iPhone 5 to be another Google killer -- but with a twist

iMore has learned that Apple wants to remove Google from iOS, at least as much as is possible. A couple of years ago Steve Jobs called a Town Hall meeting at Apple and rallied the troops by saying the next iPhone, which was to be the iPhone 4, would be an A+ update and take it to the turncoat Google and their Android operating system. According to our sources, a similar sentiment is being expressed by Apple in Cupertino again this year, but with a decidedly different twist. Instead of just hitting Google and Android in the market place with better hardware and software, and in the courts with patent litigation, they're going to hit them where it really hurts.

While the exact numbers are hotly debated, it's long been said Google makes more money off iOS than they do off their own Android operating system. The reason for this is simple -- mainstream iOS users tend to use the web and apps more than mainstream Android users, and iOS is filled with Google services. The built-in Maps app is powered by Google and provides sponsored search results. The built-in Safari web browser defaults to Google Search and serves Google Search ads. When iOS users use those services, Google makes money. Regardless of whether or not iOS or Android is winning in the market place, Google is winning in the wallet.

And Apple wants to end that.

Removing Google from Maps is an easy step in that direction. As reported by 9to5Mac earlier today, and as we've confirmed from our own sources as well, iOS 6 will come with an updated Maps app that removes the Google backend and replaces it with an Apple backend.

This isn't without precedent. Both Apple and Google used to use Skyhook for Wi-Fi router location mapping, and both have now switched to in-house databases. Google used to license map tiles and has since re-drawn them themselves. Apple has bought 3 mapping data related companies, and could have either re-licensed or redrawn tiles by now as well.

For the end-user, the interface is the app, and switching out backend pipes is far more transparent than altering front ends. Mail is Mail regardless if it's being fed by iCloud or Gmail. The same holds true, in large part, for Maps.

So in this case, the goal is more interesting than the process -- to remove Google as much as possible from iOS.

Realistically, Google Search will be tougher to replace since Google enjoys an almost monopoly sized share of the search space. But it may not be impossible to displace. Apple is already intermediating Google Search with Siri and that will likely continue.

Google isn't in the search business, it's in the data collection/advertising business. It doesn't make money when you search its index, it makes money recording your information, aggregating it, and brokering deals for it. Search isn't the product it sells. We are. If Apple steps in and makes the queries on our behalf, and returns them on Google's behalf, Google is cut out of the important parts -- the money.

All of this is in stark contrast to January 2007, when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt took the Macworld stage with then Apple CEO Steve Jobs to celebrate the Apple/Google iPhone partnership. That was before Google pulled a 180 and turned Android from a low-end Windows Mobile and BlackBerry competitor to an iPhone competitor. That was before Apple started suing Android manufacturers and Steve Jobs threatened to go "thermonuclear".

And that's before Apple decided to stop helping Google's revenue stream, data stream, and perhaps bolstering their stock profile, by giving them built-in access to iOS users, and Apple branded data deals.

Now, Apple isn't just fighting back by making the best iOS software and iPhone hardware they can, and by trying to legally force Android manufacturers to stop copying Apple. With iOS 6 on the upcoming iPhone 5 and rumored 7-inch iPad, they're fighting back by removing as much of Google as they can as well. By denying Google access to iOS eyeballs and data.

If history is any indicator, both new devices will sell incredibly well, and tens of thousands of new customers, and hundreds of thousands of newly updated customers, will be funding and feeding Google less than ever before.

This time Apple's fighting back by hitting Google where it really hurts -- in the wallet.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • iPhone's aren't "...filled with Google services..." there's 2 google things: maps and default search engine. And be able to change your default search engine halfway takes that point away.
    So, it's not like it would be a drastic change (to the users) if Apple stripped Google out of the iPhone.
  • (iPhone's aren't "...filled with Google services..." there's 2 google things: maps and default search engine.)
    Your obviously misinformed or ignorant of the services that google has on ios. On my iphone have maps as well as default search, google translate, and google latitude. Plus a slew of other services they offer if you just type in the word GOOGLE in the app store.
  • Apps on the App Store aren't "baked into iOS". You have to seek them out (and can delete them if you wish). Be careful about calling out "ignorance"!
  • If they remove those apps from the app store will they count then?
  • He's clearly talking built in apps. I have an iPhone and only use google search and maps - zero other service, same with most people I know. It would be interesting to know what the percentage of iPhone users that utilise the other services is, but I bet it isn't as high as you think.
  • "Instead of just hitting Google and Android in the market place with better hardware and software, and in the courts with patent litigation, they're going to hit them where it really hurts."
