iPhone 5c 8GB goes on sale in more countries across Europe

It looks like Apple's latest model in the iPhone 5c line, the 8GB version, is beginning to go on sale in some additional countries today. We've received a tip that it has just this morning gone on sale in the Czech Republic for the first time, while the folks at 9to5Mac have confirmed it has also gone on sale in The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Poland.

The initial launch of the iPhone 5c 8GB was limited to a very select number of locations, and as yet hasn't been seen in the U.S. Pricing varies from country to country, but the 8GB 5c offers a modest saving of around €50 on the 16GB version.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Barebones the 5c is a great device but 8 GB is hard to manage these days Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. Great device. Great in the hands. Two problems.... Way too expensive and 8GB. What would one do with 5.5 or so with the IOS ON IT? Curious, Mr. Apple? Sent from the iMore App
  • Watch out the Mercedes Benz of the phone world is making its debut across more European countries, and it only comes with three wheels. Nice one apple. Nice one.
  • ...and tbh, Apple is far away from being MB of smartphones... smartphones are all Toyotas with different styles..
  • Yea, but you'd still expect the Toyota to come with 4 wheels and a steering wheel wouldn't you??? The iPhone 5c just doesn't cut it with that 5gb storage, and the price you have to pay for it technically or morally!
  • I continue to wonder why Apple thinks it's okay to sell an 8MB phone. They have forever said they won't compromise on user experience. I posit that an 8MB phone, while getting a few more buyers will lead to unhappy users in the long run. Heck, even to upgrade to iOS 7.1 would have been nearly impossible on an 8MB that was anything but totally empty. I realize Apple probably has done the studies on buyers decisions, and the lower price will get buyers more than have a decent amount of storage, but it sounds un-Apple like to give someone something that will quickly lead to unhappiness. When you can't add music, apps, or even upgrade your phone, you'll lead someone to the conclusion that add-on storage IS necessary and that Apple, while making decisions for you, can also make the wrong decision. Perhaps it's time to make the bottom tier phone 16MB, and the regular phone 32MB? I don't think the hardware margins would shift that substantially, and the experience and value of an iPhone would be significantly enhanced.
  • Completely and whole heartedly agree with you, this is completly wrong for apple to do this, couldnt have put it better myself, although I did try (see above) lol.
  • Say what? I can double my storage from 8GB to 16GB for $50. Why is this not the pricing model for higher storage capacities. $100 to double from 16GB to 32GB. People still argue for the validity of this pricing model even though they know Apple is ripping them off.