iOS 8 kills iPhoto and forces a messy transition to Photos

One consequence of upgrading to iOS 8: You're no longer going to be able to use the iOS version of iPhoto. From here on out you're supposed to use Photos. What's worse, it may be a very painful transition if you invested in some of iPhoto's features. Read on for details.

It's an ex-parrot

Apple's made no secret of its intent to move away from iPhoto. The company announced at WWDC this past June that iPhoto and Aperture are being discontinued on the Mac in favor of a Mac version of it Photos app, which is due in early 2015. Still, iPhoto on the Mac will still work when OS X Yosemite is released — Apple has pledged to keep it running at least through OS X 10.10.

By comparison, upgrading to iOS 8 is the end of the line for iPhoto on iOS altogether. Trying to launch the application after upgrading your device with iOS 8 simply produces an error message: "iPhoto is not supported on iOS 8. Your photos and image adjustments will be preserved in Photos."

You're allowed to migrate your iPhoto library to Photos or cancel, but using iPhoto under iOS 8 simply doesn't work.

Potentially painful transition

Photos in iOS 8 includes new editing tools that were clearly inspired by much of iPhoto's functionality, but the transition isn't seamless. If you used iPhoto to create Photo Books, Web Journals and Slideshows, for example, they're converted into regular albums in Photos. The text and the layouts from those projects is out the window.

Apple has detailed the move in a support note (opens in new tab) posted to their web site.

Migrating your iPhoto library adds any photos that aren't already in Photos, and image adjustments made in iPhoto are included. What's more, iPhoto image adjustments made to photos synced from iTunes will be retained, after a fashion: A duplicate of each photo is made in Photos, with adjustments applied. There are some other gotchas, too, outlined at the Apple support note I linked above.

This transition from iPhoto to Photos is the latest example of a recurring philosophy we see practiced by Apple: The company is willing to impose some short-term discomfort on customers to suit their long-term vision.

In fairness to Apple, digital photography has changed a lot since iPhoto was developed, even iPhoto for iOS. It never played well with iCloud integration and syncing — those features were bolt-on and poorly integrated. Forcing a change to Photos enables Apple to streamline its customers' digital photo workflow.

This sure ain't magical

The problem is that Apple hasn't done a great job — or any job, really — of communicating these changes to us, their customers. Most people jumping on iOS 8 are just finding out about this now, after it's too late to do anything about it. After all, you can't downgrade to iOS 7 once you've upgraded to iOS 8. Upgrading your iOS device to a new operating system is, and long has been, a one-way trip.

Apple pays a lot of lip service to the customer experience. The phrase we've heard Tim Cook use over and over again is "surprise and delight." In this context, "surprise and delight" is worse than a joke. And there's certainly no magic in it either, another favorite descriptor of Cook's. It's an insult.

Some iPhoto users have used the app to remember and share special moments of their lives — vacations, kids' birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Apple has suddenly made iPhoto obsolete, and worse, its replacement won't allow us to keep everything we've made.

The photos are intact, at least. If we've bothered to delve into using any of iPhoto's other features besides photo cataloging and adjustments however, we've essentially wasted our time. Apple is either unable or unwilling to make it work.

Short term pain, long term gain

If you're a Mac user, you've seen Apple's "short term pain for long term gain" gameplan in action fairly recently, when Apple radically revamped its iWork apps in late 2013 — Pages, Numbers and Keynote got major new builds that sacrificed features and functionality in order to improve document workflow with their iOS counterparts. Apple has done it with iMovie, too. Not to mention Final Cut, its pro video editing software.

It's never easy, and it's going to cause frustration for some of us who have invested a lot of time and effort to produce great content using iPhoto, but unfortunately Apple's not giving us any choice in the matter. It's iOS 8 or bust.

Your thoughts?

Are you mad at Apple for disallowing iPhoto to work in iOS 8? Are you happy with the transition? Tell me what you think about this latest twist in the comments.

