iPhone 4 Safari vs. Blackberry Torch 9800 WebKit -- Browser Battles

iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Torch 9800 vs Captivate browser test

CrackBerry Kevin decided to put the brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800's brand new BlackBerry OS 6 WebKit browser up against iPhone 4's iOS 4 Safari and Captivate's Android 2.1 Chrome in a good, old-fashioned browser battle royal.

The results? Win, lose, or draw, RIM has certainly come a long way when it comes to browsers. See the video above and CrackBerry.com's play-by-play for more. Let us know your thoughts below.

Rene Ritchie

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  • How people can still be such huge fans of BlackBerry is a mystery to me. Crackberry... what a joke.
    Look, if you like your BlackBerry for its keyboard, then fine. But the rabid fans all over Crackberry.com make Apple fans pale in comparison. How they can possibly think their outdated me-too operating system is anywhere as good as the iPhone is beyond me (let alone better than). It's a new decade, and RIM seems to have finally caught up to the iPhone -- from last year, that is.
    There isn't (and never really has been) very much that a BlackBerry can do that iPhone or Android can't, and with each update, iOS and Android come progressively closer to bridging the small gaps. On the other hand, BlackBerrys haven't been able to do a lot of what iPhone and Android could, and BlackBerry updates only serve to inch closer to some semblance of feature parity. Let's not even go into user interfaces, which iOS, Android, and WebOS reign supreme in.
  • @ Andrew. What should surprise you is how some people can be so juvenile to think EVERYBODY should and think like YOU. Believe it or not, people have different needs and wants. If you think that iOS has all or most of the features that the Blackberry OS you are sadly mistaken. Blackberry OS very specific features that some people really need weather you understand that or not. The Torch will be a great device for many people and even though I am an iPhone 4 user I can understand that not everyone has to like the iPhone 4.
  • Its nice to see Blackberry finally get a good browser way better than what they had before
  • just tested with my iphone 3G, but it's with Opera mini.
    it's faster than that torch, in both 3g and wifi, my home wifi.
    and it's not too far behind from the iphone 4 and the other one.
  • @ Steve. Yeah, that Opera Mini sure is fast
  • I have used all three top at&t phones and they all have there benefits and yes there short comings. The Iphone4 sry one word antenna ( and wait isnt that the one thing i should expect from a CELL PHONE), Captivate (current phone) bad GPS (might get fixed) samsung just has issues with EDGE, Laggy wallpaper, BB 9800 no widgets and rim should have used a better screen. all n all i give bb and A+ for there effort and improvement. Samsung damn you guys can make a screen lol A. Iphone4 love the phone minus the ant issue but APPLE you get a big C- for the way it was handled. just step up and admit your foul and FIX it and not with a fake algorithm that shows false info. tisk tisk** i guess i expected more for APPLE. its for that reason that i don't think i will continue to be an apple customer. that said if they make it right just maybe id come back, but for now I go back to where the SMART phone revolution started RIM..... I'M BACK!!!!!!
  • @ Eric. Agreed %100. That was the biggest knock against bb in my opinion. Their browser still isn't the top dog but its much better. I'm a former Bold owner and it was PAINFUL using the Internet on that thing.
  • @ Rual L, can you please elaborate on those features real quick??? Im interested to know what blackberry brings to the table that IOS and Android dont.....
  • @jcal08 the apple os is a piece of garbage , really what makes the phone awesome is apps apps and more apps. No one comes close to the app quality of apps the iPhone has. In term of what the actual OS does vs what BB OS can do you need to jailbreak the OS ten times over. Let's call a spade a spade here the options SUCK and customization is close to zero. as for multitasking can you really tell me that the iPhone solution is really better than android or blackberry ? Answer is no. Don't get me wrong I love the iPhone , I just know what makes it special is the iPhone SDK to produce apps
  • iPhone os is garbage? Let's keep things in perspective it is the os all these companies are striving to reach at every opportunity. Android is an attempt at apples os. And it was top dog before the app store or sdk.
  • Surely there's room in the party for all... What else do we need our phones to do? Surely operators should concentrate on improving their networks, so we can get the maximum out of the phones we already have... o2 UK - listen up, your 3g coverage leaves alot to be desired!
