iPhone 4 vs Nexus S in Photos

iPhone 4. Nexus S. There's probably more to say about the differences than the similarities. Different operating systems? Check. Don't work with 3G on the same networks? Check. Different screen sizes? Check. Different philosophy and methodology towards multitasking? Check. Different video conferencing solutions (insofar as few to none work yet on the Nexus S)? Check.

The list goes on, but we're sort of guessing that for most the choice between the Nexus S and the iPhone 4 will be determined by carrier choice and OS preference more than whether Android's latest can go head-to-head with Steve Jobs' glass-encased wonderphone.

All that shouldn't stop you from hitting us after the break for a photo fight between the iPhone 4 and the Nexus S - with some extra attention paid to how the iPhone still has the best music player around while Android's just-released Google Maps 5.0 makes iOS's version look a little lacking.

Want more? Be sure to hit up our frenemies at Android Central for all the latest on the Nexus S.

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  • T-Mobile sucks
  • @tsb3 you can say that again.
  • even though i agree with both first comments its not the provider thats being compared cause if thats the case att sucks too!!
  • If this was on AT&T I would buy it unlocked off contract and still keep my iPhone 4, but only using T-Mobile 3G bands in the US is fail. I also wish Samsung would stop with this glossy plastic fail they like to use, that phone has million dollar guts and a 10 cent case.
  • If you see a task-killer, they blew it. I see a task-killer.
  • Then again there should be an easy way to close all the open applications. One by one just SUCKS. Like jobs said, "We shouldn't have to think about it"
  • FUGLY looking phone..Agree cheap and too big. I4 has grown on me and it is a great piece of work in and out
  • not sure that i see the task killer that you guys are referring to
  • The Nexus S looks cheap compared to the iPhone.
  • IMO it would be quite a feat to out-design the form factor of the iPhone 4. It does not stand alone as an object. It is a slab with some buttons. It is it's function, combined with it's form that makes it an iconic thing of beauty. If Frank Loyd Wright designed a cell phone(unlikely, as he is dead)it may very well have looked something like an iPhone.
  • So, does the curved screen make it feel more natural when on a call?
    And hey, smart phone experts, if you really are experts, you could you know, measure the dimensions and weight of the devices as well as the photo comparison? And I mean measure, not take the dimensions and weight from the manufacturer.
    Specifications = marketing. They are not stone cold facts until verified by third parties. Also, what's the deal with the RAM on Galaxy S phones? How much does it have? How much does is it using?
  • Btw, what's the real color of the wall, with the painting? (Picture 12th, with both handsets showing the same photo)
    Green or orange?
  • Played with one today and was not impressed, yes its smooth and very responsive but I expected more. I think it was a bad idea to go with Samsung. Android is definitely improving but the hardware is lacking.
  • Not only does the Nexus S case look cheap, so does the display and the OS. I don't see anything in those photos, including the maps, that looks better on the Nexus S. Thanks for reminding us that when it comes to design, there's Apple and then there's everyone else.
  • Let's see google maps is far superior to that or ios youtube . But to everyone has their preferences but I do agree the case looks cheap
  • I wish they had gone with HTC again, the Nexus One is a thing of beauty build-wise. I would have loved the iPhone 4 to have a 4 inch screen, also-- maybe iPhone 5? The new Google Maps looks awesome, btw. T-mo is a no-no for me. If the Nexus S ever comes out with AT&T 3G bands I would certainly check it out.
  • Samsung makes one heck of a HDTV and monitor but they don't know their elbows from their buttholes when it comes to phones. HTC should have got the nod on this one.
  • I wonder when/if iPhone will get a bigger screen. The retna display is nice, but a few .1" would make a difference for videos, reading longer content, websites, documents and apps. The Nexus One managed a bigger screen without sacrificing a slim form.
  • Apple is hard headed. They won't make a phone with a bigger screen size. It took them what......20 years to add a second button to their mouse??
  • @Jimbo, and now they have taking the button off the mouse all together! Haha magic mouse ftw?
  • According to consumer reports AT&T is dead last and it's not even close. I tend to agree. So if Tmobile sucks, what does that say about AT&T?
  • Look the iPhone is the Mercedes Benz of phones, all the other ones are like Hyundais and Kias that are getting better...but are not Benz...
  • @SockRolid
    You do know the iPhone also has a task manager also....
    Albeit a simple one, a task manager none the less. Yeah.
  • @John... Go hump your android because if you didn't really give a crap you wouldn't be cruising TIPB
  • I really don't mind a plastic case.. neither did iPhone users of the 3G and 3GS, which was extremely scratch prone. I also take into account that the glass on the front of the Nexus S is gorilla glass, like the other galaxy devices. So the part of the phone that actually matters is highly protected. The only other material I would've accepted would be carbon fiber or soft-touch plastic.. metals are well known to cause radio interference. Plus since the iPhone4 already has glass and metal.. carbon fiber would be an extremely light and durable alternative. So that being said.. the Nexus S case back maybe extremely cheap.. but mind you, its also replaceable.
  • @treats, the iPhone 3G and 3GS both had shiny plastic cases...
  • lol that's not a task manager. apps that are persistent (like winamp when playing music) show up in the notification bar so that you can use other apps, and still have one click access to the app (so you can stop the music, change songs etc) lol. the little envelope you see is a gmail notification lolol.