  • I never liked iPhoto. I am glad they are pulling it away!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Agreed. It was sort of confusing to say the least. I use Afterlight religiously on my iPhone now.
  • I'm pretty sure Afterlight resizes everything you edit to 3MP or so (2048x1536, IIRC), which is just too aggressive to be useful to me. I've used Flickr a bit and their filters were surprisingly good - I was shocked at how good the images turned out. I think I'm going to go back to using them because I'm tired of "searching" for a decent app/service to use.
  • I have Yosemite and after downloading the new photo app. that cancels out iPhoto, my Adobe Photoshop keeps crashing. Talk about a pain and relearning curve! Any suggestions as to how to correct my PhotoShop issue? Grrrrr!
  • Yeah right, now you can't control contrast or shadows or a million other features if had and this is just turning my desktop into another iPhone. F#&*%&%K YOU APPLE!
  • It's a shame. My mom, who is far from computer-savvy, bought herself an iPad and has used it to make prints and books from iPhoto for iOS. Now I have to hope she doesn't upgrade it by mistake, or she'll lose the hard work she's done in the several months she's put into it.
  • I wish I could still make photo books - such wonderful products. I noticed on iOS 8, the promise that photo albums created on one device will sync to another does not appear to be working. Is that coming later? Sent from the iMore App
  • I can't get my head around how you get all your photos back on your phone if you didn't have iPhoto. If I want to sync with iTunes it's not supported as I'm on iCloud Photo Library. How on earth do you put dozens of albums into the iCloud photo library? Sent from the iMore App
  • Live with it, or migrate back to Windows. Sigh. Sent from the iMore App
  • Should offer a refund.. :P
  • Yeah I agree! If you are made pay for something they shouldn't take it away with out offering a refund to the ones who paid for it!
  • Request refund from Apple. or file for tribunal claim. They can do it. I liked iPhoto. Apple cannot do whatever it wish to a paid app from itself!
  • I used it on my Mac because it was free, and slightly better organization than just dumping everything in folders. I never liked or used it on iOS. Not sad to see it go; hopefully they do a good job when they ditch it on OSX.
  • I must not be the target reader of this article. I never liked how iPhoto was the photo archive in OS X but it was just a limited editing tool that also provided storage of files outside of the Photos app. This will eliminate confusion for users once iPhoto is dumped. Sent from the iMore App
  • The migration has crashed my photos app and I'm stuck. Hopefully I don't have to do a full system reset, but it's looking that way.
  • The times I've used iPhoto for iOS I found it less intuitive than the Photos app, & I deleted it ages ago as the features gined weren't worth the space it took up on my phone.
  • I had the iPhoto app on my iPhone/iPad but didn't do more than dabble with it so this really doesn't effect me. Still it's a blow to folks who did make use of iPhoto and really isn't very Apple-like. Surely can't blame people for being angry about this change especially since it wasn't clear prior to upgrading to iOS8.
  • It's a shitty way to handle the no-choice transition. I made the transition and it's a pure mess. Apple can do things like this because they know the majority of Apple users think anything Apple does is best.
  • I hit the Migrate button and then deleted the app. Rest in peace old friend. Sent from the iMore App
  • I need my option back to share with to remove geotagging!!!!!
    It's BAD Apple... Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks Peter, for your perceptive article. Personally, I found the old desktop iPhoto to be worthless, but once I encountered it on the iPad Air, I thought, NOW, they've got their act together. iOS 7 iPhoto wasn't perfect, but it was a quick and tool-rich program for me to enhance my photos w/o too much fuss. The brushes alone were worth the program. Now, with Photos (a dull name for a duller program), it's so dumbed down as to be as worthless as the old iPhoto. I mean, if they had transferred the tool lineup to Photos, I wouldn't be raging. I doubt St. Steve (Jobs) would've tolerated this kind of 'f-you' action. My only hope is that the first upgrade (how about this afternoon?), will restore the excellent tool controls (with maybe some added ones?). Then I'll happily quit bitching about this matter.
  • I have the app on my iPhone to allow for changing the exposure on a picture and do manual rotations. I know the latter is available natively in Photos on iOS 8, but is the former? The descriptions about exposure adjustments (that I have seen) have all been about in the Camera app before taking the picture, not the Photos app after taking the picture. Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhoto in iOS 7 had a surprising array of adjustment tools that to me were pretty amazing. Exposure, saturation, a whole bunch of brushes (especially for sharpening), and other PhotoShop-type must-haves. Photos is for bozos - or, so as not to insult, people who don't care or don't need such tools.
  • I would add that I'm doing my photo stuff on an iPad Air (large retina), and not an iPhone.
