New iPhone (iPhone 5,1) coming fall 2012 with LTE, similar sized screen

While Apple has only just released the new iPad, iMore has already started to hear more about the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5,1). We previously reported that Apple was working to reduce the size of the traditional 30-pin dock connector to something closer akin to a micro-dock so there'd be more room inside for other components (similar to how they went from a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM in 2010). Yesterday we reported that, as of last month, Apple was planning to stick with the current 3.5-inch screen size for the new iPhone, but that it wasn't set in stone and it could get a little bigger (though nowhere near as big as current 4.5-inch-plus Android phones.)

Following that story we received some additional information.

First, the new iPhone will be 4G LTE compatible. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, considering the new iPad supports LTE and it's hard to imagine Apple giving the iPad a feature like that and not passing it on to the iPhone. So look for that this fall.

Second is the timeframe. We've mentioned October 2012 as the current release schedule for iPhone 5,1 before and that's still the plan. The exact date won't be determined until closer to launch, but the iPhone is locked to a fall cycle for the immediate future.

That makes sense for a number of reasons. While going from the iPhone 4 in June 2010 to the iPhone 4S in October 2011 was a longer wait than previous generations, a new iPhone release in June of 2012 would create the opposite problem -- only 9 months between iPhones. That's not dissimilar to the period of time between the Verizon iPhone 4 launch in February of 2011 and the cross-carrier iPhone 4S launch in October of the same year, but that was a unique circumstance. Apple has shown they can earn significant revenue on their flagship devices even when they've been on the market for over a year. Why unnecessarily shorten that shelf life?

Also, to date, every new iPhone has been launched alongside a new version of iOS. The last version, iOS 5, was a major, ambitious update, including iCloud and Siri, and Apple may have needed those 16 months to bring it to market. We have no specific information on how large an update Apple is planning for iOS 6, but 9 months may not be enough time for even a modest release. If Apple announces an iOS 6 SDK event this spring, like they did from 2008 to 2010, then we may start getting an idea. If iOS 6 isn't introduced to developers until WWDC, presumably in the summer like 2011, then a fall release would seem a certainty.

So to sum up, iPhone 5,1 is on track for:

  • Similar if not same sized screen (currently 3.5-inch but not set in stone)
  • 4G LTE radio
  • New "micro dock" connector
  • Fall/October 2012 release

There's some other stuff we're still looking into and we'll update asap. In the meantime, if next generation iPhone rumors and discussion are your thing, jump on into our iPhone 5 forum and have at it.

