iOS 8.0.1 kill the Touch ID and cell service on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus? Here's how to fix it!

Apple has just released iOS 8.0.1, a bug fix update for iOS 8. Unfortunately, while the full binary installed from iTunes worked fine, the bit-differential file installed over-the-air via Software Update has left some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Touch ID and cellular connection issues. Apple has since pulled the update, but that doesn't help affected iPhones. It's possible Apple can fix and re-issue the update quickly, or a workaround will be found shortly, but if you've already updated, and you're affected, here's what you need to do:

Update: Apple has released iOS 8.0.2 to address the errors. No need to downgrade any more.

  1. Turn off Find my iPhone via Settings > iCloud
  2. Download iOS 8 for iPhone 6{.nofollow} or iPhone 6 Plus{.nofollow}
  3. Make sure you're on the latest version of iTunes. Go to About and then Check for Updates or visit (opens in new tab).
  4. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  5. Connect your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to iTunes via Lightning to USB cable.
  6. Hold down Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) click on "Check for Update".
  7. Choose the iOS 8 firmware file (.ispw) you downloaded in step 2.
  8. Let iTunes do its thing
  9. Once you're back up and running Turn Find my iPhone back on.

If you can't turn off Find my iPhone or are otherwise having trouble, put your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus into DFU mode first and then Restore with iTunes. (You can restore again from your last iCloud backup later to get your stuff back.)

If you still have 8.0.1 waiting to install and you want to get rid of it, go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage and delete it.

At this point you should be back up and running again with full Touch ID and cellular service. Yes, this is frustrating and annoying but it's also the fastest way we've found to get back up and running if you've already updated to iOS 8.0.1 and are experiencing issues.

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Wow. Restore and move all 70gb of content back on my phone. Thrilling.
  • Either that, or wait for 8.0.2 to be released. Depends on how badly you need to make a phone call.
  • Or use cellular data. Or unlock your phone.
  • You exaggerate. Use the passcode and unlock your phone. Use it in WiFi areas only. Not really a big deal since the fix will likely be out before the end of the day or at least very soon.
  • You seem very confident. I'd like to share that confidence, but I don't. If I had an iPhone 6 that was basically bricked by this update, I'd be calling Apple. Fortunately (?!) I am on a 5s.
  • Do you know what "bricked" means? I don't think you do.
  • I cannot believe your are actually defending Apple by mincing terms. If a phone can't use cellular data or voice, it might as well be a brick. Somehow I doubt that affected iPhone 6 users will be comforted by "see, it's not TOTALLY broken!"
  • I'm calling you out on your misuse of a commonly understood term that means a device is completely unusable. You're exaggerating or lying.
  • If it can't make calls, send messages, or use data it's pretty well unusable. Not everyone is around wifi all the time.
  • The part you're missing there is that if a device is "bricked" it can't be recovered. In this case, it's relatively easy. A terrible bug and not easy as it should be to recover from, but not "bricked."
    And fair to say Apple dropped the ball, and this is a big deal.
  • @Nemesisprimed clearly you are mistaken. BongBongOnTwitter said your device is just fine. You must be exaggerating or lying. Seriously, jokes aside, that sucks for you. I hope Apple fixes it straight away. I am so glad I was late to the update party and didn't get my phone updated (though it seems to be limited to iPhone 6 users).
