are reporting a pleasant experience with iOS 13. Others are noting how bugs are par for the course; Apple will (hopefully) get its act together by the time iOS 13 launches. People are also recalling the tumultuous beta cycle for iOS 7, which was a disaster up until the GM.

Bugs are a familiar part of software development, whether that software is in beta or ready for consumer use. But if iOS 13 is really in as bad a shape as testers say, you might want to consider holding off a few days, or even weeks, before installing the update once it becomes available.

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