iPhone 5c £50 off at UK reseller, 16GB now £419 while stocks last

In the UK Apple will happily sell you a brand shiny new iPhone 5c for £469 for the 16GB model, but online retailer Expansys) currently has an offer that betters that by a good chunk of change. While stocks last, the 16GB model is £419 and is available in blue, pink, yellow and green.

The larger – and more recommended – 32GB storage option is also available in blue and yellow at present, and this will cost you £499, so it's also a decent amount cheaper than the lowest priced iPhone 5s right now. Expansys does say these are EU models supplied with a UK power adapter, but that shouldn't make any real difference to the product you're getting.

To pick one up, hit up the source link below. Perhaps for a loved one this Christmas?

Source: Expansys)

Richard Devine

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