  • Even with the new OS webkit browser, BB can't catch up what iPhone has owned for years. Whatever RIMs released it's still what it calls,"iPhone wanna be". Keep chasing but won't even get any closer.
  • Crackberry Kevin lost touch with reality and objectivity years ago. I don't trust any of his reviews or commentary.
  • You misspelled "weather". It the context used it would be "whether".
  • CrackBerry Kevin decided to put the sort new BlackBerry Torch 9800’s sort new BlackBerry OS 6 WebKit browser up against iPhone 4’s iOS 4 Safari and Captivate’s Android 2.1 Chrome in a good, old-fashioned browser battle royal.
  • This just shows how NOTHING compares to the iPhone!
  • @Jcal08 Real quick: BES functionality (yes, a lot of people in the business world are only permitted to connect via BES), profiles, notifications/LED indicator light, real keyboard (yes, some people like those).
  • Let's keep things in perspective, folks.
    Look, I carry 2 phones with me wherever I go. I don't like doing it, but it's a requirement of my job. I use my beloved iPhone 4 as my main, personal phone. Nothing competes with the app experience. But I also carry a Verizon BB Bold (9650) for work. Why? For one, the US government doesn't fully trust Apple's security enough to support iPhones (at least at my agency). Second, as someone else mentioned, BB has the BES. Apple cannot hope to accomplish email integration on the level of Blackberry until they build a server that plays nice and resides with Exchange.
    If my iPhone could be used at work with the ease and reliability (device reliability, that is. Verizon's network in DC is abysmal) of my BB, I'd drop the Bold in a second.
    But for now, I'm excited about the Torch and hope that it will soon become my second phone to do all the things for my my Apple jay can't (for now).
  • Where are all the clowns who always come here to tell us that BlackBerrys have email. :roll:
  • I fear it may be "too-little-too-late" For RIM. With Ios4+ and Androids 2.2-3.0 taking huge pieces of market share, I see many users switch from BB to Droids, or Iphones. Looks like they got on the boat late and now there may not be room for them.
  • Hi, indeed Blackberry is winning this year as the best smartphone, I suggest you check out my article and vote on the poll!
  • @ Fastlane. The only comment in this post worthy of a true clown is the one you just made.
  • @Jcal08, just for starters:
    TRUE multistasking
    not annoying popup messages that HAVE To be dealt with to continue.
    I can type and NOT have to stop to hit dismiss.
    Battery life is incredible. I knock out 6,000 messages (combined in & out) in 48 hours before my battery dies.
    make phone calls
    those are SOME.
    I love the i4, I really do. But it's FAR from perfect. I ALWAYS carry my BB with me because it's my communication device. I have push email accounts, 7 push IM accounts that allow me to deal with them when I want to, BBM is a GODSEND, and their compression allows me to send 10 times more messages than any other messaging phone because of the data it compresses.
  • @Z Kent:
    Yeah, we iPhone users don't have push email, do we?
    Do you people know what year it is? :lol:
  • the verdict is............... Iphone duuuhhhhh.... Not even the stupid captivate can compaire.... Boy am I glad I jumped ship 1 year ago from storm to 3GS. Now im rocking iphone4 and loving it.
  • Z Kent nailed it.
    At the end of the day, iTonka glitz served by a brainwashing design-dictator just isn't going to get the job done. However, when Mr. Jobs is finally 'done' (making toys)...
    ..it's comforting to know RIM will be there to give the 'thinking world' the tools they need (not a million fart apps!)
  • @Z Kent. Yeah, nicely said. I would only add the speed of the Blackberry OS, the deep integration of the so called Super Apps and the overall security of the Blackberry OS for some Agencies/Institutions/Corporations that need it. You won't be seeing the latest PDF exploit of the iOS4 in Blackberries any day soon.
  • I agree with everything Raul said. I am an iphone and BB user and i have to admit that IPHONE is a great toy. But if you work on any respectable and high security job, you will always need a BB. Iphone could only wish they had the security and speed that BB has. I love both, but they are just made for different things. And lets not talk about battery, signal, and drop calls because we would need a whole new page for that.
  • Let's get a grip here, folks. These are just phones. The important things in life are family and friends, not to mention the love of a good woman (or man).
    Oh who am I kidding? If I could screw my iPhone... Never mind. I'd trade in the wife for the next iPhone any day...
  • And the king is iPhone once again...nothing against the BB but iPhone and google are a beast and BB is just average at best
