iPhone 4.0, 4th Generation iPhone Rumors at CES - Limited Multitasking, Verizon-capable

While iPhone accessories and apps are everywhere here at CES, the iPhone -- meaning Apple itself -- is characteristically absent. That doesn't mean people are whispering about it. There are lots of rumors about iPhone 4.0 software and the 4th generation iPhone hardware, but the ones floating around the most are:

  • Limited multitasking ability. Whether it's that new multi-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, a new SpringBoard (Home Screen) metaphor, or just Apple finally deciding to invent it, iPhone 4.0 may see us able to run a few apps (or more?) in the background.
  • Verizon-capable. Again, it could just be the buzz around Qualcomm's new dual CDMA/GSM chipset which should be ready just in time, but the technology seems to there and all that remains is for Verizon and Apple -- control freaks both -- to come to a subsidy agreement.

Oh, and by the way Google, we've been using that whole superphone meme since February of 2008.

Rene Ritchie

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