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iPhone 4 confirmed to have 512MB of RAM

TiPb first heard rumors that iPhone 4 would finally beef up onboard RAM to 512MB back in January and it looks like those rumors are now being confirmed via information given out during the WWDC Advanced Performance Optimization Session.

Why does RAM matter? Going from 256 to 512MB of RAM let the Palm Pre go from multitasking a handful of apps to well over 50. That's why RAM matters.

The iPhone 3GS and iPad are snappy at 256MB. iPhone 4 at 512MB should -- to quote Steve Jobs -- should be a real screamer. Especially if iMovie is the kind of app we can expect to see more of. Glad Apple rose to the occasion.

[MacRumors via @justin_horn]

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Thank God.
    Now release the white version and I'll be happy.
  • I blame BP
  • Very happy to hear this. Hope it's true. I was worried that iPhone 4 might suffer compared to 3GS because it has 4x pixels to push around, but this will take care of that. Too bad the iPad didn't get it as well, because it could really use it. Safari is constantly having to reload tabs (can keep max 2 in memory at one time) on the iPad, much like on the original iPhone and 3G. My 3GS on the other hand can cache several without needing to reload. I'm really looking forward to the 24th.
  • It's going to be a long week. Can't. Wait.
  • No. It's Bush's fault. Isn't that what everyone wants to say?
  • Yes!!! My only gripe about this phone is no F.M. radio I still have to carry my mp3 with a radio. I know it will have pandora and iheart but streaming 3g uses alot of battery.
  • 512 is pretty standard these days. I couldn't imagine they trying to release it with anything less.
  • I'm so happy. This was my last worry about iphone4. Me being a 3g user my iPhone is on it's last leg with it's low ram. I'm so happy I'll be able to open something and it actually open immediately. :)))
  • @ Ren .. try Aol Radio .. gives me all the local radio stations. ( Key unlimited data )
  • Can't wait for the iPhone 5/5g/G5/HD/3D to have 1 gig ram. In gonna wait for that I think...
  • Hell to the yeezzy. God this week us gonna creep!!
  • @7 I could. This is after all Apple we're talking about here: the company that just shipped a tablet computer with 256 MB of RAM (even though it has more pixels to push than the iPhone 4). The company that kept the processor and memory the same for 2 full years (6/07-6/09).
  • @ REN, FM this 1998? Damn dude, b!tch about an FM Radio, the stupidest complaint I've heard want outdated audio tech, on the hottest new product??? uh-mazing
  • Does this one ship with a built in gramophone? If not then I'm gonna have to upgrade to amino disc player...
  • *a mini
  • Me too happy camper, I was worried how it would handle being jailbroken with 256, with 512 I can only imagine the customization possibilities this opens up!!! The few things I was disappointed in iOS4 like notifications, widgets, and lockscreen info not being given any attention will easily be handled by the new hardware!!
    fist pump
  • @Chris.... not all of us get to sit on our a$$ I work outside all day no way no recharge my iPhone and the battery does not last if I stream music
  • Nice, I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!
  • Doesn't this just mean that developers will write more RAM hogging apps? Instead of 50 apps multitasking, it could end up with the Microsoft effect where the software just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
  • This is huge. I wish the would have announced this at wwdc. I thought that since they didn't announce it that it would be the same 256. But this is great to hear.
  • @ ren
    what is your job? I find it hard to believe that you have no power at your job site and don't spend any time in a car.
  • Very welcomed. Although I see other high end Android devices with 512mb, Apple's software made it work.
    I'm sure even if they had 256mb, they would find a way to make it work.
  • @ REN, wow, way to presume I sit on my ass all day....I'm actually a stage manager for a studio in LA, on my feet about 14hrs a day on set. Still, I'm an ass, but you want 90's tech on the hottest new phone....
  • Where is this confirmed? Tech specs still show an absence of RAM for the iPhone 4.
  • So happy I'm in on the first batch of pre orders!!!!
  • @Ren -- Dude, your problem isn't the lack of FM radio, it is the inability to keep your phone charged. You need the kerosene power pack. Since you love FM radio, I thought you'd want to know that GrandpaTech offers one that runs on whale oil as well.
  • off topic: bumpers for iPhone
    $29 for a little piece of cheap plastic ??? F U
  • @Rob ... I inspect pipe threading i have access to electrical at lunch wich by the way is over now. I'm sure there is more poeple like me then most suspect.
  • Thank God! Apple usually has this strange way of shooting itself in the foot from time to time......not that it's ever kept the loyalist from upgrading.
  • @Ren SOOO many radio apps.
    Try TuneIn Radio app. Has radio stations across the entire states!! Plus you can record them, and play it back later. 100x better than including an FM antenna for local stations only.
  • Freakin Awesome!
  • I work in a third world country breaking rocks. I cant charge me phone either.
  • Anonymous, follow the link to Macrumors where they say.
  • I must resist giving them 500 dollars until september when I can get it for 300
