iPhone 4 prototype going for 70K on eBay... until Apple has it taken down

Stop us if you've heard this story before, but a sketchily sourced bit of rare Apple kits hits eBay -- say an iPhone 4 prototype similar to the one Gizmodo got their hands on last year -- and people start to bid crazy amounts of money for it... before Apple legal ultimate has it removed from auction. (And no doubt sends post-cog commandos crashing through some skylights, somewhere.)

It's right now at $70K and climbing. So enjoy the spectator sport while it lasts.

Who's selling it and how long it will take Apple to start issuing demand letters we don't know. All we know is that Google probably isn't one of the bidders. The amounts are far too even. No non-linear or squares of negative numbers in the bidding history, far as we can tell...

[@pytey via This is My Next]

Rene Ritchie

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  • It's going for over $100,000 now.
  • It's at $100000 now
  • It is now at 100k
  • I can't see a reason for Apple to kill this. It's an iPhone 4 prototype, which if memory serves, is the current model. If it was an iPhone 5 prototype I would expect Apple to take a keen interest, but this? Not so much. I think the wild bidders are going to have a nasty surprise.
  • Its fake... C'mon now $999,999,900. It's two people trying to create Internet hype bidding up at eatchother for fun, in the end nobody pays. Because the winner is the sellers friend.
  • If Apple doesn't step in, you can almost guarantee eBay will pull this listing.
  • ...
  • I don't know if anyone else has said this, but it's at 100K now
  • Why would anyone want this?
    A prototype for a phone that has been on the market for a year now.
    That's crazy