    I'll have to agree with Matt. The moment you said "BETTER" hardware and software (with links to IOS5 and iPhone4s) you threw your opinion in. Let the courts decide who should be in the right with the patent litigation, because it is currently going both ways.
  • App store apps don't count.
  • Why don't the apps in the app store count? I'm sure there are still Google Services linked to those apps that will make them $
  • The most interesting assertion in this article, though, is that Apple might have Google searches go to Apple proxy servers which sanitize the user data out of the search request. That would take away a vast store of usage data that Google currently sells. Of course, Google would still return ads and they'd still get money from clicks, but losing access to the customer really does change the game.
  • Isn't this what happens with a Siri inquiry anyway? Siri as the intermediary scrubs the user data and Google has a huge contradictory database of Siri likes and dislikes.
  • I think Apples should make Search on all iOS devices be a Siri search. I use to have a Siri App before Apple bought it and it allowed text searches. So it can handle search. They could do just like Google does and eliminate the search bar and allow search by Siri right in the address line. Siri can still give a list of your default search engines results -Ad's just like it does with voice search's now. All they have to do is change Safari with that change in it and it is done. You could still select a default search engine for Siri to search for you. This would work on the MAC as well and on the Windows version of Safari.
  • Don't forget YouTube
  • YouTube is google services
  • One of the dumbest articles I've read in quite sometime. There's a huge gap between fanboi-ism and journal-ism... Unless you're Rene. Where's your article about Apple's blatant copying of many Android features including the notifications tray for starters? Steve was a hypocrite. He was fine with ripping off specific ideas like a toolbar notification (Android) or a swipe-to-reply text lockscreen notification (HTC Sense) but if Samsung makes a black glass phone with 4 rounded corners he takes them to court.
  • I'm not writing what I think, I'm reporting what we heard the strategy is at Apple right now, and their reasoning for it.
  • Old news. Another reason why I will not be using an iPhone. Freedom of choice stifled by corporate greed under the guise of preserving the fragile Apple ecosystem.
  • Wow, three trolls in one!
    1) New news, 2) No freedom stifled, b) ecosystem least fragile in mobile
  • People who disagree with Rene's opinions = Trolls
  • No, people who disagree with me are wise, intelligent, and some of the most interesting to discuss things with.
    Make an argument. Trolling is easy. Do the work. Really disagree.
  • "Now, Apple isn't just fighting back by making the best iOS software and iPhone hardware they can, and by trying to legally force Android manufacturers to stop copying Apple."
    This would show that you didn't report on news. This is obviously your opinion. So don't say you are just writing about the news.
  • Apply cold water to burned area. Well said anonymous :)
  • How was it freedom of choice when Google Maps was baked into iOS? It'll be no different when Apple has their own map app and services baked into iOS.
    The real question will be search. If Apple tampers with that, things could get interesting.
  • Hey Dave, don't let the door knob grope you in the ass on your way out, stop trolling dickweed.
  • Wow, just wow. A journalist who stoops down, and resorts to calling posters "Trolls".
  • The Samsung Galaxy was a blatant copy of the IPhone, I guess you Fandroids can't see past the wall of ignorance google has installed in your head.
  • Suing someone for making a solid bar phone with black glass and rounded corners is like BMW suing Audi for making a car with 4 wheels and two headlights.
    BTW, guess who "copied" the iPhone well before Samsung... That's correct, it was LG when they released the KE850 Prada model in a press release in December 2006. It won 5 different design awards and was also the first Capacitive touch mobile phone ever to be released. Engadget even compared the two in a side-by-side "Looks just like" format and at one point LG had threatened to sue Apple over the similar design of the original iPhone. Difference is, they realized that a lawsuit over "similar looking" but not identical products is frivolous and stupid. I guess you iSheep can't see past the cult of personality Steve Jobs has installed in your heads.
  • Still struggling with finding a real argument, huh? LOL
  • I'd say his argument about pointing out the inconsistency of "android is just copying iphone", but acting like "apple never copies and only innovates our of thin air" attitude some people have is pretty good.
    Any I'm not really a fanboy in either direction. I have an android phone because my ecosystem of choice is Google, and I own a macbook pro because, quite frankly, it's a better computer than the PC options (even as a windows machine if I'm not to concerned about perfectly efficient batter life when running Windows in bootcamp). Everyone copies everyone. I think the major strength that Apple has is that it takes pretty brilliant ideas that others had and then successfully pulls of the potential that those others failed at (like how they made expose a success, even though it existed in Linux OS first; or how they somewhat improved upon Android's drop down notification, even though Google was clearly the one who invented it).