Rene Ritchie

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  • October happens to be 20 months after the Verizon iP4 release... and when custos are eligible renew contracts and get new phones.... coincidence? :D
  • I am also expecting bigger screen in new iphone this is required now and we hope Apple will consider this.
  • I personally don't want a larger screen size like some of the others manufacturers make. If I wanted a larger screen, I would buy one from another vendor. Why is it that we have so many comments from people wanting a larger screen size, but almost none from everyone who really likes it the way it is. Good subject for a poll.
    I am a guy, and as far as I am concerned the iphone is a PERFECT screen size! I like a phone that slips easily into and out of my front pants pocket. I don't want a phone that is so large it:
    a. Stabs me in the waist when in a pocket or on a holster
    b. So large I need a holster to carry it, which adds bulk or falls off or snags on something when I walk by.
    c. I am not a girl, so I don't carry a purse and don't want to start with the man purse thing.
    d. I like the way it fits in one hand better than a larger size does.
    Just leave the form factor the way it is; except reducing the bezel to increase the screen size is good, and thinner is always better. :-)
  • That's basically what we're saying; the iPhone doesn't have to become huge to have a 4" screen; just reduce the bezel around it and keep the current form factor. I'm sure Apple could find a way to make it happen. I'm with you on the overall dimensions of the phone; I like the size and feel of it as it is. But the screen would be so much easier to read and type on with a reasonably larger screen. A modest increase to 4" would solve it nicely. I have a holster for my iPhone 4 and have never had any problems with it snagging on anything. But I'm with you on the whole man-purse thing; I would never wear one either. LOL
  • One side doesn't fit all! What prevents Apple from making 2 sizes?
  • Agreed +1!!
  • Reducing the bezel is still a bad idea, you must not have ever used a device with a super-thin bezel. The fold of skin from simply holding the device can cause "touches"
    and try handing the phone to someone else to show them a picture, you're guaranteed they'll hit something.
    It's a huge fault in usability if they reduce the bezel.
  • I think they should go ahead and make the whole front a screen thus creating more space, I seen a picture of a iphone concept and it looked pretty cool with the home button built into the screen itself. Would solve the problem from both sides, having a bigger screen but still a small phone. Which I also like btw.
  • Agreed. But I must add, please women, never put your phone in your purse. While out and about your phone needs to be on your person. The first thing a thief will grab is your purse. Now you can't easily call for help.
  • no, leave the phone in there. go to the nearest business call the cops, and track your purse. In fact, make sure you don't password your phone. if it works, they keep it and use it. Making them easier to find. . . GPS, and who they contact.
  • Personally, when i had my Iphone it jabbed me in the waist. a. You should always have a holster its the safest place to keep your phone. b. I had my iphone and it fell out of my pocket. C. A bigger screen means you can see more. But i still think you should keep it the same size, because it can make it slower running a bigger Phone will WASTE the battery.
  • Actually, iPhone 4 went on sale in June 2010. But your underlying point is spot on: in markets where AT&T service is especially poor -- such as New York and San Francisco -- the churn over to Verizon will likely be huge with many of those customers having recently fulfilled their contractual obligation. The migration in other markets should also be significant, given recurring consumer dissatisfaction with AT&T. No doubt, AT&T is aware of this and is preparing offerings to stem the tide -- which will hopefully be matched by their competitors.
  • So basically the iPhone 4SS lol
  • Now with apple a new connector is a feature hahahah
  • The next iPhone will be called "The new iPhone".
  • And the next iOS will be called "new iOS" :p
  • Followed by iPhone4SSJ
    Only available in yellow
  • over 9000?!
  • It's so ad that nobody else got that joke...
  • I had to look that one up...and yes, it is sad, but I am in my 40s.
  • Yellow would be awesome!! now if I could only find a yellow and black legit otter box case I'd be f'en happy.
  • SSJ4 isn't yellow it's red and black. Fail.
  • same sized screen???....are you kidding me...they have had the same screen size since the original iphone, isnt it time to make it at least a little bigger. I am not asking for like 6inch screen or something like that but atleast make it 4.5-5 inches...
  • Agree at minimal people would go with is 4"
