iPhone 4 jailbreak enables FaceTime over 3G

If you were looking for an excuse to jailbreak your iPhone 4 using FaceTime over your carriers 3G network may just sway some of you to bite the bullet and go through the process. This can be done by installing a application located in Cydia called My3G [$3.99]. The app allows you to run any Wi-Fi only app over your carriers 3G network. While the FaceTime video calling quality suffers a bit compared to using Wi-Fi it still looks more than decent.

Update: If you're curious, 9to5Mac says a 5 min FaceTime call used almost 15 MB of data. Something to keep in mind if you have a data cap.

To those of you who have not tried to jailbreak, is using FaceTime over 3G worth giving it a shot? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check out the video after the break!

[9 to 5 Mac x2 and TiPb forums]

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  • You missed the point... is this app alone worth jailbreaking for to those people who have not done so or had no interest? That was the question... Can't appease everyone, sorry Derek.
  • So if you jailbreak your iPhone 4, you can't use face time on wifi anymore? Do I understand correctly?
  • My question is, how does this compare to apps like Fring? Considering that Fring doesn't require you to jailbreak your phone, what major benefits does this process provide in comparison? Is it smoother, better video/sound quality or are they just pretty much even?
  • blkmagik, It just depends on what you'd rather use. Not everyone uses FaceTime and not everyone uses Fring. The quality of both on 3G seem to be on par.
  • No offense Sikora, but Fring was already on the scene, again my question is how does it compare to Fring? Considering that you that Fring is free and doesnt require you to jailbreak, i really dont see how Jailbreak Facetiming is any better
  • We never said it was better. Again, not everyone uses Fring and not everyone uses FaceTime. It's just another choice for you.
  • Didn't fring remove the apps that can video chat?
  • jailbreak is not hard unless your a F retard. do it if you want or dont if you dont want. Whats there to debate. It wont kill you to jb so wtf you scare of? i swear you guys argue over nothing.
  • Requires ROCK APP, FAIL!
  • Damn server is down to get the 3G app
  • @Sikora ok thats a good enough argument.
    @Chris they removed skype but everything else is still there.
    @mike dont get where your pickin gup an argument, simple open conversation between me and Sikora.
  • just made my first facetime call over 3g, looked decent, a little bit of lag, but i wasnt in the best service area either, overall its not a dealbreaker considering i only facetime with one person but it def is something i might use when on the road/traveling
  • Cydia is overloaded as fcuk, huh?
  • Nope. But considering I haven't even tried Facetime - and probably never will unless somebody uses it to call me - maybe I'm not the target audience.
  • this comment system needs updating.
  • @Bsangs - Ditto here. I have NO use for FaceTime. It wasn't made for folks like me. Plus, it's nothing new. Video chat via cell phone has been around for years. It used to cost a small fortune and required a special plan to use. Kudos to Apple, though, for enabling it over wi-fi.
  • Blkmajik- you are probably the biggest idiot to ever post on tipb.com
    good day.
  • Ok, so I did this and I'll say this, it's just as amazing of quality with My3G than it is on wifi. Seeing how My3G makes it think your on wifi, I thought the quality was going to be rough but it's not.
    With Fring the quality on 3G is kinda laggy, and there is a big delay...but I FaceTimed someone in the same room as I and there was only a 2 second delay on sound and video. It's totally worth it if you jailbreak and want to FaceTime anywhere that wifi is unavailable.
  • And for Tmobile users ?
  • Is the fring app everyone is referring to the one in the iTunes app store? I just looked at it and it doesn't list video calling. If it does I think I'd rather give that a try before I void my warranty.
  • I don't know about T-Mobile users as there isn't no unlock out for the iPhone 4 for about another 24 to 48 hours no one will know for sure how it will work until then.
  • @Buffdaddydeluxe - Yes, It is, and it also lets you connect with other phones on other carriers who also have front facing cameras. It's a great app for that, but also remember.... Yes, jailbreaking does void your warranty on the software portion of your phone, you can easily get it back but restore it back to the legal software you download from Apple through iTunes.
  • @Jason Masters
    How would it work for TMobile if you can't use 3G with an unlocked phone?
  • I wont jailbreak. Not a reason to do it yet. Ill use Fring for now.
  • Works nicely enough for me to jailbreak.. not to great when connected to a microcell though strangely enough. Wouldn't even connect wifi on or off. I shut the microcell off and works perfectly. Go figure..
  • For me FaceTime looks and sounds better than Fring over 3G or WiFi so I am happy to have the option.
  • does anyone know how video chat on fring works? i've been trying forever
  • As the AT&T network infrastructure cries out in terror....
  • What we want is face chat with anyone any phone brand, not just iphone 4. Any other phone can do it over 3g