    Sure, Apple has the drag to unlock screen patent (even though skins for old Windows Mobile phones had the feature first), but Palm has the physical switch to turn off volume patent.
    I think on a non-fanboy "Apple is the best thing in the world", judgement, Apples main (huge) strength is successful implementation.
  • Well... I mean you are on a website CALLED IMORE.COM. What the hell do you expect? Of course there is going to be fanboyism here. THAT'S THE POINT OF NAMING YOUR WEBSITE TO IMORE.COM, DEDICATING ALL ARTICLES AND EDITORIALS TO APPLE PRODUCTS. Geesh...
  • This is a site about Apple. If you want someone to talk about how crappy or evil Apple is, go somewhere else. It's your own fault for setting false expectations of this site. Every company has their ups and downs, as well as every website/journalist has their own opinions of those companies. Everything Rene (as well as the rest of iMore) has written has been very informative and shows a very interesting view on things.
    Rene: great article. I think it would be a great idea to get away from google as much as possible. Thanks for the info.
  • Google swiped many features for the notification from jailbreak community software for the iPhone, long before android hit this feature. Apple actually hired the creator of the notification as is used now in the current version of iOS
  • Yeah sure, STeve told you that?
    Proof? Source? Anything?
  • Yea this is sad that people that have such a great forum uses it for completely biased journalism. Google has YEARS and YEARS of data to power search and maps. To suggest that apple can just come in replace that is ridiculous at best. And Apple has copied android as well on numerous occasions.. I remember the days when you couldn't even send pic mail or text in landscape on ios. I also remember when Steve Jobs said that multitasking was pointless and called android phones "hummer phones". Now everyone is speculating and hoping for a bigger iPhone. I've had EVERY iPhone up to the 4s so I'm far from biased.
  • TM. Everyone has their own opinions including you. If you don't want to hear from those with a leaning towards iPhone go somewhere else, this is a site that is about iPhone's.
    If you want conservative news you listen to FOX, if you want liberal news you listen to CNBC. Same with electronics forums if you want to hear everybody bash iPhones and praise Google head on over to Android Central.
    Everybody here thinks Google stole all its ideas from Apple. Over at those other sites they all think Apple stole all their ideas from Google. So go where you fit in and leave us alone.
  • LOL, that's your response? You're a baby!
  • Don't forget about YouTube. And although you acknowledge changing default providers, just making that change as the default from apple will be a substantial change. I'm sure many end users wouldn't take the time to change it back.
  • Why do people keep looking forward to the next gen iPhone as "iPhone 5"? The 5th gen iPhone is the iPhone 4S. The upcoming phone will be the 6th iteration of the iPhone.
  • 3G - 3GS
    4 - 4S
  • You completely missed the original iPhone. It's iPhone-3G-3Gs-4-4s-new one would be 6, not 5.
    And either way, I bet it'll just be New iPhone. Like they do with every other product now. (except ipod). They have dropped numbers
  • Don't really see how you people keep doing this. Real slow for you: We had the original iPhone. That would be ONE. Next, we went to 3G, NOT 2. Then we get same phone, minor bump in specs. The was the third release. Then comes along 4,a COMPLETE remake, just like the 3G was. And as usual, we get the minor bump, BUT SAME PHONE, the 4S. So, it you REALLY want to split hairs, the new phone is actually #4, as in fourth release of a NEW phone. As a recap: We had #1, the two years of #2 (3G / 3GS), then two years of #3 (4 / 4S), so that makes this one #4.
  • given Apple's naming changes it's going to be iPhone (6th Generation)
  • Because that's what people are referring to it as. Officially the model number is iPhone 5,1. Apple will call it whatever they want. "The next new iPhone" "iPhone X", whatever. If you're worrying about the name, you're prioritizing it wrong :)
  • You're making people worry about the name by calling it iPhone 5
  • Absolutely not.
    People complaining about the use of iPhone 5 are causing their own problems.
    It's next in numerical sequence, matches the model number, and is by far the most popular mainstream term for the next iPhone.
    There's no downside except for overly uptight sticklers.
  • It does get annoying to see people upset about which name you use to refer to the next iphone. I'm not sure why people seem to care so much about it.
  • Don't bother dignifying the sticklers with an answer
  • There are several downsides. It's flat out wrong calling it a 5 when it's the 6th phone. And it's only in a "numerical order" that started with the iPhone 4. There wasn't a 2 or a 3.
