iPhone 4 uses same Audience-powered noise cancelation as Nexus One

Proving you can never tear down an Apple product far enough, iFixit has kept digging into iPhone 4[(http://www.imore.com/iphone-4)'s noise cancellation and finally discovered... it uses the same Audience technology that powered Google Nexus One.

We like mysteries as much as the next guy, so we decided to dig further. Our friends at Chipworks just decapped the chip, and guess what they found? That’s right, an Audience low power audio signal processor.

They go on to praise iPhone 4's noise cancellation, saying it's better than any non-Audience device they've tested. They also wonder if Apple will stick with Audience going forward, or try to roll something of their own into an [Apple A5 system-on-chip for iPhone 5?

[Chipworks, iFixit]

Rene Ritchie

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  • So it was interesting you jerk.
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  • Next they'll be telling us from which Papua New Guinean copper mine the Wiring comes from.
  • Nexus craps over the iPhone so next
  • You know this is not Android central right? Hit the link and the top left hand corner of the page.
  • This noise cancellation power is awesome in Iphone4. this will increases its popularity and smartness.
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  • Copycats. oops, sorry, magical copycats.
    Apple, with the money you rip off you customers, you should be able to afford inventing something on your own instead stealing ideas and technologies from others.
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    Apple bought off-the-shelf technology for this, just like their cell phone chips.