  • LMAO ..at the comment about "5 minutes of FT using 15mb so watch your usage"...So tell me Iphone 4 users..why do you pay over 40 a month more in service charges just to own a phone that has been reviewed and beaten in comparison to other handsets out there? Do you guys actually like to be "limited" at what you do? Limited in internet usage and limited in scope of how you can use your product that you have purchased with your hard earned money. It behooves me that all reveiws of the Iphone compared to the likes of an EVO have clearly pointed victory to the later. Spend a week with the EVO on FROYO and you will never look back to restraints!!! FREEDOM!!!
  • I spent 5 minutes with an EVO before I threw it across the room and watched it shatter into about 20 pieces. Honestly, I can't stand anything with the Android OS and I never will. All reviews on the iPhone didn't point the EVO to be the victor... I am sure you are just stuck on one device and believe it to be the victor for yourself.
    Sprint clearly doesn't have the best network know to man, in a lot of major cities the service is crappy and why would you purchase a phone that limits you to 4G service in on city. Yes, they are launching it in other cities later this year but you are limited to just 3G service. So it doesn't seem that you have total freedom, do you.
  • AT&T nor Verizon have the best network, but I luckily have picked the one that works best for my needs and I feel it to be a decent network.
  • I live in Houston Tx and Sprint has excellent coverage both 3g and 4g my friend. And like I stated Why limit yourself to 2gigs of data and pay 25 bucks a month for it? That is FOOLISH!! My bill with Sprint with the 10 buck fee is 96 dollars per month with taxes for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!!! When I was with AT&T and wanted to enjoy unlimited meaning no capys I was paying 135.00 with taxes!!! And to have a phone that is LIMITED to everything it does..If i want seemlessness I had to buy a MAC an IPOD and pay for certain cables all from ONE SOURCE!!! THis is absurd..FREEDOM!!
  • @ Gino from the Bronx, Learn to spell my handle before attempting to troll flame me and you call me the idiot. LOL
  • Ha ha good one blk!
  • First, I am not "your friend". Second, I could care less what you pay or I pay for service. Quality service is all everyone wants and if it means paying one for it on one network than another, than that's the right we all have to do. This Freedom you speak of is what you like for yourself, but I honestly have all the freedom I want on the network I have chosen.
    As for 2GB of data, unlimited is best, but for those that don't need unlimited data...at least they have the option to get a lesser plan, but for most who were smart...they kept the unlimited plans and didn't change their plans. I am sure that you will reply back with some other remarks on how you view Sprint to be some God of a network, but honestly if you knew the problems others have with Sprint or any network for that matter, you would understand how to not be childish about it.
  • Your lesser plan still cost about 20 bucks more for a total..lol
  • Honestly, you don't know what I pay for my phone bill nor is it any of your business. I don't pay what everyone else pays after discounts that are applied to my account. Service is only worth what one believes it's worth...and if I had to pay 300 bucks a month to be on AT&T, than I would. Money is not an option nor has it ever been and nor will it ever be.
  • Ok my friend Mr. Ben..Enjoy paying more for less..LMBO..Some folk just don't get it!!! PS..Don't drop the Iphone4 like my friend did it shattered!!!
  • Dropped my iphone 4 on cement concrete cermaic basement floor still mint.
  • @Dguidro seems as though you take too much pride in your carrier and your phone. Is your life really that empty that you feel it is necessary to defend something that no one else in the world cares about? I'm glad that you found a carrier that works for you and a phone that you seem to think of as a god, but please stay off tipb I'm sure there's an evo blog where everyone worships their phone like you do.
  • Fring allows video calling over 3G on any ios4 device :
    Now, see your friends with 2 way video calls over 3G/WiFi
    iPhone (iOS4) users can enjoy video calls (3G & WiFi) to any friend on other
    iPhones, Android and Nokia (S60) Smartphones.
    *3G performance subject to mobile operators' 3G coverage and quality
    More fring iPhone goodies
    Multitasking: the latest fring for iPhone iOS4 lets you be 'always on' & available with fring running in the background to alert you to new chats, calls or video calls.
    A smarter address book: easily manage your buddy list, merge contacts and more.
    New Social Stream: a chronological stream of all tweets, Facebook updates, chats and calls, all in one place! Easy cross-community.
  • Dunno about you guys, but face time on wifi is pretty pointless, at least for me it is. It's like, what webcams are for. Granted the iPhone is more portable than a webcam, I'm sure your girlfriend has seen the inside of your house at least a few times.
    Case in point, face time was supposed to be a real portable experience, whereas the restriction to wifi kills it. Whether you enable it through Fring or JB apps, I highly recommend this being done.
  • Requires ROCK App = FAIL
  • Great post!
  • OK this makes a lot of sene dude, Wow.
  • Yeah I think their servers got hit hard. Too bad they weren't more prepared. Think of all the customers they're losing.
    IMO it's worth waiting for them to get it together though. I'd rather see a buggy launch than no update at all, like Skype.