    They named 1 phone with a neurmerical indication of generation and now everyone thinks its "correct" to call the next iPhone "5". The iPhone 4s is the "5th" phone.
    They only gave 1 iPad a neurmerical identification. Then went right back to how they call all the MacBooks and Airs. "New" iPad/MacBook/ect.
    So you can almost guarantee this will just be the "new" iPhone. If you disagree, look at every other apple product.
    Everyday users would not know IPSW id's identify the new iPhone as 5.1. Also, wasn't that the ID of the 4s?
  • The 5th iPhone was called iPhone 4S. Windows 6.5 was called Windows 7. Marketing names are picked by marketing departments, not engineers. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S... What's next in that numerical sequence?
    It may well be "the new iPhone", or "iPhone X", or "iPhone Black". Whatever Apple wants.
    And no, the iPhone 4S was iPhone 4,1.
    iPhone was iPhone 1,1. iPhone 3G was iPhone 1,2 (Apple didn't consider it a new generation). iPhone 3GS was iPhone 2,1.
    It might be called iPhone 5 or it might not, but anyone saying it's incorrect to call it that now is absolutely worrying about the wrong thing.
  • The neurmerical sequence is kind of a bad thing to go off of though. It's really a coincidence.
    The iPhone 3G was named for its new 3G radio, not for it being 3rd generation. The iPhone 4 was the only phone given a real generation indication In its name. The 3Gs was not called iPhone 3. So therefor the 4 did not follow any neurmerical order. It was the 4th generation of the iPhone. It would have still be called iPhone 4 if the 3G and 3gs were named something different. There's no neurmerical relation to the 3G-4 transition.
    So, it does seem there is a deeper meaning to the names besides "marketing" and apple actually knows what they are doing by properly numbering things.
  • "The Next New Iphone" like "the next big thing" we heard lately? hahahaha
  • Let's see apple replace YouTube lol... I bet Google maps will still be available in the appstore and the people that need it will download it just like people who already download all other Google services...
  • Replacing Youtube is pretty easy. For me serious content providers should be looking Vimeo. If I wan't to watch webcam video filled with annoying personalities and even more annoying and racists comments I'll look towards Youtube.
  • However you're not the only person in the world and YouTube is the most famous video service in the world .
  • If apple runs all searches by ther own servers to cut googles ads, google can very easy block apple servers by ip and return no search results I don't think google will give away searches in the long run if whey don't make any money on ads.
    Apple can change the default search provider and mabye make some money of that.
  • I guess Microsoft will be more than happy to provide their Bing.
  • Wow, I hope that it doesn't come to using Bing. I am not a fan.
  • Maps is something I suspected Apple would address in iOS 6. I would hope they're doing it with a better experience for users in mind instead of some lame strategy of attacking google in the wallet.
    Let's face it, the google maps experience in iOS isn't great. There's no navigation. Apple could do this better. They have to do it better.
    What hurts, of course, is Apple's would be exclusive. You aren't going to switch platforms later and be able to use apple maps & nav, icloud, ibooks, etc. This would further entrench you into Apple's ecosystem. Which i'm sure is Apple's goal but part of me wants to remain not so much entrenched in any platform..
  • I agree with you, except for the "no navigation". Not sure what you mean by that. Are you referring to no turn by turn directions?
  • By navigation, i mean voice turn by turn. Auto reroute.
    Without this, then i won't use maps much at all. I still may not for long trips as i prefer to have maps already loaded on device.
    I'm sure the app will be eye candy and easy to use. That's what Apple is known for. But hopefully it includes navigation.
  • Want nav? There are apps for that. I couldn't care less if Apple gave me a nav with their new Maps.
  • Of course there's apps for that. Navigon works great. But it's not tied in to the OS. And it could be much better. Apple has a knack for making software.
    Why wouldn't you want more functionality? Couldn't care less? Let me guess, you're still hung up on it being called iphone 5 and obsessed with wanting a 4" screen.
  • Excellent point.
    That's one of the main differences between fanboys and regular users. Regular users feel trapped in a monopoly of services and products, fanboys think this it is the best thing in the world, and it's great that Apple is so profitable and is able to kill everybody else, instead of creating an ethical business environment where everybody can profit.
    Apple is a mirror reflection of the Microsoft of the 90's. The only thing Microsoft lacked was the cult aura that Steve Jobs managed to create around Apple, so one monopoly is evil and the other is blessed.
  • So what is the difference between the google monopoly and the apple monopoly?
    Frankly this thought is obvious. I cant take an android app and put it on an iphone, either way you become entrenched in a platform. You can change your chosen platform but it does have costs.
