Apple drops the iPhone 5c, replaces with iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5c will no longer be part of Apple's current iPhone lineup, as Apple has elected to move the iPhone 5s to the entry tier iPhone. Last year, the iPhone 5c, in all of its colored glory, was Apple's entry level device, which was free for users on contract. This year, Apple has replaced the 5c with the iPhone 5s as the 4-inch iPhone for 2015.

When it made its debut in 2013, the iPhone 5c was the first iPhone to come in five different colors, where other models generally came in only two. Since then, it has served as a great phone for someone looking for a cheaper iPhone, or something with a little more style than the other models offered. The iPhone 5s offers users some additional features, like TouchID and others, that will allow it to be an even better entry level phone.

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