  • The iPhone 4 was the only one which seemed responsive most of the time ... lol
  • Kso i switched from the storm to the iphone 3gs and honestly i am loving the iphone but now i hear the torch is coming out and the iphone 4 is out. I love iphone for their outstanding app world but i miss bbm. And i want to get my daughter a bb or an i4 she is 13 what would be best for her? I might get an i4 just for facetime for us and our friends to talk to.
  • People must remember that iPhone and Android are "device oriented". BB has to his side the power of infrastructure, and make device that have mimin consum that mean better battery life.
    iphone and droid have the mail in push... but with a direct connection. BIS come to help consumer not draining their battery.
    Go buy the device you need: multimedia? more&more apps? long battery life..
  • While this newest browser still pales in comparison to current standards, I can't really see the comparison of BB fans to Apple fans. I person don't revel at pics and or sightings of Jim Balsillie or Mike Lazaridis. Just sayin'...
  • I've had my Iphone 3G for about a year now not even 3GS and i absolutely LOVE IT!!! i actually never even liked all touch screen before but now i see thats apples touch screen is so reliable and apple's warranty is good too, i love it for internet and msn is awesome on it ...the only complaint i have is that its a little slow and only after jailbreaking it...all you ppl who say bb's are better i guess its just your preference , Even got my mom to switch to an iphone and she loves it especially for e-mail .. ive sent e-mails from my computer and get it right away to my phone for i don't know why ppl are complaining about that could be the company network you are with... BBM geez another fad like facebook that the whole damn world has to be sucked into ... I mean get what you prefer at the end of the day but i still rep the Iphone everyday!!!!
  • Bbm is a fad? Haha
  • This really helped me because I haven't had the best of luck with phones in the last month. Right now I have the torch but tomorrow I'm going to switch to the iphone 4. I like the torch but the battery is always dying on me early. Also just for people who have the iphone what do you mean be you can't personalize it? Does that mean you can't add a customize backgroud or peoples pictures I'm not understanding! And just because I care can you have personal ringtone for people in your contacts? It matters to me because I know with the Torch you can set a customize ringtone and text message ringtone for each person within your contact list. So please help me out thank you! :)
  • Hi, indeed Blackberry is winning this year as the best smartphone, I suggest you check out my article and vote on the poll!http://soft4bb.com/blackberry-torch-9800-vs-apple-iphone-4.html
  • I have an i-Phone 3G and with each firmware upgrade - the phone quality progressively went down. When I first bought the unit - it was shipped with firmware ver 2.2 which was fine. After a few updates - now I have firmware version 3.2 and I decline to upgrade to the new crap called iOS4.
    Right after I updated firmware to version 3 - the battery life just went down the drain. Now the phone cannot hold a charge even for a 24 hour period.
    I have had a few of my friends upgraded their units to iOS4 and their phones are now slow as a brick.
    Yes - iPhones are fine product but Apples way of systematically killing older units is a bad practice. Personally - I will NEVER buy an Apple product - ever again. If people are happy paying $600+ for an unit which gets killed within a year - that's good for them.
    But if I'm spending that much of money - I would like to keep using my unit as long as I wish.
  • Let's face it. IT really boils down to what features are most important to you and what is your preference. The fact that people who use one product over another and call the other people losers...get a life! People are not to be stereotyped by the device you use or play with...they have as much value as anyone else. For me...I love my bb for a few reasons: absolutely love bbm, the ruggedness of it, the reliability and ease of email which is primary for me, the compression of data leaves Apple in the dust (so what if I have to wait a couple more seconds as I will be surfing on a smaller data plan for longer). And to boot....I am done with proprietary software. I detest itunes and its glitches. With bb...drag and drop and unlimited expandibility plus removeable battery. I used to love my Apple Touch (which is basis for this phone's OS anyway)but after OS upgrade and iTunes woes (don't ever consolidate a library on an external drive as iTunes WILL end up not being able to recognize it sooner or later).
    BUT...when all is said and done, this is a comparison of products based on my uses and needs and not a reflection on any human being who opts to use an iphone for theirs.