  • I sold my original iPad last year and have been only using my iPhone 5S. I am getting a 6+ because I miss the larger size of the iPad, but didn't want to go that big anymore. I was actually going to get a iPad Mini Retina whenever they update it (likely October), but now I won't have to. I could always use my girlfriend's iPad 4, but that's usually not around when I want to tweak photos. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would go so far as saying they are bozos, but yes, iPhoto for iOS has way more functionality than Photos for iOS 7. However, the two I use the most are exposure control and manual rotation. The latter is available natively in iOS 8, is the former? Come 9/19, I will be using an iPhone 6+, so I won't have the option of using iPhoto. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes agreed, I found iPhoto to be the most functional of all the photo editors I tried. I'm upset that it is gone. Finally liberating the iPad form the misery of the initial itunes /iPhoto desktop synch with Airdrop, Photostream and other cloud apps such as Onedrive. What do you think is the best iPhoto replacement with adjustments for saturation, blemish removal ect.
  • Nooooo ! That was the best app they offered and Photos doesn't even come close. WTF Apple ? Meanwhile iPhoto sucks on the Mac but there's no update in sight to sync with Photos.
    BTW what were they thinking making Control Center so FUUUGLY in iOS 8 ? I want my perfect tested look, now it looks like a separate element designed by people that haven't seen iOS 7. And why does Bold text settings make everything so insanely HUGE ? Waiting for iOS 8.1 fix.
  • I never fully used iPhotos iOS because it didn’t effectivley sync with anything…even the metadata and changes you did in it would not sync unless you “baked them in” by saving the file back to the camera roll. That said, I so wished that the Photos app was more like iPhoto - it’s clear to me that iPhoto was a pseudo-beta test for what Apple was wanting to put in Photos. The main thing I wanted to be able to do on my phone is apply keyword tags to my photos, as I take them - and iPhoto iOS actually dealt with applying them really well (keeping them with the image outside iPhoto iOS was another story though). iOS felt like a front end app for the iOS iCloud Photo Library (with non-destructive edits & sidecar metadata files) that was released way before that backend was in place. Now that they have the backend…they are gettting rid of the “advanced” version of Photos app. I have been looking for a keyword solution on my iPhone for years, almost got it with iPhoto, and now get to see it taken away. Bummer.
  • True, the sync trap was a hassle. But worse, I fell for the iCloud upgrade trap when loading iOS 8: now my cloud stuff is only usable with other iOS 8 - and Yosemite! Thanks Timmy!
  • Use Flickr.
  • Will my photos still import to iPhoto on my computer after the upgrade (Via iCloud?) If not, screw iOS 8...
  • Yes, they will.
  • But you cannot edit on iphoto anymore on your phone! iphoto is gone once you update to 8. who wants to run to your computer to edit photos that you take on your phone?
  • Kinda sucks. Back when it was available I did think that merging the 2 would be a good idea, but the way it was done I'm not happy with. I did use the iPhoto features like Journals & its editing features down to simple features like the EXIF data.
    At the very least the iPhoto icon should replace the Photos icon.
  • Agreed. Maybe Apple thought the iPhoto tools were 'too intimidating', or something. Sure, we can get other photo apps, but I confess, I liked the 'comfort zone' of iPhoto, tucked right in as an alternative to the more basic Photos. In this era of having it all, you CAN'T have it all.
  • I never used iPhoto for iOS and only used the Mac version to store images. Always seemed clunky to me. Never liked it so no big deal to me!
  • Well, those journals created in iPhoto weren't just a bunch of pictures. They were captioned photos, travel notes, maps, bits of poetry, etc., all thoughtfully laid out to be enjoyed for years to come. For a lot of people who stored them in iPhoto and unknowingly loaded OS8, it's like Apple just arbitrarily tore up their memories.
  • I quite agree!!
  • Yes blindly followed and updated to OS8 - all captions, notes etc lost forever. I really liked the functionality of i-photo, simple to use for us non-nerds.
  • I think it's true that what they have done here is a bit dodgy, and that they haven't considered the edge cases of consumers who don't actually want this but ... I still think the author is making a big deal out of it only because it seems to directly affect him. There are many little things like this in Apple's ecosystem, that we simply never hear about because it doesn't affect a huge number of users, or mostly because it doesn't actually bother any tech press journalists. My favourite is the fact that it is almost impossible to NOT use "Game Centre." As someone who couldn't give a rat's behind about "scores" and how I complete the few games I have compared to someone else, I find Game Centre to be a constant annoyance. Like the Photos transition, I was never asked if I wanted Game Centre, I was never given the option to opt out of it, and it takes an irritating amount of detailed work to get rid of it's data trail. You don't hear about this, only because most folks are in favour of using Game Centre. In short, Apple does this crap all the time and always has. This time it affects the author and he is rightly pissed about it, but it ain't nothing new.
  • Downgrading from IOS8 to IOS7.1.2 is possible. I did it.
    I liked making webjourrnals with iPhoto. Now I have saved them via iTunes. What are the alternatives for making webjournals?
  • Google+ Stories? Samsung Story Album? Flickr lets you print some nice books from there (Samsung Story Album as well). Not sure where else to do Web Journals unless you want to pay for Lightroom or Creative Cloud and use their Web Journaling features.
