iPhone 4 Made Simple eBook - 50% off

Yours truly once again lent a technical eye to Gary Mazo and Martin Trautschold's latest guide for new users -- iPhone 4 Made Simple. If there's anyone among your friends and family who just got an iPhone 4, and you're eager to avoid becoming their go-to support guy or gal, just point them towards iPhone 4 Made Simple. With over 1000 pictures and crystal clear, how-to instruction on more features than you can shake an accelerometer at, it'll get them started in a jiffy and leave you free get some work done, or just finish another level in your game.

And if they (or you) need any more convincing, here's a 50% off coupon code just for TiPb readers. Simply enter “TIPBLZHAZ“ upon checkout when purchasing the iPhone 4 Made Simple eBook from Apress' website.


[iPhone 4 Made Simple]

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