iPhone 11 drop tests prove even the toughest glass in a smartphone can break

What you need to know

  • The first drop tests for the iPhone 11 are out now.
  • The tests show the glass will hold up better, but eventually it will break.
  • Apple says it is the toughest glass on any smartphone.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 at its annual September event and on top of unveiling all of its new features, it also announced it featured the toughest glass in any smartphone. That may be true, but drop tests of the iPhone 11 have confirmed it'll still break if you drop it.

Multiple outlets like Tom's Guide and YouTube channel EverythingApplePro conducted their own drop tests of the iPhone 11 and each came to the same conclusion: it still breaks.

Tom's Guide managed to break the glass from a drop of hip height, or 3.5-feet on concrete, relatively easily. The first thing to break was the front glass. The back glass held up better but a drop from shoulder height managed to crack the glass.

The iPhone 11 held up better in EverythingApplePro's drop tests, but eventually gave out. Granted, it took repeated drops from 10-feet, but it broke. So which one is more accurate?

We'd say it comes down to dumb luck.

There's no question the glass is strong. Apple says the glass was made with what it calls a "dual ion-exchange process for added strength." But one wrong drop and the glass will break. Hopefully you're lucky and it holds up better, but again, that might just come down to luck

We'd still suggest putting the iPhone 11 in a case. There's plenty to choose from.

Danny Zepeda