  • @ Chris - There is Gorilla Glass on the Nexus S.. just like every other Samsung phone of the Galaxy generation/hardware. Curved screen or not, which I'm hoping thats not the reason you're assuming the thing can't be made out of Gorilla Glass.. Since Corning is capable of making plates/bowls/serving dishes out of it.
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  • Where's the review in performance and hardware..... Never mind I get it...
  • You guys need to cool it with your iphone vs android bs. Google and Apple have a monopoly in the mobile phone market. So, they are getting rich while you losers getting mad. Move on...its just a phone.
  • You can really see the difference in Clarity in the 2 devices in these pictures. I'll be sticking with my iPhone!
  • The reception at T-Mobile is pretty bad and from what I have been hearing so is the reception at AT&T, to be honest I can't wait for verizon to get the iphone that would be so much better, well anyhow we buy old iphones at swapngreen.com
  • Wow look at the high end, top quality plastic of the Nexus S! Hard to compete with that plastic look and feel!
    /End sarcasm
  • Are you guys all ATT freaks. Do you know nothing about Android cause you are all into iPhone. I guess so.
    If you were to do your homework. Read your reviews. Seems some have. The guts of the phone are "a million dollars" Well, the case you don't like, I didnt think I did either. Well the vibrant is rock solid even tho the case is plastic. If you talk to ten people on the forums--a solid phone is NOT the material, but many more characteristics, incl a well balanced phone
    For those who said that Tmo 3g sucks Well it may, but this is using the HSDPA, true, not the HSPA+ which is 4g, yes faster than the EVO, but it is still using HSDPA, a BEEFED UP version of 3g, and it has Gingerbread, which speeds it up a loooootttttttt. And lastly, PURE GOOGLE, with no overlyay, i.e. Sense UI or Touch Wiz, makes it very fast
  • http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,2036749,00.html
  • We are doing away with gorila glass in future phones. Will use diamond for the entire case. . That will justify the price of the myphone.
  • The reception at T-Mobile is pretty bad and from what I have been hearing so is the reception at AT&T, to be honest I can’t wait for verizon to get the iphone that would be so much better, well anyhow we buy old iphones at swapngreen.com and much more
  • Tmibile and AT&T use the same towers. iPhone and nexus s shouldn't be compared. One is modern the other is a dated os with nothing more than app icons and a nice screen. iPhone needs a new modern os
  • yeah love the at&t
  • why is it that none of the well known website for cellphone went with the iphone. ie, cnet, engadget, gizmodo, zdnet and all that...
    i guess you guys are in love with your iphone. hey, try something new, you might like it :P
  • @miguel what are you talking about all those sites went with the iphone look at the engadget buyers guide. They labeled the iphone as the number 1 phone and they said if you dont like it get the nexus. Cnet said iphone 4, giz sad iphone 4, the only site that said nexus was technobuffalo. All the editors from the sites you list use the iphone 4 as their daily drivers.
  • @iPhone users. I just wonder why you need to justify why your phone is so superior. its like Macs and PC's. I always here Mac users talk about how their computers are so superior and how bad PC's are, when it really comes down to the user. I have been an iPhone user, and it too has had errors gasp! I feel like Apple should have their design and function down after so many years of slight tweaks. I grew extremely bored of my iPhone in record time because its too simple, I mean, a toddler can use that thing. The iPhone capitalizes on laziness so its perfect for the mass majority
  • .... AND the nexus may look cheap but it doesn't feel that way. The phones I see with the most broken screens are the iPhones. Just saying, don't knock the Android phones, I have turned a lot of iPhone users into believers. Also, I can understand Googles changes to the phone... Samsung does make excellent displays, and the plastic casing really improves the reception on my phone. I'm glad the strayed away from HTC, I love them but their devices are starting to look too much alike. I upgraded from my nexus one and don't regret it one bit, the Nexus S is great! I can't wait till Cyanogen makes his mark on this one
  • I'm just curious if there has been any research done on the percentage of Apple users that also sell Amway.....
    Come out of "the garden" and see what's developing in the real world. Some of this hardware is amazing. Granted the iPhone has come a long way and is a great piece of HARDWARE but locking users down and crippling them with iTunes is just cruel.....
  • One day Steve will let his customers remove the battery and they will start crying about plowing batteries and demand free welding.
  • I notice the i phone had a body & screen protector on it. Does anyone know which companies product this is. The only reason why is this is one that I don't want to buy. Please let me know who's product this is. Thanks.
  • Even the plastic on the 3G and 3GS looked much better, compared to this cheap cheese stick.
  • Right on Edie... I have a number of coworkers on Android phones. When you compare the interfaces between Android and iOS from the icons to even the fonts... it's obvious that the attention to the smallest detail is just part of Apple's culture.
  • Stop drinking the Apple KoolAid!!! The Nexus S is Hot!!!
  • Haha this are all typical Apple fanboys responses. The iPhone4 is an extraordinary device that made everything change. The difference between the Nexus S and every other phone. That this is a Pure Google device. So there will be no bloatware on it. Just like the AT&T bloatware on the iPhone4
  • The great downfall of the Nexus S is no SD slot. Just about every other android phone has one, so...why not this one? Very Apple attitude, if I may say so. :p
  • The only thing stopping me from switching to the Nexus S is the fact that it has no memory card slot - I would go for a Galaxy S instead but had really bad feedback about them so waiting for the GS2 instead.
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