iPad Air: Design evolution

From iPad to iPad air: Three years and a half-a-pound later

The iPad Air is an amazing piece of design and engineering. What was first introduced in 2010 as a 0.5-inch, 1.5lbs post-PC revolution has been steadily transformed into a 0.29-inch, 1lbs damn-near MacBook Air-level revelation. Packing the power of an Apple A7 into something barely any bigger than the 9.7-inch screen it encases is impressive enough by itself, but when you see and feel it next to what's come before, the difference of three years and half-a-pound is enormous.

How ludicrously thin Apple can take it, how monstrously powerful they can make it - these are questions for another day. Right now, I'm holding something in my hands that makes Star Trek look outdated and clunky. Insane.

I'll add some more photos as our review process continues, but here's a sampling to get things started.