  • Don't let him fight you on terminology.. We know bricked is usually used to say a device is irrecoverable... But we all know what you mean... So use different term... it is as useless to you in your circumstand as a brick would be... Except you cant use it to build a house or anything... But hey... it looks nice... I mean... For people that cannot restore I just yet due to being out in the field, this is a raw and a big deal... They trusted the update as it was so easy to get OTA and now they are stuck up the creek without a paddle.. But yeah, rescue is on their way... Just hope you don't need it before aid comes... Which is what has you up in arms and many others... With all of this said... I bet most of you will learn to wait a little while before updating... This coming from a person who used to update everything asap... Being on the cutting edge will all leave you bleeding in one way or another... Pack the bactine and bandaids... Believe it or not Apple makes mistakes... Personally... I have been burned by apple updates so much and as an IT professional always restricted/strongly advised my end users from updating ios and osx until safe... Almost every update apple has released in my experience broke something... email, vpn, smb, etc... The majority of the updates and you ask anyone else over a corporate network and they would say the same... Apple is one of the only company that successfully get people to install updates seconds after they release it... Every other device people hate to see the updating status... Go figure... "You 'Gon' Learn Today!" Anywho... have a great day and help is on the way HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • I think it's silly to assume the user is at fault for updating to a firmware version pushed out by the MANUFACTURER. It's not as if people went and leaked a beta version onto their devices. What sense would it make to release an update and NOBODY takes it because it just released?? What do you expect the masses to do?
  • Exactly. We SHOULD be able to install on day one. That is why Apple has a beta testing program. All of these issues should have been ironed out in one of the several betas that came out. The end user should NOT be responsible for beta testing for the manufacturer, and people should NOT be made to feel stupid for installing the update when it is released. People are told to keep their stuff updated nowadays due to malware threats, and that extends into the smartphone space.
  • Ok... Please read this post a couple of times and cool down... I do not mean to offend... Here goes.. It is "ignorance" that drives a user to take the update... Seriously... The we are all ignorant to something... that is not a bad thing as we live and learn... Wisdom comes with time and experience... When it comes to software updates, bugs always come through and testing was performed... You just don't catch everything and sometimes they just do a poor job of testing... Apparently the test was not performed over the air... I assume all testing was installed locally and the way most of the public installs updates is OTA. Wisdom has taught many of us to not assume all updates are perfect and to play the wait and see game... I mean, we have a full user community to watch here at imore that will chime in with "this or that broke..." or "it seems faster and I have no issues". In a nice world... I should be able to leave my door unlocked, trust someone's word, leave my phone or wallet out in the open, and most importantly download and install every update that comes through... I mean, keep auto update installed checked! Well that world does not exist... You usually have to take the stand that if is not broke, don't fix it... If it works does the latest update work well enough to not cause any alterations to my day to day, especially if this my "only" device... I have seen iOS and other users install updates on all of their devices and be stuck with an issue on "all" of their devices... You don't have to wait long to see if an update is good or bad with a community this large... On smaller communities, you may have to be the guinea pig.. with iOS... THERE IS NO REASON... The public needs to stop being sheep... period... This is a societal thing... We want things right now... What are you really doing differently with this new phone than you did with the old one? Exactly... nothing... but you had to be on the cutting edge and now you are bleeding... You can easily be stable and static, yet we chose to be "first"... The first will ALWAYS be public beta testers... We can only test so many different situations and cases... If something can be broken, the end user will find it and companies depend on that... Apple says thank you and the fix is on its way... This is nothing new other than this update greatly impaired people... Again... no harm was meant... I have been there before and learned to take my time... Youth is wasted on the young... I am only 28, but I learn from my peers and elders... yet I jumped out of line to go my way and got kicked back to the end at times... Then you see there is a reason the old people get up early in the morning vs staying up late... And why they are slow to update from a stable iphone that works and does all they need today...
  • > I cannot believe your are actually defending Apple by mincing terms. If a phone can't use cellular data or voice, it might as well be a brick. It's not "mincing terms" to use the correct word. The phone is not "bricked". It's also not "exploded" or "formatted". To be "bricked" the phone must be unrecoverable, the damage must be irreversible. This firmware has issues, but it doesn't "brick" the phone. I realise non-techies like to parrot words they've heard real techies use. But it's like watching grandpa using teenage lingo to sound cool. It's just embarrassing.
  • Except WiFi in iOS 8 is already broken in iOS 8 to begin with. Apple just made the device completely unable to communicate by disabling cellular data.