    In general historically you don't put Mac apps on a microsoft PC anymore than you could put a VHS in a BETA machine. Choosing the formats, and standards always locks you in at least some degree
  • " I cant take an android app and put it on an iphone, either way you become entrenched in a platform."
    Not today. But I'm sure by iPhone 10, you will be able to. It's easy to put a java runtime engine inside the iPhone, in fact, Apple won't even have to develop their own - since Android is open source, they could simply take Android and put it stacked on iOS - its just a matter of time and when it will make sense to Apple.
    If Windows was open source, Apple would have done it. Instead, when they switched to Intel, they allowed users to dual boot into Windows if that is what they want to do.
  • Apple views mobile devices the way game companies view consoles. I can't run PS3 games on an Xbox. The market is likely moving in that direction as well.
    Google is every bit as proprietary as Apple in markets they dominate, and Apple is as open as Google in markets they don't dominate.
    Google Search and AdSense aren't open source. WebKit is.
    There's very little difference between any of the major players, outside corporate culture, and who makes which funny misstep on any given day.
  • Well played Rene
  • And Google has contributed more to Webkit than Apple for years now AND Google acknowledges outside contibutors to Chome/Chromium. Apple does not, and they have been focusing more on the Safari on top of Webkit than contributing to Webkit itself.
  • Conversely, this is going to make the divide between Google service user and Apple users even wider and harder to cross. Converts will be lessened.
  • Google currently has the best back end for Maps...so removing it is not exactly providing "the best iOS software" they can, unless they have something vastly better up their sleeves. (OpenStreetMap is impressive, and in some respects is equal or better than Google Maps, but in other respects it lags far, far behind.)
  • The complete lack of a satellite view is a killer for me as far as OpenStreetMaps is concerned.
  • If the new iPhone's maps app looks anything like what Apple did with the map display within iPhoto on the iPad I think it will be moving about three steps backwards. Maybe the real reason Apple is switching to their own data source is they can't get Google to build any additional functionality into the Google native maps app on iPhone. The iPhone maps app is far inferior to what you can currently get on android as in no turn by turn driving directions and the lack of 45° angle aerial view. And this is coming from a total Apple fanboy. Is there any other mapping service that has as extensive of a collection of photos as Google Street view? So if Apple ditched Google will their maps application / data provider have a Street view that is as good as what Google provides? Yes likely Google with them come up with their own app that could be installed on the new iPhone, but would it integrate seamlessly with Siri?
  • Bing Maps also has a very good maps back-end and is now, correct me if I'm wrong, based on OpenStreetMaps. Who knows, maybe Apple will move to using Bing Maps for the back-end.
  • open Bing maps, search for a place and look in the bottom right corner. that's the map data source, it's been there for years.
  • As someone once said, "Apple dumping Google for Bing is kind of like trying to make your ex jealous by taking your ugly first cousin to prom..."
  • LoL. Funny
  • Why do you compare a Phone (iphone 5) with Google (android OS)....the title is wrongζζζ
  • Thanks Captain, we'd be lost without you.
  • Wow, the hate torwards Google is crazy... People will buy the next "hyped" device, which will likely be an Apple device.. and with time, like every brand and label out there... people will move to the next big name. No household name is permanent.
  • If you look at the Android boards, you will see much hate for Apple. Man, people are so freaking defensive about saying that their phone is right and everyone else is wrong.
    If you like iOS then get and iPhone. If you don't, there ARE other choices.
  • Someday I hope to be able to read a comment string and not have to sift through the inordinate amount of stupidity I do now somehow I doubt it though I have used android phones since the g1 came out on t mobile and recently switched from the Samsung galaxy s2 to the iPhone 4s there so similar it makes me laugh to see all of u argue about nothing.
  • Re: "Google isn't in the search business, it's in the advertising business."
    96% of Google's revenue comes from advertising.
    Don't forget that. Google certainly won't.
  • Apple is worth more than Microsoft, and Google combined. If I had that kind of money, I would not waste it on trying to put Google out of business, or start playing the biggest one on the block game. If you try to shut out Google, it is not just search,YouTube, and maps, but all the other services integrated into iOS apps. Google calendar, and all the rest. I think the biggest mistake Apple made, was to not realize the potential for the iPhone, and iPad. It was all about gaming, music, and pictures. Enterprise was an after thought. They finally gave you Bluetooth capability in case you wanted to use a wireless keyboard "to write war and peace." Apple had to know that Google would make a phone one day. If all that Google is, really bothers Apple that much, buy them out. They have the money. I guess Apple should have come out with their own search engine in the beginning, and not rely on search providers owned by another company. Same thing with video. It is a little late in the game to stop it now.