  • Ren, yeah, that's why I got a Mophie Juicepack, although it's not going to work with the iPhone 4 now... :( It did give new life to my 3G though. The phone would be pretty much dead by the end of a day's worth of podcasting. With the Mophie, it's still full. We'll see how the iPhone 4 works out with real world battery time.
  • I am so psyched. I am currently a 3g only user and have barely touched a 3gs...I cant imagne what the 4 is going to be like next week. The difference is going to be huge.
  • Still can't believe iPad only has 256MB. Annoying having to reload webpages every 2 minutes
  • Chuck, same here. My simplest benchmark has been Plants vs Zombies. Takes like 40 seconds to start on my 3G. I watch the 3Gs's and iPads zipping along and starting in a few seconds...
  • Slightly related:
    There is more interesting info about the A4 processor dissected here:
    The key takeaway is on page 3, where we learn this is simply a pared down Samsung S5PC110, with Apple taking an existing design and tossing out some functional blocks they did not need or want.
    So much for innovation.
  • Another reason to get this phone. It really was an A+ update!
  • @James
    Had to reread the article, but I did see that. Confirmed through the dev portal. Just took a look myself, and this is sweet!
  • The news just gets better and better. Can't wait.
  • Very cool that the iPhone is getting a RAM boost to 512MB.
    iPad being stuck with 256MB even though it is more graphics intensive? MAJOR APPLE FAIL!
    And for the record, I'm an iPad owner who will also be getting the iPhone 4.
  • I just heard I can't play my cassette tapes on the iPhone 4. I'm going to cancel my order. Come on apple,.. I'm sticking with my Walkman and banana phone.
  • Did anyone else preorder through the apple website for store pickup. It gave ma confirmation and said that it would send me an email. I never got an email!
  • @Dezman
    This question came up in the forum. Somebody said they contacted an Apple rep about this problem. The rep said that it may take a few hours for the conformation email due to server loads and network traffic.
    Also, your conformation email may show incorrect/un-subsidized price. The rep said don't worry about that either. The Apple store geeks will adjust the price as long as you qualify.
  • It's not unreasonable to want FM radio on a device that's totally capable of doing it - frak's sake the Zune HD can do FM and the previous gen iPod and iPhone are hardware capable of it. Let's all srop being cocks about it - I wouldn't hate having the option of FM for the few times I might need it. I know "let's all stop being cocks about it" is a vain hope on the internet.
  • Seriously! Just joking about the whale oil. No hard feelings. I totally agree, and FM radio is sooo needed Apple! Get with it. How else am I going to score my free arena football tickets and find out who will be appearing at the local laugh shack this weekend?
  • YES!!!! FINALLY!!!! This is much-needed. Palm
  • I use the fm radio in my phone every day in the gym. there are uses for the fm radio contrary to what the couple of smartasses here think. with my fm I can tune into the channel on the gym tv on the treadmill and have audio while I do cardio. very convient option
  • The white version will be released in stores on the 24
  • Riddle me this: why put 512 in the iPhone and not the iPad also?
  • If you reserved a 4 through apple, I recommend calling them to make sure you're on the list. A few buddies got confirmation emails, and called just to double check and they weren't on the list, even with confirmation emails. Now they can't get there's until July. Long live Omar Devon Little!!!
  • What the hell does RAM have to do with the number of pixels you can push anyway? Isn't that a function of your graphics subsystem?
  • That's all I needed to know. Now my life is complete. Thank you Tipb.
  • They are dipping all the white ones in the gulf to make them black!
  • Good to see a doubling of the RAM.
  • As a jailbreaker who randomly uses backgrounder to multitask, its painfully obvious that 256 is not enough to be comfortable. I tightly limit the number of apps in the background as I watch my available RAM go down to almost nothing with only a handful of apps open.
    So, hell yes. WTG.
  • Holy Crap on a pogo stick. I haven't heard anyone complain about ipad performance and ram issues until a NEWER device came out with (and this is a real shocker) better specs. This fall/next spring when they update the iPad, it will most likely get a camera, 1.5Ghz A4, and 512Mb ram. You decided you had to have it, QUIT WHINING!
  • diaz2010: dude! you made my day with that comment!
    also, its nice to hear that my dear iP4 will have 512ram :) coming from a Sprint Pre... all of you rest assured that i will piss my pants when i use the iPhone and check its speed out xD
    it will be like buying a Veyron while all my life i have been driving a 1800's Mercedes - Benz Diamler cars xD
  • Seriously though I am going to miss my white iPhone.... :-(
  • That's awesome about 512mb ram. I am going to be in shock coming from an iPhone 3G. Does anyone know the CPU speed of an A4 chip? Is the iPhone 4 going to have 1ghz clock speed?
  • Fm would be nice for fm broadcast that are done closed loop like a gym where you can listen what is on there number of TVs, its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. why is the CPU speed not published by apple? Is apple trying to hide the fact that it is running slower than the iPad, why not publish it? My 3GS is now running sluggish with os4 it sucks!
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