  • How is Wi-Fi broken in iOS 8?
  • My iPad Air stops moving data while connected to a 5Ghz network. If I reboot, it will work for a while, but once it stops, only a reboot will get it back. Or switch to the 2.4Ghz band.
    However, I had this problem a few months ago on iOS7. Reset Network Settings, etc. no Bueno. Took it to Apple Store, they swapped it. It's been great until iOS8. Yes, I reset network settings. Twice. Yes I have iCloud Keychains on. I'm not turning it off. That's not the issue. It will connect to the Wi-Fi, show full signal and even display its DHCP IP address. Just no data movement. And not its not my router since every other device on the network continues to work flawlessly ... Except... I only experienced this once with my iPhone 6. But I'm waiting for it to happen again. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple's current iOS review time as ~10 days. How do you expect 8.0.2 or the fixed 8.0.1 to go through the review process in less than a day?
  • They screwed a lot of people over. That's how.
  • Because the issue very well could be not due to a bug in iOS 8.0.1, but the OS being loaded prior to a required carrier update.
  • Screams Tmobile WFi calling... I'm on AT&T
  • LOL I needed that.
  • This process does not remove the content on your phone... your 70gb is safe.
  • Looks like Apple already pulled 8.0.1 and this tip does not work via iTunes
  • The instructions above are slightly wrong. CTRL-SHIFT (on WIndows) to allow selecting a file for update.
  • Heard that updating via iTunes could solve the problems. Press OPTION + click 'Update' in iTunes, to the downloaded 8.0.1 IPSW may fix the issue even though you have been updated. No need to restore back to 8.0 or 8.0.1 if you have already updated. Haven't tried it yet, but seems legit.
  • Restoring via iTunes will install iOS8.
  • iTunes restore worked for me on iPhone 6 and Verizon.
  • Not exactly the headlines Apple is looking for... Thanks for trying Rene!
  • When I restore, iTunes grabs 8.01. I am assuming this is because I downloaded 8.01 on my phone and then later plugged into iTunes.
  • Is there a way to revert back to 8.0?
  • You could find the 8.0 IPSW file and do a full restore of the phone, then recover your files from a backup. However, that’s also the fix for the 8.0.1 bug too, only without having to download a separate IPSW file. If you have to go through restoring the phone anyway, might as well stick with 8.0.1 and see if the issue is fixed post-restore-and-recover. Good luck!
  • You shouldn't need to. 8.0.1 over iTunes seems to be fine. (I'm running it now.)
  • Yes, I just got finished a chat with apple. The way they have explained here will work just as well but if you want to go to the iTunes route, this is what you do. Disable find my iPhone first, then.
    Do a full backup on iCloud or your computer. I would suggest your computer if your already plugged in. Confirm the backup while in iTunes by clicking at the top (this is in mac) Itunes>preferences>device, You should see your backup.
    Now hold down the power button and the home button (at the same time) after about 8 seconds you should see the apple logo on your phone screen, release the power button but continue to hold the home button. The phone should go into the restore mode. This will show up either on the phone screen or in a message on the iTunes screen. Click restore (in iTunes)
    Itunes will now download iOS 8.0 and restore to your phone. Then when finished restore from backup. Don't forget to reenable "find my iPhone" It sucks but what are ya gonna do
  • When you restore your phone from iTunes, 8.0 will be installed not 8.0.1. This will restore your cell service. But be sure to hold down home buton while you plug in the phone to your computer to assure the phone shows a plug and iTunes on the screen (indicates setup mode). Don't start restore until you've done this step. After that, you can run a restore from iCloud when you set up the phone again. I did it already. It works.
  • I have an iphone 5s trying to update and it keeps saying " Unable to Verify update You are no longer connected to the internet. BUT I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET
  • Close iTunes and reopen. That worked for me a couple of days ago. Sent from the iMore App
  • Are you using a windows PC? If yes, try turning off your antivirus and try again. I remember having that issue a few years ago.
