iOS 13 is going a little crazy with the nickname suggestions

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iPhone XR hero image (Image credit: iMore)

Now that the iOS 13 (both developer and public) are in full swing and in many devices, including some of ours, we're starting to notice a few odd quirks with it. Of course, that was to be expected because it is a beta after all, but still, these quirks are downright hilarious. Take for instance, Game Center's nickname suggestions.

First spotted by iOS developer Steve Moser, Game Center in iOS 13 now lets you add a nickname. That's innocent and all, but it wasn't until he tapped on the section to add a nickname that he was greeted with some truly terrible, or amazing, nicknames by way of the keyboard.

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"Wealthy Frogman from Puce Hill" and "Discrete Bear of Blue City" were the two he was greeted with, but he wasn't the only one. User M.G. Siegler tried his luck after he saw Moser's tweet and he was greeted with "Fierce Beetle from Hairy Abbey" and "Easy Scout of Tiny Land."

If that doesn't liven up your day, then you're probably dead inside. That's utterly hilarious and goes to show how dumb AI can be sometimes. But at least we get a great laugh out of it.

If you happen to be running iOS 13 beta on your phone, head on over to Game Center in the Settings and try your luck with the nickname suggestions. Let us know how it goes.

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