  • +1
  • Just like Google "making a phone one day" Apple is creating its own mapping solution. Siri will be their search engine. All they have to do is revamp podcasts in iTunes and they have a YouTube clone. Bottom line each company wants to create their own devices and services. It's really going to be down to which company integrates those services with great hardware in the best manner.
  • You are aware how a buyout happens, right?
    As long as Google is Google, a buyout will not happen for a few reasons:
    1.) Apple doesn't have more money than Google is worth. They're worth more...but they don't have enough. Now, in the next year or so, I'm sure they will. But even then...that moves to the next issue...
    2.) As I said above, as long as Google is Google, no buyout will happen. That means...as long as Google remains profitable for shareholder alike, they would never agree to a buyout. That makes no sense...cause we know Apple would just tear the, apart and be done with them,
    3.) Last, but not least, it's just crazy talk. If it was that easy...Samsung (the group, not the electronic arm) could've bought Apple years ago before this success. Microsoft could've bought Apple while they were still down and out. It just doesn't work that way.
  • Because focusing on enterprise is working out so great for RIM....
  • Some of the things Google provides could go into app store apps like Google Maps for example. Google could just make their own app store replacement.
  • You mean like the play store?
  • All of the naming arguments - pure semantics. Take that crap elsewhere and stick to the article and what it says.
    Google does a fantastic job of selling you an ecosystem and calling it free...but once you try to leave it you are very stuck with a very fractured ecosystem. Apple is doing their best to step up and provide a totally wrapped up in one ecosystem. They're already well on their way.
    To get most of the services provided in iOS, you need a Mac to go with your iOS device. Apple has the server farms for what purpose? Your data.
    They're taking a page directly out of the Google playbook so they can mimic (re-invent) the way, the APPLE way, of doing things.
    Can they remove Google Maps? Yes. Can their version be better? Sure it can. Could they remove YouTube and provide something else? No. Same with Google Search. But by redirecting services through Apple servers and enhancing the experience, well, that's the genius of what Apple is going to do.
    Enhance the Google Experience in a way that Google cannot.
    This will all work through your iCloud account, I believe. Everything will have to be stored somewhere on a server attached to you.
    Just wait....Apple is on to something....and I'm a Google guy who recently bought his first iPhone. I miss alot of my Google services but this Apple ecosystem is hard to beat....once they totally wrap it all up and tidy things up a bit.
    This is a good thing.
  • I could see a Siri integrated map service with turn by turn direction and question like when will we be there?
  • I find it hard to take anything apple says seriously anymore when in the same paragraph I see Apple accusing Android manufacturers of copying yet a couple sentences later they talk about the rumored 7" tablet.
  • Apple doesn't call it copying, they call it innovating.
  • The 7" tablet rumor is not from Apple. It's from speculators and "inside sources" blah blah.
    Apples doesn't speculate or, intentionally, leak any early info about future products. So that's an editors fault for that paragraph.
  • The sequence of words says "rumored 7-inch" and links to a story explaining the rumor.
    Fault gladly accepted.
  • Why do people even care what its called? It's not even official yet so it doesn't even matter what you call it right now.
    Back to the article, If this information is true, than this will be the STUPIDEST thing Apple has ever done. Ever. And it will eat away at their money. Google is not just in hardware, its online, and access to the internet is world wide and insanely hard to remove. Apple will just lose trying to reduce the Google footprint that is in iOS because it would mean:
    -New integration of Maps
    -New Youtube app
    -New search engine
    -New Mail app
    And soo much more.
    I have an iPhone, but I also have respect for Android for filling a void in the market place that was not attended by Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia and all the other big players in mobile. If people want open source, then let them. Hardware is hardware and can put together by anyone, that doesn't make it copying. Apple came to fame over their software, and that's all Apple should be focusing on. Innovating is more important than profiting in the long run.
  • Well you almost have a valid point.
    New map is easily done, they've been acquiring companies that specialize in that.
    YouTube app: Apple doesn't have any reason or way to compete with YouTube so I could see that staying.
    New search engine: you can already change your default search engine. I'm sure there are a lot of people that don't know that or are to mess with so if they switched it I bet majority of people wouldn't care.
    The mail app is fine. That has a google option, just like safari's search engine default. You don't have to use gmail, there plenty of other options so they wouldn't have to mess with that. Just delete the gmail option.
  • Hope Google just bans iOS devices, would be funny to see how solely relying on Siri and Bing goes.
