iOS 14 runs on 80% of all iPhones, says Apple

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How to use widgets on your iPhone Home screen (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

What you need to know

  • iOS 14 runs on 80% of all active iPhones.
  • That's according to the latest official figures from Apple.
  • 86% of iPhones introduced in the last four years use iOS 14.

New official figures from Apple have revealed 80% of all active iPhones run iOS 14, and that the figure is even higher for iPhones introduced in the last four years.

In figures posted to its developer support pages Apple states:

86% of all devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 14.

From those figures, a further 12% run iOS 13, with only 2 percent of iPhones introduced in the last four years running an OS older than iOS 13.

For all iPhones, 80% of active devices use iOS 14, again 12% run iOS 13, and only 8% run an OS older than iOS 14.

The figures for iPadOS 14 are remarkably similar. 84% of iPad devices introduced in last four years run iPadOS 14, with a further 14% running iPadOS 13, and 2% running an older version. For all iPads, the figures are 70%, 14%, and 16% respectively.

Apple says the figures are taken from the App Store as of February 24, 2021. They are a remarkable testament to Apple's continued support for its devices post-launch, and Apple users have come to expect years of software for their devices should they choose not to upgrade regularly.

With iOS 14 Apple introduced a heap of new improvements to the iPhone including Widgets, picture-in-picture video, improvements to Maps, Safari, Privacy, Siri, a new Translate app, options for third-party apps, and a lot more. You can read all about iOS 14 in its entirety in our guide here.

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