  • Chavista: It’s happening on my 5, too. The reason is, Apple pulled the update, so it’s no longer verifying as a valid iOS update, even though you were able to successfully download it. Guessing deleting the file to rid of the red notification dot will have to wait until the next-next update.
  • Thanks @Cliffpro
  • I got that, too, right about the time that 9to5Mac said Apple had pulled the update. Now I just have a red 1 on my Settings icon that probably won't go away until 8.0.1 is re-released.
  • Seems to only be affecting devices with Touch ID.
  • Apple Pulled Back Update Now Go To Setings And General And Usage Then Delete iOS Update Here Listed !! Apple Will Roll Out This update Very Soon!! Enjoy
  • That helped, now, when I look for an update, says "IOS 8.0 Software is up to date", but the "1" and the red badge are still there...
  • For Removing Red Badge, You Have To Wait For Re Release Of Update!! Which Will Come Very Soon!! Right Now There is No Way To Remove It!! Enjoy!!
  • i can't turn off find my iPhone because my phone is not even connecting to wifi right now, and an iTunes password is required for turn off...
  • Good luck to all the tech support agents out there. I used to work at VZW and days like this made me want to walk out. People will act like someone killed their first born child when they find out they have to restore their phone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • iTunes restore worked for my on my iPhone6 and Verizon. I used my lighting cable to iTunes.
  • ok. i am back on wifi now...
  • I keep getting a verification failure. It says the connection to ICloud has timed out. I can't turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Apple is no longer signing this update! DO NO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE A COPY OF 8.0!
  • Wow .... that's kind of lame. I spent hours setting this phone up just to start all over. I'm new to this whole IOS thing and I'm not impressed. I guess it could be worse I remember HTC bricking a lot of EVOs with an update.
    Still Apples is not making any new fans.
  • This doesn't work for me... suspect Apple has stopped signing 8.0.1.
  • I think 8.0.1 is completely gone, not showing up OTA and not being downloaded or signed in iTunes (if you downloaded it earlier). Come on 8.0.2 we need you!
  • Oops. 8.0.1 update, we hardly knew thee.
  • Option restoring to iOS 8.0.0 via iTunes right now...
  • I don't see any way to download IOS 8 for iphone 6 or 6+. In developer account all version listed for other phones but not the 6. Any ideas? Tried from this site but said incompatible when I tried 8 GM. Downloading 8.0.1 now. Hitting Restore for me in iTunes just doesn't start the restore. If they are not signing 8.0.1 I am out of luck of course. :( Yikes!
  • You don't need to download it. Just choose restore from iTunes and it'll find it. Be sure you are in setup mode on the phone. Power it off, plug it in while holding the Home button until you see the iTunes and power cord picture on the screen. Now begin the restore. This mode expires in 15 minutes so you may have to do it again after the download if it takes too long.
  • No need to do a restore.... Much easier way!
    Download the relevant IPSW file from - Plug phone into iTunes, if on a mac press 'ALT' (press 'SHIFT' if using Windows) and then click update. select the downloaded file and leave to to 'Update' to 8.0.0. Mine just finished. Phone signal has returned and touch ID working as normal. Hope this helps!
  • Thank you sir that worked like a charm.
  • Macropanda. Thank you. You are a lifesaver. Saved me several hours of trying to restore my 128gb phone. It worked perfectly.
  • forgive me but i am not seeing "update" in my itunes. When i click on Check for update, it says i am at the latest 8.01.
  • Click 'check for update' with alt (or shift if on windows) held down. That should start it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks, downgrade was flawless and quick using this way!
  • Download the ios 8.0 ipsw file as above. Connect to itunes. Hold the option/alt key, and if you click the "update" button, it'll "upgrade" you to 8.0 without later needing to restore your downloads and settings. Worked for me (while I was waiting to chat with apple support).
