iPhone 4.0 jailbroken on the same day it's released

Just hours after it's beta release, iPhone OS 4.0 has been jailbroken and iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd has the video to prove it. The method of which this was done will remain kept under lock and key until it's release this summer. Something else to keep in mind is that there is no guarantee that Apple won't throw in a monkey wrench to shake things up between now and the final build.

How many of you are already thinking about jailbreaking 4.0 when it goes live?

Video after the break!

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  • Does anyone have the beta of iPhone 3GS 4.0 which they could share because I'm desperate for it now ! Please !!!!!!
  • Mitchell: If you install it without being on a developers list your iPhone will be bricked.
  • It's good that they did this already but I'm sure apple is going to add a lill something to the mix on release day. So I'm going to wait about a month after it's release to jailbreak
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but why would they talk about this already? It benefits no one, just apple, so they can put in a fix before they release it.
    I just don't understand why they couldn't of waited to show until after the final beta
  • I love my jail broken iPhone 3Gs, even though I'm finding that some of my apps, as they "upgrade" are not compatible with my now restricted version 3.1.2, but what can we do, except wait for 4.0 (and this promised jail break.)
    While I'm not naive enough to think that Apple doesn't know that someone is going to jail break 4.0, let's just keep the "bragging" down and not throw it in their face. The best marketing decision Apple could make would be to jump on the jail break band wagon and just let their customers do what they want with their property. Why such a bunch of paranoid control-freaks? (Unless this is a reflection of mental state of the man "at the top.")
    Come on June and version 4.0!!!
  • The fact that dev team knows how to jailbreak it (and i hope also unlovk it) does not mean that apple is aware of the the way it is done and exploit used.
    As seen before apple fix exploits only after they are revealed by the jailbreak/unlock methods.
    I just cross fingera that this infos is not published before this summer, in order for us to be able to havw te jailbreak.
    Personnaly i will jailbreak it in the hour the solution is released.
  • Not surprising. There's been a jailbreak around for 3.1.3 for a while now as well, but no groups released their exploit b/c they wanted to save it for the next major release. This shows that Apple didn't plug that hole and it was easy to apply the same jailbreak to 4.0.
  • I won't be jailbreaking 4.0 any time soon, unless mutitasking/background apps isn't working right. That was the biggest reason I did it. That and, SBS settings.
    I just didn't find a use for the other stuff.
  • iphone OS 4.0 review hands on multitasking sneak peek video!
  • Sure the beta is jailbroken. Security is doubtful even implemented yet. Apple doesn't run security backwards and wouldn't release that stuff in a beta.
  • iv got the new os 4.0 and i cant seem to do half the things that they say you can do, 1, folders. cant seem to see that option, 2, cant by background, 3, multitask??? anyone know????
  • @ Spazbite33 how the heck do u get 4.0 for free, can u please help me out man?
  • If I can't jailbreak, then I won't have an iPhone. Bottom line.
  • I still plan on jailbreaking, only because apple failed to fix that horrible notification system. Plus I need SBSettings.
    Jailbreaking for... Status Notifier SBSettings Lockinfo Thats pretty much it, Apple took care of the rest.
  • What I want to know is, what about for 3G? I just want to use multitask for 3G. What do you think?
  • Will OS 4.0 allow SSH access? Nope? Then I'll be jailbreaking ;) Oh and also for SBSettings, biteSMS, PDANet, ProSwitcher etc.
  • I'm still going to jailbreak for Proswitcher(iPod Touch 2G gets no multitasking love >_>) and SBSettings
  • argghhh .... show off, can't u guys just wait and keep low profile for the time being !!!
  • The only reason left for me to jailbreak 4.0 will be SBSettings. I rarely even use Backgrounder/ProSwitcher, and I rarely even look at Status Notifier. I can't organize web clip icons in Categories, so that's been pretty useless to me.