  • I was thinking more in the range of 3.7" minimum to 4" maximum. We may all complain about our iPhone screens, but when I get down to it, I'm honestly not really sure I want something too much bigger than what we already have. Eventually you get to a size that is just cumbersome.
  • I've never complained about my 3.5" screen. I like it.
  • Screen is perfect size. Don't change it. If you want bigger get an iPad
  • Well I think 4" to 4.5" would be great, but making it thinner as well, 3.5" is too small to text compared to other devices, and watching videos on that screen is not as appealing as a bigger screen, I admit you got a tablet for that, but you don't always carry your tablet and therefore I prefer bigger screen with ginger resolution, HD level resolution would be amazing to watch media.
  • I have been testing a google nexus something for our SMS program at work and it has a 4.6" screen and it is WAY to big it feels weird in your hand and pocket... I would like 4" Screen that goes edge to edge like some of the concepts out there don't make it way bigger there is no need u want bigger screen buy an iPad!
  • I will not buy a phone with a screen bigger than 4". Period. I don't want a damn tablet at all, let alone a tablet sized phone. That's part of why I hate most android devices besides not liking android: they are all insanely huge.
  • The larger screens on the android devices are to accommodate space for larger batteries. LTE requires more battery power to give you the same amount of talk/wait time that the smaller 3G phones provide. I would not be surprised to see Apple increasing the screen size to be able to put in a larger battery.
  • Exactly, like they did with the new iPad... wait! They kept the screen size and made the battery/device thicker :)
    Sorry, I couldn't resist it
  • While it isn't much thicker, the new ipad did get a bit thicker.
  • AMEN! ANDROID SUCKS BALLS! I do agree tho that the iPhone is perfect the way it is frame wise, but like I said in a previous comment they could go ahead and just make the whole front a screen and still keeping its sleek style. I went from a iPhone 4 to HTC inspire 4g back to iPhone 4 because the iPhone 4 was perfect in every aspect. If they do decide for a bigger phone I think it would be a bad idea to make it bigger then 4inches considering my HTC phone sucked while trying to text.
  • Agree. If the "new" iPhone doesn't have a bigger screen it will be massive FAIL. And I have owned them all!!
  • Ehh... I don't think it would be a massive fail. If they end up keeping the next iPhone's screen size as it is, I'm sure it'll still sell very well, and millions of people will still buy it. I just won't be one of them.
  • If the screen is too big, you wont be able to carry it with one hand as easily. The 3.5 inch screen is perfect because you can easily touch it and carry it. If they made it any bigger, you would need to use 2 hands. I like the 3.5 inch screen
  • And yet I still keep seeing people using phones with even smaller screens (e.g. BlackBerrys) with both hands. Besides, there are plenty of phones with screens in the 4" and up range that can easily be used with one hand. It just depends on how the phone is made, and the size of your hand.
  • The Motorola Atrix is nearly identical to the iPhone 4/4S in all dimensions yet has a 4" screen. So if Motorola could do it a year ago, Apple should be able to do it better today. and we are talking "mm" in each direction and not inches.
  • Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone. But if they slap the same size screen on there, I'm moving back to android.
  • I love the iPhone. But if they slap the same size screen on there, I’m moving back to android.
    Why? Because you need a bigger phone?
  • Because 3.5" doesn't cut it anymore. There's a reason that only the iPhone and a handful of budget Android phones have that screen size these days. Most people want a bigger screen. It wouldn't kill Apple to go 4" and it would be a very logical choice in the face of the current competition.
  • By "most peopl" do you mean manufacturers? Last time I checked, iPhone was the best selling individual handset.
  • That's because people want an iPhone and they're willing to settle for a smaller screen. Market research shows that most users prefer a larger screen. Consumers only have one choice with Apple, so they settle for the 3.5" screen when many would rather have a 4" screen. And don't kid yourself, Apple is losing potential customers who simply want a larger screen and choose Android for that reason.
    They could fit 4" in nearly the same form factor with the same pixel density and the five people out there who really only want a micro screen can go ahead and just keep buying the 4s.
    Just because you're content to settle for a 3.5" screen, doesn't mean you're in the majority.
  • No, because he wants a bigger screen, as do many of us. The whole phone doesn't necessarily have to be bigger; a 4" screen would fit into the current phone's casing if they reduced the bezel around it.