  • I wonder if all the advice from above is theoretical or from people who have fixed it after it broke on their phone. I have the 8.0 and 8.0.1 files and know how to option-=click to restore but it just doesn't work. :(
  • It's restoring now. Wonder if Apple is allowing it now?
  • Okay. I am back too. Showing 8.0
  • What were the exact steps you followed? Which file did you use? 8.0 or 8.01?
  • This is the file I used: iPhone7,2_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw
    - In iTunes did a backup to computer.
    - clicked Option-> Restore (some say you can just option click update to save time but I did the restore)
    - Chose the file as shown above
    - Many times iTunes would not start the restore with varying errors.
    - Finally after several times closing iTunes and rebooting phone the restore commenced. I suspect that Apple wasn't allowing the signing or was bogged down or something that had the same effect of blocking me from restoring the first 10 times I tried. It finally went through.
    - When it was done restored backup made in iTunes.
    Shows version 8.0 and all works.
  • I was unable to restore to 8.0.1 even with my developer account. I downloaded 8.0 for my iPhone 6 and installed using Option click UPDATE, then chose the 8.0 ispw file. I did not have to do a restore from iCloud to put back my apps or data. Touch ID and Cellular are back.
  • Just put the device in DFU mode and hit restore in iTunes. No need to download the binary from a 3rd party website...
  • I have no iPhone 6 or Plus yet, but if the discussion pertaining to software update we must read first before all the instructions and procedures before downloading and installing the said software to avoid problems, its very easy, first your battery charger must be insert before downloading and installing software, and you must be connected to wifi or internet and the software you can now download , leave your iPhone or iPad etc. Work alone, and you must wait for all the instructions. Sent from the iMore App
  • You need to be on WiFi for anything pretty much because of the stupid limit apple placed on download sizes
  • Apple needs to compensate the effected users to ease some of the fear of updating in the future. Sent from the iMore App
  • Man apple is on a roll lately. Sheesh.. Talk about bad press
  • The thing is....nobody cares. The iPhone 7 will release next year and still be the best selling phone to date. Apple could leak nudes of every iPhone user and display them on their home page and people would still stand in lines around the corners for the next device.
  • Thanks Rene you are a life saver, i download the file and doing a restore,
    Apple really need to get their shit straight. this looks bad on Tim Cook and others.
  • Although unfortunate, at least this glitch provides a significant distraction for the "Bend-ghazi" trolls.
  • When I try using the 8.1 IPSW I get error 3194 (ineligible device)...
  • I downloaded the update for my 4s but didn't have enough battery to upgrade, plugged in and they are no longer signing the verification. I understand this update will not adversly affect 4s but what happens when they reissue the update and this update is still waiting on my phone?
  • For me, I had to Shift Click on the Check for Update button in iTunes (not control click) for the browse for file window to come up to restore the firmware manually.
  • Unfortunately, there's a big difference between Shift and Control. What you did is restore your phone, which was unnecessary.
  • Had to go the DFU route. Back in action again.. Good thing it let me restore from my 8.0.1. backup.
  • Worked after downloading iOS 8.0 first via Rene's instructions. Thanks, Rene.
  • No Need to restore. Download 8.0 file from directions above. Option Click "Check For Update" and select the downloaded file. It'll update back to 8.0 without any need to restore from a backup. Took less than 10 min. Sent from the iMore App
  • Two steps forward, three steps back.
  • Thank you for posting this, saved my ass. A little bit of hassle but well worth it, now hopefully the next update goes a "little" smoother.
  • This worked for me (iphone 6, verizon, windows).. had to putin DFU... i took a backup before i did the restore so I was able to restore to 8.0 using the above links, and then restore my device to keep my photos and apps. THANKS IMORE!
  • Was warned by Twitter not to upgrade before I even knew there was an update.
  • Thank you for this Rene.
    Really appreciate this tip on how to revert back to worked brilliantly.