    I probably won't be jailbreaking 4.0 just for SBSettings (though I'll sure miss it). The whole management part of jailbreak is just getting to be too much trouble. I'll most likely just leave everything running all the time and deal with the battery life so I don't have to access Settings the old way every half hour.
  • NB: "the method BY which," not "the method of which." And "it's" is "it is," not the possessive form of "it," which is "its."
  • Dev team rules!
  • another reason i will still jailbreak is 3g unrestrictor, i like to watch youtube videos at the highest quailty on 3g, before i had this program on my phone the videos were almost unwatchable, now crystal clear. also you can download updates to your apps even if they are over the 20mb limit.
    and wow the new os can give you a wallpaper, with bosspaper i have 100 wallpapers randomly changing on my springboard :-)
  • Of course I'd like to jailbreak 4.0. The only real reason I run jailbreak is to have an adblocking host file. I presume some smart person will figure out how to block iAds with a jail break and I want that too.
  • is it not illegal to break out of jail??? do not do wrong and you will not go to jail in the first place. here in europe, we do wrong and go to jail and can not break go. police man tells us go to jail and do not pass go and do not collect $200. they are mean man at times.
  • @ChrisJ...I think you've lost a little in the translation. We are basically just opening our phones so that we can add apps that Apple doesn't "approve" of because they use Private APIs or whatever.
    Personally, 90% of why i jailbreak is taken care of by apple, and in a cleaner way. But i'll still be breaking ;)....MyWi is a beautiful wireless tethering app, and then i have so many little tweaks that i'd go crazy without. Not to mention Cydgets and Lock Info.
  • Had to trade in my jailbroken phone for a new one with new bootrom, does anyone know if this new jailbreak would work for this ugly unjailbroken phone?
  • I'm sick of being treated like a criminal simply because I want to customize a device that I OWN!
  • I won't upgrade til I can jailbreak it.
  • I'll be jailbreaking. Most of the reasons have already been named but I also need QuickReply for SMS, and iBlacklist. I like being able to reply to texts without leaving my current app and I can block all those telemarketers and bill collectors with iBlacklist.
  • i'm just tired of all the teases of a jailbreak. jailbreak this, jailbreak that...doesnt do anyone any good if they wont release it.
  • ...and let's not forget Google Voice! I really don't want to use a web app to run GV. I rely heavily on my GV Mobile app from Cydia!
    Granted, most of the new 4.0 features do look to be nice additions for a non-JB iPhone, but the omission of an SBSettings replacement just might be enough of a show stopper for me.
    I have seen several apps pop-up in app store that replace some of the JB-apps I've been relying on for so long now. But to be able to customize ringtones for SMS, Calendar, etc., tweak themes & fonts...these are all things I'm used to. Would hate to lose them also.
  • I'm pretty sure that I will as ling as it's not tethered. Then again though I plan on grabbing a G4 iphone when it's drops too, so I might be waiting in the wind for a while for a jailbrake on that ;( the only reason I won't get the next gen iPhone is if they don't step the hard ware up. For me it needs to have a front facing camera, atleast 5 mp on the back one with a flash to boot. That's not everything but it is the tip of the iceberg for me. I hope the geohot or the dev team drop a jb for the new 05.12 baseband real soon though. :)
  • Luc Richard said "I won't upgrade til I can jailbreak it"
    AGREED %10000000000000000000000000
    This is music to my ears....I love you Musclenerd tear
  • @Dragonfly got it right. Those programs are essential in my every day usage. Can't wait to jailbreak 4.0.
  • I'm a former jailbreaker. The main thing I don't miss is the chronic instability. I really miss sbsettings and honestly, that's about it. I don't care about themes, I don't steal apps, to be truthful, I really didn't multitask as much as I thought I would either! Apple's implementation of multitasking looks good to be and is going to be KILLER on the iPad! Saved state rocks!
  • I personally wouldnt like to but I have to, as I live outside the US. Im definately gunna get the the iPhone HD. And as the 4.0 software if going to come out with the iPhone HD, ill have to unlock it somehow.