  • I don't think that would be smart for Google. As stated earlier Google makes alot of money providing free services and apps for all platforms. Maybe if the separation continues to grow then that might be a logical move if they stop making money off of iOS users.
  • Interesting article Rene. It is possible that they might do that, knowing apple and their greed. But I think Apple will lose market share. Most intriguing reason to buy an iPhone was because it includes google maps.
  • That is not something I wish for but you do have a very valid point. It's not just about being able to pull up a map of a city or get driving directions. Its also about all of the search engine data and how it integrates with the map. I use Bing as my home page for the pretty pictures. That's about all it's good for.
  • Google Maps has the best back end for map data, IMHO, and whatever their reasons, for that reason I am disappointed that Apple decided to kick them to the curb. However, Apple has earned the benefit of the doubt regarding their replacement -- just as long as 3D views isn't their only selling point.
    I care much more about being able to search for example, "Dave and Busters" or "Dave & Busters" and the system handles them equally. This is the type of query that Google Maps has always handled elegantly, where competitors failed. Hopefully Apple is working as hard on bringing these day-to-day use cases ar least to par with Googke Maps, because 3D flash without everyday usefulness would be a huge step back.
  • That will be the test. If it query results suck, it won't go over well. It can't just be a great interface, it has to be a usable service.
  • This could be an apple killer if they mess up. I know a few iPhone users that love Google maps. Apples map must be as good, but probably needs to be better to be successful. I love that Google give voice navigation for free in android. That to me is a must before I switch to iOS. Also having indoor maps is a huge plus.
  • Forgot to add that Google is a household name. People say "Google it", not apple it, or iphone it. If Google is absent from iOS due to apples design, could be a blow to themselves as well.
  • This could be an apple killer if they mess up. I know a few iPhone users that love Google maps.
    I am one of them. Google Maps is simply better than anybody else. (OpenStreetMap is excellent in some areas, but has numerous areas where it's coverage is spotty. ) Maps is one of the 4 or 5 must have features on a smartphone, though, and iOS has been falling behind Android in terms of maps and directions capabilities. Perhaps that is because Apple has not worked on it; perhaps it is because the contact with Google does not give them access to the appropriate Google services to build the better features that Android has.
    Either way, Apple has decided that critical parts of a core system cannot be under the control of a competitor. I get that. They are playing with fire, though. They need to be right out of the gate as good as the market leader in mapping services, or iOS6 will be worse than iOS5 in a critical, measurable way. I hope Apple succeeds, because it will only spur Google to do more, creating a cycle of competition to benefit us all. Moreover, I hope Apple allows a 3rd party Google Maps app in the App Store, to throw down the gauntlet at Google and say "we are NOT afraid" and to keep a fire lit under their own internal Maps team.
  • Another google killer? Since when did Apple kill google the first time? Google seems alive and well to me.
  • I've had enough iOS with my ipads. I will never use iOS for a phone.
  • The first google product I want out of my life is gmail which includes its social network.
    I can't delete it from my apple account. It would be great if I could use my @me.com address as my default account without the need of other mail addresses.
  • Other reports speculate that Apple will be implementing some type of 3D mapping display and that it's going to be amazing. Android already has this so it will be interesing to see how Apple does this differently. I think it will make for an impressive keynote presentation at WWDC but functionality is also important. Most people are looking for a maps application that provides audible turn-by-turn directions. If Apple fails to implement that, well... it's a total fail in my book. As I mentioned earlier, I really hope that the new Maps app display doesn't look anything like the inferior maps Apple introduced with iPhoto for iPad.
  • "Google ... it makes money recording your information, aggregating it, and brokering deals for it."
    Stop being so paranoid. there's a big difference between personalising ad results and selling your private information to the highest bidder.
    And do you honestly think Apple is moving away Google to protect users information? No chance. I'm sure they will be looking into new ways to make money off the data they collect too.
    Apple, Google, Microsoft, FaceBook... They're all the same... Their first priority is ALWAYS money.
  • Wow very interesting, apple should re-think before doing this to Google. Apple can lose a lot of customer for iPhone and ipad user. Google involves in maps, YouTube, search engines and Apps. Without these feature on the iPhone user choose to go with different devises. Siri is very cool and smart but without Google maps she wont be identifying where the nearest Starbucks or gas station located. Don't get me wrongs but I was one of the first person to buy the very 1st Gen iPhone And I love it. At the moment I'm using an android but in the future ill hope to return to the iPhone because of the great apps and group texting features. Hope apple make the great decision.