  • Re: "If iOS 6 isn’t introduced to developers until WWDC, presumably in the summer like 2011, then a fall release would seem a certainty."
    Agree. It's always good to give developers a few months to update their apps with new iOS features. And to let them make sure that iOS 6-compatible apps will still run well on iOS 5 (and maybe even iOS 4.)
    And releasing iOS 6 to developers in the summer, then releasing new iPhones with iOS 6 in the fall, gives Apple time to fix bugs in iOS itself as well.
  • Shouldn't you add the word "rumor" somewhere in that title?
  • Agreed, but by now I know that when it is not a rumor, the headline has a "official" somewhere.
    It might fall under linkbait, although by now iMore readers are used to the wording style.
  • They also use the word "reported" very loosely, since it is all unsubstanciated, but it is a blog after all, and as I said, most readers are used to the wording by now.
  • My guess is a 4 inch screen making the phone a little bigger so they're able to fit a bigger battery for LTE.
  • I've owned every version of the iPhone and iPad to current, but if the screen on the iPhone 5 stays under 4 inches, I will be going with an Android phone the day they announce it.
  • Why wait? Go grab a 4" android phone now.
    Apple isn't increasing the screen size of its iphone. To do so would mean a lesser quality screen. That's not apple.
    Not to mention there's not a good reason to increase the screen half an inch. The screen is already the perfect size in Apple's eyes. Apple sets the standards, not others. After all, the iphone is the top selling phone in the world and most desired.
  • Apple doesn't set standards for anybody but themselves. Proprietary by definition is not a standard.
    And to say you can't have the same quality in a larger size is just plain ridiculous.
  • You probably shouldn't comment on stuff you know nothing about.
  • Uh huh. Then please do tell how Apple's 960x640 resolution that nobody else uses is a standard and and the qHD and HD resolutions that other phone manufacturers are starting to go to are not.
    Or maybe you should take your own advice.
  • so Steve Jobs dies, and no one in Apple can fuking think of new ideas like 4 inch screen.
  • Between a 3.5" display sporting amazing visuals and a 4" sporting equally impressive visuals, which would you choose? Oh, 4? Yeah, I thought so. Sit down.
    Seriously, the sentiment I'm getting here is that Apple is apparently incapable of transitioning an impressive display onto a bigger screen. I would expect people on iMore to, you know, have more faith in Apple being able to do something like this. I mean, HTC did it. Samsung did it. Crappy LG did it. You're telling me that, Apple, arguably the de-facto smartphone today, can't do it?
  • Those others are running android which can scale. Apple runs iOS. Have you guys been asleep? There's a reason why Apple had to DOUBLE the resolution to change resolutions.
    They will not increase the screen size and lose their retina quality. It's a step backwards.
    They will not bump the resolution which will fragment their apps.
    Besides, none of you have made any case of how a 4" oversized phone would improve anything. The iphone has already proven to be the most popular sized phone.
  • iOS scales just fine. If it doesn't, whose fault is that? Oops, Apple!
    Regarding screen size, where have you been? Larger screen means better picture viewing, better browsing, movies are more enjoyable and typing is easier. And that's just skin-deep. You keep babbling about how the iPhone is the most popular sized phone. And how many larger screen iPhones does it compare to again? Oh, right, none. Android has the market now, and guess what? Most of their phones are at least 3.7", which is larger than the iPhone. So, yeah, size is popular, despite how ignorant you are of it's benefits.
    How about someone makes a survey here and asked "Would you like the iPhone to have a larger screen" I would literally bet money on the majority of the people saying "Yes." You're an idiot if you don't think Apple should at least ante up a little so that their hardware isn't so antiquated. God knows iOS is.
  • Another person living in fantasy land.
  • Yeah, I know. I mean, the idea of Apple actually upping their ante and giving the consumer what they want is so ridiculous, right? Who are we to actually say "Hey, we're giving our money to you and making you rich, can you actually give us what we, you know, want?"? It must be nice to live in a your world where Apple can do no wrong and they can basically give us a rehash after rehash and somehow you're still acting like they're flawless.
  • In my opinion. I don't think Apple will change the port. There are entirely way too many accessories that fits the current ones. On the issue with the screen. I don't think they will come to 4" on this one. Im thinking 3.7" no edge to edge screen. Cases would be an issue. I think that they will keep the same resolution with the slightly bigger screen. If you look at the 2G,3G, and 3GS they had 320X480. It will still be retina-like. Apple is really huge on being able to function everything with one hand so there will not be a 4" screen or bigger on it.
