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What you need to know

  • A supply chain insider says both the iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max are a month behind in terms of panel shipments.
  • Ross Young says the problem shouldn't cause any delays to the launch.
  • However, it could make these phones a lot harder to get hold of at release.

A supply chain insider says that shipments of the iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max panels are a month behind their regular-sized counterparts, but that there's no cause to worry about a delayed launch yet.

Ross Young stated on Twitter:

Looks like iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max panel shipments are a month behind the 14 and 14 Pro. The panel shipments for the larger models are starting in July vs. June for the smaller models. Not expecting any delays at launch at this point though.

As Young notes, the delay is not expected to impact the iPhone 14 release date, which is pegged for the usual September window. However, this and previous reports could indicate that Apple's next best iPhone will be harder to get hold of at launch, especially in its larger size.

In May a similar issue was reported, with Ming-Chi Kuo revealing the iPhone 14 Max production issues. Now it seems that the issues extend to all of the larger-sized iPhones we're expecting at launch.

Apple is expected to drop the 'mini' iPhone in favor of a new 'Max' version of the regular phone, alongside its usual 'Pro' lineup. Other rumored features include a new 48MP camera and an end to the notch on the Pro in favor of a new hole-punch camera.

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