    I have an iphone 6 plus and was completely in the dark as to what to do next until i read your article and it's relief to know i wasn't the only one who lost cellular and touch id.
  • Just curious, has anyone with an iPhone 6/6 Plus actually do the update and everything is fine??? I'm on an AT&T iPhone 6 Plus (clean install) and I ran it as soon as I saw it was available. It ran the 8.0.1 update and everything is fine for me.
    Cell service okay, Touch ID okay as well. I guess I'm lucky, but now I'm paranoid that something is not working and I am just not noticing yet LOL
  • did you restart your phone since it updated? I think i noticed the lack of cell service sometime after i updated. Then my wifi went away after about an hour.
  • I just restarted the phone and waited a few minutes, everything fine.. connected to wi-fi, cell, then my at&t microcell just as it always does. hmm odd..
  • my iPhone 6 plus is perfectly fine on 8.0.1
  • Okay so theres someone else besides me on here that is not having any issues. Just wondering, did you do a "clean install" when you got the phone, or did you do a restore from backup?
  • Yea connected to my iMac and did a restore from backup.. but that was like last week.
  • 6.Hold down Option (Mac) or Control (Windows) click on "Check for Update". SHIFT+click (Windows)
  • So far my ipad air seems ok with 8.0.1, just iPhone 6 effected
  • Mine was bricked by the update, and I followed the steps above… back in good working condition, and it only took ~6 or 7 minutes. I didn't have to reinstall all my apps/music/movies/etc. I was skimming, and didn't turn off Find My iPhone (BAD me), but that didn't seem to affect the process. I am connected to my M-Cell and can use Touch ID to unlock my phone. Hooray! Thanks for the timely article, Rene. :)
  • Done it and we're back to normal working order. Thanks to iMore for the help. A little frustrated that Apple pushes out such a bugged update and although grateful to iMore for the fix, I'm annoyed that Apple don't issue an advisory to their customers. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks for the direction The firmware update seems to have me back to normal operating Carry on..
  • So frustrating, Downloading the IPSW now and it's going to take 5 hours - not cool.
  • Stupid question: I have the updated queued up on my 6 Plus. How to I get rid of it? Now that it is downloaded, how can I be sure that I never apply it? Let's say Apple releases a replacement update. If I install the on that is currently on my phone, I lose connectivity. I see no way to cancel/delete the update to avoid applying it and to make way for the replacement update.
    1. Download the 8.0 firmware
    2. Open iTunes
    3. Hold (option / mac) (shift / windows) and click on check for updates
    4. Select the downloaded firmware
    5. Let iTunes "update" your phone and you will be all set!!!! This worked for me and it didn't delete ANYTHING FROM my phone
  • Hey, Rene....thanks for assist, clicking along with 8.0 again and back in business.
  • Yikes. First the live stream was a train wreck, then the preorder was a nightmare, and now the iOS release to fix a bunch of bugs has a bigger bug. Not good Apple. I'm a little embarrassed as an AppleHolic. Loving my 6 Plus though on 8.0.0.
  • Now you just need to put the phone in the back pocket of your skinny leather jeans you like to wear at night, and sit down. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Ahhh. Mr. M8 (on T-Mobile with supposedly no pink T-Mobile logo smeared on the back). I see you still have iPhone 6 fever hovering on Apple forums trying to make you feel better about your tired smartphone from a near bankrupt manufacturer. Sleep well while Google indexes your phone to target you with more applicable ads in the Google Display Network and PPC search. That's why Android exists. Pay-per-click advertising. Phones like the HTC One are just a biproduct of Google's mission to grow PPC. Enjoy.
