Iphone Wallpapers Ios 14.2 Beta 4 Lock ScreenSource: MacRumors

What you need to know

  • Apple has released iOS 14.2 Beta 4 to developers.
  • The new beta includes new wallpapers for the iPhone.
  • The wallpapers are both photorealistic and drawn and support Light and Dark Mode.

iOS 14.2 has been available in beta for developers since September 17, and Apple is now up to the fourth beta version of the update. The latest beta update has brought something unexpected to the iPhone - new wallpapers!

Reported by MacRumors, the release of the iOS 14.2 Beta 4 to developers has added a new collection of wallpapers for the iPhone.

Iphone Wallpapers Ios 14.2 BetaSource: MacRumors

The two photorealistic images seem to focus on a desert environment. The one image of the tree seems to be the same one that Apple used to demo the three cameras on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro at the device's event.

The drawn images focus more on the beach and coastal highway.

MacRumors has put together all of the new wallpapers available from the iOS 14.2 Beta 4 in a Google Drive for download. It is unclear when iOS 14.2 will be available to the public, so feel free to download the wallpapers now if you want to try them out early. Keep in mind that they will not, however, support switching between Light and Dark Mode.