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What you need to know

  • iOS 14.2 has added new features for Shazam on the iPhone.
  • The update will allow users to discover music using Shazam through Control Center.
  • Doing so will enable users to identify music playing from multiple sources on their iPhone.

Reported by MacRumors, the new iOS 14 beta that rolled out last week contains a new way to discover music not only happening around, but on your iPhone as well.

The outlet posted a video to YouTube showing off the new feature, which allows users to add Shazam to Control Center. Before this, users would primarily use Shazam through the app or through Siri. In iOS 14.2, users will be able to add it to Control Center and then, when music is playing that you are interested in identifying, tap the Shazam icon.

Once the song is identified, the iPhone will deliver the result as a push notification that you can either tap to be taken into Safari or the Shazam app, or long press to get a direct link to Apple Music.

Including Shazam in Control Center will not only allow everyone to identify music playing around them, but on their iPhone as well. Using Siri pauses whatever you have playing on your iPhone, but using Shazam through Control Center allows the audio to continue playing, so you'll be able to listen to and identify music playing through something like Safari, YouTube, or a movie.

It is still unknown when iOS 14.2 will roll out to the public, but those on the beta can try it now. You can check out the video from MacRumors to see how Shazam in Control Center will work when iOS 14.2 is released!