  • See...read these posts, it is the iPhone users that dont even know what they own. Also it isnt Android manufacturers copying iPhone seens how android comes out with features first and apple renames them and copies it. Buying I-anything is just done because they know no better to shop around and learn that there is much better out there.
  • Of course Apple can make a better looking map application with an impressive 3D look. But what's the use of seeing 3D buildings on my phone and not seeing POI's? Also, can you imagine the size of 3D realistic Maps? There are tens of thousands of volunteers that are putting data on google Maps every day. Maybe in US and UE Apple can provide maps from other sources that can be somehow as good as google maps but for the rest of the world they can't even come close to goggle maps and the gap is getting bigger every day (don't forget google Transit also). That's why almost all maps applications (Sygic, Navigon, Copilot,etc.) now have Google Local Search, you can't compete with Google Maps amount of data.
  • Google and Apple should just make peace with one another. The two companies have benefited both each other in many ways. Cutting out google will only make thinks more difficult for iOS developers. So what is apple going to default it's search to in iOS 6 ? Bing ? Yahoo? ask.com? Are you kidding me? Do you think one of the greatest iPhone back ends like Google Maps and Earth can be easily replaced? It's taken 5 years for Apple to even try to do it. I just think its bad that's all but lets see what happens.
  • Im going to disagree with your characterization of Google wholeheartedly. Google is not an "advertising company", they are a web services company. Just because they monetize their services with ads does not make them an advertising company - their primary products are search, Gmail, Maps, Voice, YouTube, Calendar, Google+, and a ton of other web services. The millions of people who visit Google each day aren't advertisers, they are users of their web services. They employ thousands of engineers who have nothing to do with serving ads.
    Smartphone Experts gets revenue from advertising, would you categorize yourselves as an advertising company? Or do you define yourselves by the main service you provide, journalism.
    Facebook does the same thing, but their core product is their social network, not the ads they sell. Ads are imply a means to an end
    Google Search launched without ads at first, and this was not the reason they founded the company. Thir goal was, is, and always has been to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible. They do not even sell user data to advertisers, advertisers buy keywords so that when someone searches for omething it returns ads tat are relevant to the user and to the search query. To call hem just an advertising company is disingenuous and ignores the many high quality products they offer to thir primary user base - end users. Many companies monetize trough ads, this doesn't make them advertising companies.
    I get that this is an iPhone blog, but I expected better than the editor in chief writing what is essentially flame bait.
  • Google's primary product is user attention, which they sell to advertisers.
    There's nothing wrong with that -- it's no different than broadcast radio or TV.
    It's a long established business model.
    To pretend otherwise, however, is reckless.
  • I am not saying that advertising is not their business model, it most certainly is. I am saying it is not their core product and they shouldn't be characterized as an "advertising company". A business is not defined by the way it monetizes its product, it is defined by the products it provides and the intended audience of those products. Search, Gmail, Youtube, etc, are Google's products and their intended users are consumers. They monetize this through advertising.
    This is no different than what this site does, what Facebook and Twitter do, or what ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and media companies do. There are numerous companies that monetize through advertising - that does not make them advertising companies.
    iMore is doing the exact same thing - gathering user attention through articles which is sold to advertisers. That does not make SME an advertising company as the ads are not the primary product.
    I am not pretending that advertising is not Google's business model, I am arguing that your characterization of them is at the very least inaccurate and at worst disingenuous, and it is frequently repeated by Apple fans who like to conveniently ignore the reason Google was founded and the core services they provide, which are not ads.
  • One thing for sure is that the best developing sofware is google. They are taking over little by little! They provide is with google maps, search, youtube, gmail, documents, google +.. Ect.. Iphone is great but taking away google would really hurt the iphone!
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  • It is ironic that the comments are interspersed with "ad by Google". :)
  • Everyone here is either an Apple fanboy or a fandroid. You will never get the other side to agree with you anyway. Besides, why do you even care about what phone some random guy uses? All you trolls are poor saps with nothing better to do. In any case, this website is called imore. There will be some fanboyism. Get over it. If you don't like it, you are welcome hit close out of this page.
  • Interestingly enough, Apple, just as much as Google, benefit from having some of Google's services on Apple, and to some degree, make IOS the most flexible OS on the market. A brief example is Google Drive. At work, working with various vendors has produced a plethora of contract agreements that are at times, most often than not, useful while out on the field. But carrying many hard copies is unpractical. Google Drive, however, has been a godsend. The preferability of Mobile OS in our department is about evenly between iOS and Android. If an Android User wishes to change to an iPhone, the files necessary to work on the field are still there. Thus, making iOS more flexible.