Some iPhone 4 showing yellow blotches on Retina Display?

Seems like some iPhone 4 users are unboxing their new beauties and promptly finding some unsightly yellow splotches on the ginormous Retina Display:

In the bottom 10% of the screen there are three blotches about the size of shirt buttons that discolor the screen a brown/yellow color." You can see a demonstration of that anomaly in the image to the right.

Apple doesn't have enough stock to do exchanges yet, but it sounds like some folks are going to be heading over to the Genius Bar to swap them for fresh, functional devices just as soon as they can.

Anyone here seeing that problem? Let us know.

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Rene Ritchie

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  • not me. but i do have and issue that when you hold the phone from the side of the phone which is the only way. the signal bars go down and if you make a call or if you are in a call you get either a drop call or you can connect.
    now i know why apple came out with the so call bumper. i am going to go to an apple store today and i am going to make them give me that damn bumper for free cuz of this issue which i know that every one is having. i advise everyone to make apple give you a bumper for free cuz this is and issue with the hardware and not with at&t this time
  • Home buttons will be a huge problem this year on the iPhone 4. After a few months of double tapping to multitask, you'll be double tapping and triple tapping just to get apps to launch.
    You heard it here first. Bookmark this comment.
  • do you think they would get rid of the mechanical home button and do some sort of touch or capacitive?
  • I have this problem. There are yellow blobs on the top of my phone where the time displays and also on the bottom right of the screen. That is not the only problem- the speakerphone is extremely low and I can barley hear anyone speaking. I have to put on the loud speaker ib order to hear somebody talking. Really stupid as now I have to try to get a replacement.
  • Ok, so you got a display that is extremelly rare on any gadget around. This was my concern since its announcement, was this new technology tested enough?
  • So much for "Apple does it right" concept. The phones with the blotches should have never made it out of the factory. I also wonder if they tested the device enough. I hope the blotches are a fixable problem, or will all iPhone 4 devices slowly start showing the bloches? This is not a good thing for the product.
  • Wow. Now I'm glad I didn't preorder. I'm going to hang back for a few weeks to see what else pops up and how Apple will deal with faulty products.
  • I received mine yesterday and have no blotches or signal problems. I actually get better wifi and cellular signal than I ever have in my old house. I do have a plastic low profile ifrogz lean case though.
  • Yeah got the yellow blotches/marks, just about the same position as in the photo :-(
  • I have a yellow blotch as well, in the very bottom left of my screen:(
  • You are no longer allowed to use the word "ginormous" to describe the iPhone since the Android 4.3" screens were announced. The iPhone was ginormous in 2007.
  • Queued up for 4hrs this morning to get mine and just now noticed that there is the dreaded yellow blotch along this side with the volume keys. Would take it back today to the app store but I bet it's going to be well busy in there and I fly out to greece early in the morning, so I guess it's going to be a next week thing.
    Everything else seems to work perfect though. Have no lost or dropped signal at all.
  • I have one on the bottom left of my screen as well. A friend has one on the top right by the battery symbol and is already on a waiting list for a replacement at the apple store. It is pretty lame, but honestly I am not sure I would have noticed by now had he not pointed it out as the background needs to be white or a light color to see.
  • just called the apple store where i picked it up this morning (pentagon city, va). genius will look at it immediately and replace. no appointment necessary.
  • Seems the only way to fix the signal problem is to buy the iPhone 4 Bumpers. I bet Apple knew this for people buy those expensive 30 dollars bumpers not just for protect the iPhone, but for the signal too! Damm you Apple. Am just going to return it and get the new motot droid x
  • So let's see. The fact that many people can lose signal COMPLETELY just by holding the phone can be fixed with firmware. And yellow splotches on the phone will "heal themselves". I think the Apple religion has now coined a new phrase: mass overoptimism!
  • I have 3 blotches almond size and shape lined up vertically in the top 1/3 and left 1/3 of the screen. bummer. I can see the flaw in all colors except red, black and dark blue.
  • Thanks for the useful post! I would not have found this myself!