iOS 13 could add a new way to transfer data between iPhones

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iPhone XS with purchased apps hide button (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Hidden within the third iOS 13 developer beta is artwork for a new way to trasnfer data between iPhones.
  • The art work suggests you'll be able to plug in two iPhones directly to transfer data.
  • Though the art work is found in the new developer beta, the feature is not available at the moment.

Apple could be introducing a new way to transfer data between two iPhones in iOS 13. According to 9to5Mac, code changes within the third developer beta for iOS 13 seems to hint at transferring data between iPhones using a wired connection.

Currently, the only way to transfer data between two iPhones is via iCloud backup or iTunes backup. The former is the wireless method and the latter requires your phone plugged in to your computer. The third method found in the iOS 13 beta suggests Apple could make it possible to plug two iPhones together and transfer the data.

New artwork for the set up process in iOS 13 shows two iPhones being connected for the transferring of data.

However, once the feature was discovered, 9to5Mac tried to activate the feature by resetting the device but the option never showed up during the set up process. It's unclear if Apple is just toying with the idea or if it is something it will actually release with iOS 13.

For starters, transferring data with a wire is a step back from the current solution, though it is probably more reliable. Second, Apple doesn't sell Lightning to Lightning cables, which would be the cable required to make the transfer possible between iPhones given their port.

Only time will tell if Apple does implement the feature. At best, we could have another way of transferring data between iPhones, and at worst, if Apple passes on the feature, nothing will really change.

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Danny Zepeda