  • I don't get why they'e done this. iPhoto for iOS was pretty damn powerful for a mobile app. Photos in iOS8 on the other hand, is incredibly basic and lacking virtually all of the features iPhoto had. This is a stupid move devoid of logic.
  • I think it's the fact that they all stood up there at WWDC extolling the wonders of photos without being honest about the camera roll. They should be upfront and explain why they do things. Sent from the iMore App
  • Anyone know how to delete individual text messages in iOS 8? I can't seem to find it. It only gives me the option to "Delete All" :/ Sent from the iMore App
  • Good article but maybe if youget a chance, can you look into what happens if you can't upgrade to Yosemite? Clearly, I can't run PHOTOS - what are the options then? Thanks.
  • I uninstalled iPhotos 'cause it doubled my photos inside the app in my iMac and Macbook using twice the space needed just like iTunes does to musics. Thank God they decided to shut it down.
    The problem is that I have six videos I uploaded to my iCloud Photo Sharing and now without the iPhotos I can't move it anywhere, either I delete it or leave it there.
  • I happened to read the fine print this morning and chose not to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8. Instead I spent the whole day trying to find out if there's a way to save my many iPhoto Journals. I created them on my iPad and saved them as webpages in iCloud, but it sounds like those webpages will go away after the upgrade. Is that accurate? Also I saved them to my desktop using iTunes file share, but it is not clear to me how to make them usable now. Each journal became a set of files but do not open in any usable form. Is there anyway to preserve access to the iCloud webpages or to view the journal from the iTunes file? It was always a pain to have iPhoto and Photos be separate apps on my iOS devices but iPhoto is a powerful tool and to destroy it makes no sense. Better to have kept iPhoto and ditched Photos. It's been a very sad and troubling day for much work about to be destroyed.
  • When you click the index.html file, the webbrowser starts the iPhoto journal.
  • That worked! Thank you so much!
  • Agreed! Why would they get rid of iphoto for photos?? Photos cannot really do anything!! Should have dropped photos and put into iphotos.
  • I never used iPhoto so this doesn't affect me. In fact, the new system of backing up user-created albums to iCloud Drive is one of the most exciting developments for me. I don't categorize my photos by time, place or person but by theme (I'm a researcher/journalist and a lot of my reference material is photographic) and until now had to organise my photos in Dropbox folders. Finally everything will sync seamlessly!
  • This makes me so mad!!! I had many photo journals from vacations with tons of memories in iphoto. Why in hell could they not have told us so we could have moved them or done something??!! This, to me, is not what I expect from Apple!!!
  • Ok, this is an update to my earlier reply. I migrated since that was all I could do. Actually it turned out better than I thought.
  • Discussting!
    I am a professional using the new d810 and such. Recently I sold all my Mac hardware to buy an iPad, this amazing device with iPhoto, even though it's a portable device I found iPhoto to be so advanced that I could leave my computer behind.
    After ios8 apple have also slowed down sd card imports to 1 hour per photo :/ so now I'm let with an iPad i can't use and the hard walk and costly transition back to iMac :( I spen over an hour on the phone to apple support who said "go buy an old iPad" "go buy an iMac" or look for a third party app like iPhoto" Worst customer service ever, would really love to leave apple for good.
  • I agree. I want to leave at this point as well. I have been using Apple products for years.
  • One on hand, I appreciate a company that's willing to drop obsolete technology to pave the way for something better and more forward looking. I think it's worthwhile to deal with some loss of features in the short term to more quickly migrate to a better product that will eventually far surpass its predecessor. On the other hand, I don't get why Apple has such difficulty communicating the details of these transitions and helping their customers plan around them. FCPX was a classic example. The new version was a revolutionary step forward in usability and performance, and within a year Apple restored the missing functionality. But they royally screwed up by forcing an abrupt transition and failing to adequately explain to their users what sort of transition timeline to expect. For Photos, they should lay out the roadmap for what users will be able to do and when, followed by thoughtful suggestions for users to migrate their image libraries and workflows.
  • What I am most upset in this is that I will no longer be able to create and post web journals with pictures, text, maps and weather etc to my friends. I am hoping that Apple will provide a way to continue my photojournaling (I have made over a dozen and they are much revered by the hundred or so followers I have) or at least find a program that will alow me to do so.
  • Hello. Face the same issue than you I did about 30 photojournals I have them on my hard disk but I loved the option to create them easily on iPad and then upload to share with friends
    Did you found any other app to do so?
  • Hello. I face the same issue than you I did about 30 photojournals I have them on my hard disk but I loved the option to create them easily on iPad and then upload to share with friends