  • This fix worked beautifully! So relieved to have cell service again and not stuck carrying around an oversized iPod Touch lol. Thank you iMore :)
  • Total does Apple let this happen. I got hosed...did the update while at work. Had to go to Apple Store; they swapped out my phone. However, I have no way to restore all of my apps data (apple store wifi was super slow and wifi access to apple is block here at work). So annoying
  • I never updated. iP6 now won't let me use Touch ID and my cell data no longer working Sent from the iMore App
  • I was able to restore to 8.0 over iTunes, but when I went to restore from the Cloud, all my backups were gone - I did a manual backup before I d/l 8.0.1 and I do an auto backup every night. EVERYTHING'S gone. all data, apps and settings. Grr
  • I had to press shift + command to get it to work on check for updates running Yosemite....might just be me but something you might want to add
  • Thank you! I tried a bunch of things, but I didn't try that combination. This really should be added to the guide. This + the main guide got me back in action.
  • Well I will wait for the next update and confirm that is working properly cause I don't have time to play this games, lol. Sent from the iMore App
  • Return it and get a real phone? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Anyone have a link to the 6+ 8.0 ipsw that isn't from Apple? I'm being told it'll take 2 days to download.
  • Ugh, same here. Anyone have a mirror of this for iPhone 6 too?
  • Nice work Rene and the iMore team, this worked a treat. I was probably one of the few Australians that updated in the middle of the night. So most people in the Australiasia time zone are probably waking up and completely unaware of this issue.
  • Thanks for the tip! Worked perfectly Note to the fearful: This process is an Update, not a Reset or a Restore... all your photos, media, and other content will remain on your phone, untouched.
  • glad that yours iphone back to normal guys,and thanks René
  • This worked perfectly and only took 10 minutes. I always appreciate the illustrations! Other sites didn't use pictures and it was confusing. No Restore was needed.
  • Any news about the 5s? Like does he gets that problem too? Sent from the iMore App
  • Any news about the 5s? Like does he gets that problem too? Sent from the iMore App
  • I downloaded the iOS 8 using the link in the article but there was no ipsw file, just some dmg and plist files. Any idea what I did wrong??
  • Apparently my computer was downloading the file as a .zip file, had to change it to a .ipsw file
  • Thanks for this! Sent from the iMore App
  • Even in iPad Air kill the cell service, now my nano sim card had no service, what's the matter with this software, first time i was experienced this in all software, iOS 7 not kill anything and all previous software..? Sent from the iMore App
  • Ok, thanks Rene for your advices, hope we fixed this soon. Sent from the iMore App
  • yeah I figured this fix out on my own but way to help people out iMore! You guys rock. from now on I'm waiting a few hours before installing updates! scope out twitter for a couple hours in case they screw stuff up again. Thank goodness I was home! I would have been pissed if I had to go out and no working phone service!!
  • Was theissue fixed?? I did not do the update but I'm waiting to get healthkit fixed, no updates seem to be available at this time
  • I think this is the first time since Apple started requiring the SHSH blobs to be signed that they have allowed people to downgrade iOS.
  • So this update CREATES MORE BUGS? im scared of updating to see more of these nasty crawlies!
  • Time to start waiting a few days after each update to see how it performs.
  • One quick note for Step 2. This file is 2GB is size so please be patient as the download can take 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • Thanks God I've not installed it yet, it's downloaded though Sent from the iMore App
  • It's .ipsw. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thank you, that got me out of the hole. At least I'm back to iOS 8.00 now, Apple support couldn't fix it.
  • Wow how are all those Die Hards coping with this major F-Up? And there is no denying it,this is major! Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks for detailed instruction!
  • Why are there so many issues with the iOS updates? There should not be problems like this, in my opinion.
  • I am having an issue of no phone service and I have the latest software update for my iPhone 6plus. Not able to make or receive phone calls. I have been in contact will Apple techs and asked if I could download an earlier version of iOS.
    I WAS TOLD BY APPLE -"DOING SO WILL VOID MY WARRANTY" and they will never be able to work on my iPhone. The tech thinks it is a hardware issue: bad sim card antenna. So just a warning if your phone is under warranty and you follow though with the author's bad advice, you just may have voided your warranty.