Some iPhone 11 shipment dates slip

iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green and Space Black side by side
iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green and Space Black side by side (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Shipments for iPhone 11 are now estimated to arrive as late as October 20th.
  • Demand for the iPhone 11 Pro in midnight green appears particularly high.
  • Your best bet is to visit an Apple Store.

Demand for Apple's new iPhone 11 appears to be high, because shipping dates are already slipping well past September 20. In fact, Apple's website is now saying some models won't arrive until the end of October.

Midnight Green and AT&T appears to be a particularly popular combo. If you're buying unlocked, things are definitely looking more rosy. At least for now.

With three models — iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max — available in a variety of colors, you'd think there'd be plenty to go around. Either Apple underestimated demand or production is still ramping up for the holidays.

In addition to availability at Apple's website, the iPhone 11 line is also offered at other big box stores and carrier partners. If you have no luck there, you may have to stop by an Apple Store on September 20, when the iPhone 11 launches. And cross your fingers.

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