    Did you found any other app to do so?
  • I could say a lot, but I will limit myself to four points. (1) I too had no idea that iOS iPhoto was being killed until AFTER I had upgraded to iOS 8. It is inexcusable for Apple to deceive us in this way. (2) I actually used iOS iPhoto quite a bit for editing; it has features such as brushes that are lacking on OS X iPhoto. I am annoyed that such functions have been taken away; they are not in iOS Photos. I hope OS X Photos does not similarly remove features that are in OS X iPhoto today. (3) Apple STILL hasn't fixed the bug that prevents upload of video clips to Flickr on iOS; I was really hoping this would be in iOS 8. Flickr considers video clips to be "long photos" and I agree. (4) I have over 40,000 photos in my OS X iPhoto library; I hope Apple tests the migration of such libraries to OS X Photos much more thoroughly than what has passed for testing at Apple in recent years. There will be a lot of irate users if they don't. The poor migration from iOS iPhoto to Photos does not augur well.
  • I must say that I was not impressed to find (without prior warning) that iPhoto was gone. Fortunately, I had always done my editing and albums on my Mac, using my iPhone as a camera to input photos via iCloud. Hence the migrate function was just a messy, time consuming event for me. The time I had spent with my family to learn the use of Camera Roll and Photo Stream, was also wasted. IOS 8 is another great move by Apple, but I expected better of them in regard to the iPhoto change.
  • IM LIVID!!!! I am a photographer and used this app on my iphone to edit, every single day as I travel and I am on the road and do not have my iMac with me when I travel. I purchased this app and they just basically took it from me. The brushes, to retouch and sharpen, lighten and darken for just certain areas, were something that now other photo app can do. There is NOTHING to replace it out there. I wish I had been warned before I upgraded. I hate Apple right now.
  • Someone needs to develop something exactly like iphoto in another app. I think I paid $6.00 for the app? I would easily pay again and more for an app that could do the same thing.
  • I liked iPhoto web-journal!
    I have used it for a long time and have all my memories in photos and text stored in this web-journals. For me it was very chocking, when I upgraded to IOS 8 and after that read, that I was unable to use IPhoto - and most of all - unable to get/ to see my webjournals.
    Earlier this year we contacted Apple support because we were not sure, that the journals from the Ipad were backuped. After a while we got the answer, that if we made the back-up to Itunes on our Mac Mini- we couldn't loose our web-journals. We have made the back-ups to the Mac Mini via Time Machine to the Air Capsule. We wanted to be sure, that we couldn't loose our iPhoto web-journals.
    We think, that Apple should have given a warning before we updated to IOS8 and they MUST find a way we can get our web-jounals back. We have lost lots of memories and hundreds of hours of work. It is impossibel for me to re-establish the content. What can I do? Apple has the responsibilty for this problem.
  • Hello did you find a program to create new photojournals like the one from iPhoto i loved it and I am frustrated
  • Hello. I face the same issue than you I did about 30 photojournals I have them on my hard disk but I loved the option to create them easily on iPad and then upload to share with friends
    Did you found any other app to do so?
  • iPhoto has always been a love/hate with me. When it came out it said it could work with 250,000 images...BS...I have 38,000 and it is pathetic....BUT it was the best and most integrated peace of software I own...Adobe doesn't do a great job of filing iPhoto did. I AM NOT SAD TO SEE IT GO....BUT VERY ANGRY that it won't be compatible with the NEXT NEW THING that APPLE brings to the moneyed teen market while ignoring the work a day world who are paying the taxes. APPLE has lost its focus and it edge...sure MILLIONS OF iPHONE 6 is great for business but we have to keep playing leap frog every 6 months....INSTEAD OF TAKING THE TIME TO TEST AND BETA AND REMOVE THE GLITCHES ETC...AND MAKE A SOLID PRODUCT THAT DOESN'T BEND and leave its loyal users [over 2 decades] twisting in the wind. NOVELTY and COMPLACENCY is not the mantra that Jobs had in mind...but when he was sick the mini minds took is being question...but as OBAMA said: "We must ask not just 'Is it profitable?' but 'Is it right?'"
  • iPhoto gone. Weeks of work sorting photos on iPad into albums, tags setting up groups, presentations all GONE. FKing Unreal. No way back, no warning. If the update carried over all this Work into Photos then ok, but the FU attitude is beyond belief. What's next to go, Notes, Pages or a host of other Aps. A lesson learned don't depend on apps, put your data and photos into folders on one drive (rock solid). Arrange sort and edit within this drive and your data and photos is always there. iPhoto is (was) a big app to disappear and all the work we put into it, what about the smaller aps we rely on, can they disappear as well in updates to come. YES THEY WILL.
  • I am upset about Apples approch. They cannot take paid App away in general. A key reason to by an expensive iPad was to work on my fotos while being on the move and now a crucial element disappeared! iPhoto allowed to compare like 2-4 pictures and select the best one. Important and unique! A coole Apple idea, very userfiendly. But behind all their tons of money they lost sight of customers like me .... Put all apps generating revenue into a folder "never touch again". Do you know an alternative to the picture sorting workflow of iPhoto?
