Yahoo! ha iPhone 4 has been crowned the king of obsessions for the year 2010 and its big brother the iPad has come in in the number 3 spot for obsessions. Some noteable obsessions behind the iPhone and iPad are Facebook who came in at number 6 and everyones favorite TV show...Jersey Shore which came in at number 5.

We can't say that either of these rankings are a huge surprise and we have seen and heard the sales numbers of both devices from Steve Jobs himself. What is interesting is that analysts were doubting the iPads success prior to its launch saying Apple would be lucky to sell a million units by the end of 2010. Obviously Apple's sales figures and public demand has shattered those statements.

What is to be looked at as a sort of shock is the iPhone 4 hitting the top of the list. It has been surrounded in controversy with "Antennagate" from the get go and recently with "Glassgate". Despite all the bumps in the road for Apple and their iPhone 4 launch it has still been the most popular smartphone of the year in terms of sales and reviews and now apparently obsessions.

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