  • I don't think this would have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive.
    He not only had a vision for technology; he had a heart and soul and cared for human beings.
    How could "groovy" Apple do this to us now--and get away with it? Unfortunately, I don't see any answers in these postings, either.
    Sad face
  • One thing is that some like or accept the change from Iphoto to Photo. This is acceptable, but it is NOT acceptable to STEAL 3 years work. 3 years documentation of or life and travels. Documentation which we should like to see on our AppleTV / Mac later in our life.
    THIS is not a professionel company, which do such thing. This is marketing and many companies nearly die doing so. The get a short benefit but inthe long run they loose.
    SO Apple is perhaps not a company for the long-turn investment. SORRY!!!
    But perhaps will help customers to restore their JORNALS - then tell us or you have stolen our work! H. Peter Rask
  • I still can't believe that Apple did this. I used iphoto all the time. It was very basic, but it was all I needed. There should have been some warning, which would have allowed me to wait on the ios 8 update. Bad move.
  • Hi. Did you find a Photo Editing App similar to iPhoto yet?
  • iMore and everyone else here, please help me. I'm an iPhoneographer, a devoted one. My prowess is taking really cool shots from my iPhone. Yet, my go-to photo editing app had been disabled. Ever since, my shots are just not at par with what iPhoto app could do with them. Please help me, what is an alternative app with functionality like the BRUSH of iPhoto, wherein, I can manually edit softness, sharpness and many more. Thank you!!!!
  • The sad part is i have 30,000 photos on iPhoto. Having just upgraded to the new IOS SOFTWARE i noticed all my edits were gone. When i selected migrate from iPhoto thats when the trouble began. Itf your importing 20,000 photos and the migration process is going to make a copy of each one you are screwed. My 128 gb iPad ran out of memory and now after a restore the iPad won't sync at all. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DOWNLOAD THIS NEW SOFTWARE! Its a nightmare that could make windows 8 look good. I had been a loyal apple guy for 10 years. I have an iMac, iPad, i phone, i pod, and now its time to go. Apple has lost their way. There doesn't appear to be any viable solution. I will have to find another photo program and buy an android tablet.
  • After doing some housekeeping in Aperture, the next time I synced my iPad, which was today, I found the images I deleted had not been removed from Photos in IOS 8.1.
    I'll not be giving iCloud Photo Library a test drive until it's out of Beta and had a further incremental update.
    In IOS 7.1 every thing was sound, now I wish I hadn't been an early adopter of 8.1.
  • Really, really, really unhappy about this change.. iPhoto is the only Photo Editing App I use, and now, I'm searching for a Photo Editing App that is similar to iPhoto, couldn't find one. Can someone please give me a suggestion, what app is similar to iPhoto? I am looking for the brushes that can Saturate, Sharpen a part of the photo. Thank You.
  • :::WAH sad face :(
    I wish Steve Jobs was still alive.
    My 25000 pix are suffering and now I am too.
    I loved iphoto, because it worked for me!
  • So true
  • I liked iPhoto a lot and I didn't know iPhoto wouldn't be supported with ios8 before I downloaded the upgrade. it's a damn shame though I really liked some of the features.
  • Hey does anybody found a solution or similar app to crest web journals fortunately I did not lost my as I backed them up to my of but it was a great tool which I used a lot and need something similar to create webphoto journals like the one we had in iphoto
  • Had I known iPhoto for iOS was going to be obliterated by the installation of iOS8 I would not have "upgraded?" to iOS8. iOS8 was/is an upgrade for Apple's strategic purposes, but it brought nothing additionally useful to my world.
    I used iPhoto for a long time on my iMac. It worked fine, but next to Aperture it was a bit thin.
    Not the same case with iPhoto for iOS. It was much more capable than iPhoto on the Mac. Currently, I use Snapseed (which recently has gone MIA on the iPad version), Camera+, Photogene, PS Touch, VSCO, and Pixelmator. While each has its own distinctive features NONE has, for example, the capabilities of the EFFECTS of the BRUSHES selection, including the selective application of BRUSHES.
    I'm hoping that when Apple kills off Aperture and iPhoto on the Mac to bring on Photos, they bring back the capabilities iPhoto for iOS7 and the distinctive features of Aperture. Otherwise, I guess Adobe will own the photo editing space. I'll use Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • I get the feeling that Apple is starting to lose touch with it's users/customers. They seem bound and determined to take the company in a new direction that isn't necessarily a good one.
    Hope I'm wrong but my last Mac purchase (Mac Mini) was made a month ago and I bought a refurbished older model because I really don't like their new hardware. I hope the software isn't going the same way.
  • Really, it's beginning to feel as though they are purposefully sabotaging their company.
  • I'm pretty p.o.'d about this. I just bought my first iPhone (6) and mentioned to the guy at the AT&T store that I was really looking forward to being able to sync my photos easily to iphoto; now it appears that I can't do that???? Maybe I'm not doing something right but all my husband has to do is connect his iPhone 5, click and download.
  • It's pretty sad. All those old but useful things going away just like that. I didn't really use iPhoto for editing (and I didn't use it at all on iOS) but I use it on my Mac. I pop in my iPhone safely store all pictures in my Hard Drive and then automatically delete them from my iPhone and save storage! Now the automatic deletion doesn't work. I hope that they keep this simple and useful process in the new app. I also tried iCloud Photo Library Beta and it SUCKS. You can't even delete your photos on the phone cause they'll get deleted from iCloud. WHAT'S THE CASE THEN?
  • Apple has changed a lot since Steve Jobs left the company. Essentially his role has not been filled but instead spread among Tim Cooke, Phil Schiller and Jony Ive.
    Cooke is logistics
    Schiller is Marketing
    Ive Industrual Design Significant is
    Product Proliferation
    Takeover Stategy
    Retail strategy To that extent Samsung and soon Sony have caught up leaving Apple no where to go. They are no longer a niche player and now find themselves in a fierce commodity battle. Apple have been here before with Scully et al but who will now rescue the company ? Scientist
    Marketer Should I apply ?
  • Ive is Industrial Design
  • I know that iPhoto is really confusing sometimes, and can be a big pain but thats no reason for Apple to quit a 12 year old program. iPhoto is old and old, but they should have iPhoto as a app you can download if they want to replace it with Photos. I will try to preserve iPhoto, even if that means never updating my brand new mac again. Rest in peace, Jolly good iPhoto.
  • Because, I found out about this when I upgraded my ipad to ios 8, I decided to stick with my wonderful ios 6 on my iphone 5. ios 6 was designed by a software engineer called Steve Forstall. ios 8 was designed by a product designer called Johnny Ives. It is clear to see why the former is so much better & more productive. iphoto is a great app, and I am not prepared to lose it...
  • I LOVED IPHOTO!!!! As a parent of 3 and a picture FREAK, All my photos were tagged and in order!! Every Year i made each their own photo book, being able to quickly find each child just by typing in their name. Being able to quickly edit and print without problem, i NEVER had a issue with Icloud or any other device connecting. Had i Known I probably would not had UPDATED!!!! THANKS APPLE, THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
  • For now Photos, Suck. Everything I've done in iPhoto is gone.
    I Can still use iphoto, but I'm not being able rollback to iPhoto. If somebody knows a way to rollback in Yosemite, I would appreciate help.
  • I just got a new mini after year of successfully using one & iPhoto. Now it's Photos. What a piece of crap. An old windows browser would do a better job. and why would you call it "photos"? so presumptuous! try to do a web search for something specific...good luck!
    a 10 year old kid would do a better job: this thing can even add titles in a batch... trait! try it!!! you'll run away... even the support folks will tell you "well, this is just a 1 week old app..."
  • this transition simply sucks. All the work I've done in iPhoto is gone. No warning about it either. Photos is just making windows look good....what a pitty
  • Photos is NOT iPhoto compatible in that they do not work alike. I can't move photos from one folder to another, it's difficult to delete pictures at times, and the worst feature- It Doesn't Play Nicely With Other Programs and Websites!
    I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a regularly visited site to upload a picture and I can't! Photos needs a lot of work and I wish Apple would listen!
  • I am in tears and I'm not a crier. I am a photographer and graphic artist. When I transitioned to iMac from a PC, I lost my Corel and the ability to do anything with my graphic files. I couldn't afford the price of the iMac version of Corel, so I gave up on my computer graphics for good. That was okay, though, because I was getting into photography and more hands-on art. I quickly adored my iMac and have vowed never to go back to a PC. Recently, I upgraded my iOS to Yosemite .. and I feel like I'm back on a PC again! Everything is slow and buggy, things are constantly wanting to merge and update, nothing works as smoothly as before, I have lost all use of my iMovies, and now? Now, I cannot do anything with all of my photography! This new ignorant Photos program has painfully limited abilities. I can't mess with contrast, saturation, ANYTHING! I have over 3,000 photos on my Mac and more than that on an external drive. I can never again work with any of them the way I have in the past with iPhoto. I'm devastated. Many of these were for clients. What am I supposed to do if they contact me wanting to order more prints with adjustments I can no longer make? This is my livelihood! For the first time in the 5 years I've had my iMac, I hate Apple to the core. One thing after another that I've had to give up just because I wanted a reliable computer and PC's were crap, and now my iMac has become no better.
  • my seamless migrating was terrible.... I have accumulated well over 7000 photos on iPhoto, and it only migrated a little more than 1000 Didn't even migrate all the iPhoto meticulously set up albums Had issues with META DATA... that apparently could be worked around.... which I did manually, by copying the my pictures and images to a folder on my desk top, and then transferring them into Photos Now in this new PHOTOS:
    I have NO titles for each image or photo
    I have only dates on the last two years on photos or images, yet my photos go back 10+ years
    I HAVE NO WAY TO SORT the images and photos in Date Sequence OH... and the worst thing is APPLE, in order to fully UTILIZE this "PHOTOS" in the CLOUD, I must be billed $4 a month for 200GB of storage, when I only require 20GB !!!!!! What's going on... They don't already have enough money????? I'm trying to use this product, as the replacement, as I'd like to have my photos on all my Apple devices, but I am at a loss as to what I, most likely, have done incorrectly to have had this result. Apple upgrades, HAVE NEVER left me this HIGH AND DRY. VERY FRUSTRATED...THIS IS THE FIRST TIME APPLE HAS DISAPPOINTED. i'm considering a 3rd Party Photo App in along with the old, unsupported iPhoto. Has anyone had similar experience? And, Did you resolve the issues?
  • I can no longer merge my events after installing this update. Is there a way to do it I haven't found yet. Drag and drop is what I always did with iphoto. And I was always adding new photos to existing events. Drag and drop, now, just changes the order of the photos. It doesn't add the selected photos to the existing event. I give each photo the same name as the event I want to add it to, as I have always done. But now, I have the event folder, containing all the photos it has from before the update, plus a bunch more photos with that event name, that I can't put into the event folder. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • Photos sucks. It is so simplified it is suitable only for people that never go past FB or Instagram level photography -- and I mean that in the most insulting possible way. The editing tools are uselessly brainless and the interface is ugly. Clearly dumbed down.
  • It would have been polite to have advised me in advance. As my wife had carefully arranged everything into Albums over many months - years in fact - she now just sees a 'quarry full of snaps'. That wasn't perhaps the consequence for everyone - but it was on our machine and for the first time ever (I'm a very patient man) I'm disappointed in Apple...
  • I just updated my mac mini only to realise it was at the cost of loosing iphoto as i knew it. I Was a big fan of iphoto as a way of editing my photos., The brush feature cant be found anywhere else, having the ability to adjust the sharpness or saturation of certain parts of the image was a great feature for me. If i could go back to ios 7 just for this feature in iPhoto i would.
  • I feel SO DISAPPOINTED that I, and so many others, have lost access to all the years of work put into i-photo. Is this a case for a class action lawsuit? I've used i-photo easily and had my rating systems and simple ways to organize and all that effort is lost. As a friend once said, "Too pooped to party" regarding the new photos app. If it was so easy to erase and eliminate i-photo, surely it must be just as simple to give it back it us renewed and restored. Should we start a petition? Is apple listening? I don't even know when, where or how to start to adjust my 50,000 i-photo pics. And for all those people that might have reinstalled, sure hope they had everything backed up. Apple Care did that to me once. After 3 hours of trying to fix a problem (about 12 years ago) the "expert" suggested to do a re=install. Problem was he did not ask if I had everything backed up. I had nothing backed up and lost everything! And there was nothing I could do! You'd think those pros would ask that simple back-up question. I had a lot of my i-photo library backed up on an external hard drive. Some of it is not yet installed and still in the virgin i-photo version. What's going to happen when I want to view my i-photo pics on the external hard drive? Will they show up? Will they get picnapped by photos? Will life ever return to normal? Apple are you listening to your customers heartaches? Hurting in Honolulu ;-(
  • Aloha again! I want to do a selfie correction from my above statement. After Apple Care literally deleted my entire computer by a re-install that was not backed up, I have done much better at backing up my photos. So my current photos are backed up on an external hard-drive in i-photo. Now what? Will they "seamlessly" merge with photo if I open up my external hard drive? Does anyone know? Let's beg Apple to give us the option to use i-photo. What a heartless, thoughtless decision they made by removing our foundations of hard work. Please give us i-photo and let people choose which app to use. Feeling overwhelmed and defeated with my photo situation!
  • Photo s"§&%*ks mo&%key f&%ck !!! it's not like I was a faithful user of iPhoto, but it feels that a whether an other program comes to upgrade or replace it, it should AT LEAST not offer less features than the previous one. where did all the conveniently classified events go? and what is it with the blinding hospital white interface?? have these people any notion at all of what a photo processing software is supposed to look...?
  • I am furious. I never really like iPhoto but it is much better than what has happened to my Photo library now since the upgrade! With the old iPhotos I had labelled all my events with my kids ages, milestones, special occasions etc. All gone now. I don't know how to add those titles back on or find the originals. Does it even matter considering all the photos are out of chronological order? I have photos of my daughters 4th birthday along side pictures of when she was 1 week old. I feel like crying. Like I have the time with small kids to go back through the 60,000 photos i have and re-order them.
  • I absolutely hate photos. Iphotos was not much better. Makes me want to switch back to Microsoft. Ive been waiting till Apple makes sense of it, but, may pass away first.