  • Apple has absolutely no qualms about killing off a port or connector. Firewire was great on the iPod and having USB sucks when copying a huge library to my iPod 6Gen.
    Apple also likes accessories, A LOT, and I do mean A LOT. If they make you upgrade to a new connector they will call it revolutionary and the (first three rows at the event which are ALL Apple employees) will clap feverishly. New connector, new way of doing things, its revolutionary, magical.
    Apple tells you what you what want and the iFans simply say yes, you are so right. My point is simple, Apple will do what they want and Apple users will simply buy it.
    Besides AirPlay is the new way forward so all of the new devices will simply use AirPlay to connect to and you will just use your cable to charge it at night.
  • I think they should increase the screen quality and make the screen like 3 inches :) that would be perfect right ?
  • I think the screen size is okay the way it is. Its a phone. I like the ability to put it in my pocket, with ease. I wouldn't want a device that I'd have to carry in my hand all the time or cram in my pocket. Or better yet, I don't want to have to buy clothes to fit my phone. I can reach the whole screen with one thumb. That's the way it should be.
  • I totally agree. I dont want a phone that will stick out of my pocket.
  • If you want to go with that logic, I have found no phone is faster and easier to use one-handed than a BlackBerry. Yet I have no desire to own another.
    And my 4.25" phone fits just fine in all my pockets.
  • I understand the size issues with phones, but why not just get a hip case for your larger phones? What is everyone's insistance on carrying phones in pockets? I mean, really by the time you add your gel skins and everything else, you increased the size of the phone at least an eigth of an inch. not to mention that repeatedly putting a phone in your pocket and pulling it out causes way too much wear and tear.... now with that said, while I normally use an Otterbox for my iPhone 4, I do take it out of the case and put it in my suit jacket when I need to be dressed to the 9's. People can complain that the cases look "dorky" or dumb, but every phone I have ever owned (BB, HTC, Palm) has been in an Otterbox and each phone comes out looking like brand new, even after a full two-three years. NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH! I think this is where the iPhone's screen size is perfect for those of us who want a larger phone to hold in our hand but also want an iPhone. The Otterbox cases easily bump the size of an iPhone to that of the larger Android handsets. I think each manufacturer has it right in some regard but lets face it: Apple was first to the game and so they set the rules. Every other manufacturer is really in an eternal struggle to beat that. One way they think they can beat it is putting a huge screen and making the phones cumbersome in the process. Realistically I don;t ever see a larger screen coming to the iPhone as 4"+ screens done meet Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for usability.
    And also, before anyone dismisses me as an Apple fan boy, let me just say that I actually prefer Blackberry and Palm to anything else. The only reason I use an iPhone is for work, as the apps I need are iPhone-only.
  • LOL, yes, I can relate, I hate that holsters are going out of style. It is SO much easier to access your phone while sitting when it's in a holster.
  • If you compare the overall size of the device (not the screen size) Many of the 4.25 and even some of the 4.5 inch screens are still packaged into a very similar size as the iPhone 4s. As a matter of fact most of those are thinner and can fit into your pocket more easily than the iP4s.
  • exactly its not just the size of the screen that matters but how big the actuall casing of the phone is...i have had the 4 and now have an s2 international variant and i dont find it any harder to carry it around even though its a 4.3'' screen...the fact is the iphone has too much bezel and can easily fit in a bigger screen...i will gaurantee that everyone that is saying that we dont want bigger screen will all of a sudden love the bigger screen if apple do use a bigger screen. even i use to think that my ip4 3.5'' screen was perfect but since using the s2's 4.3'',everytime i use an iphone i find the screen way to small too small and find the web browsing,youtube videos and texting not as enjoyable. also anyone that says no one wants big screens clearly dont know what they are on i said its not the size of the screen that matters but the size of the phone..personally i believe that if the next iphone has lte then it will have a bigger screen which will allow for the bigger battery.
  • 3.5" is a nice compact screen size. However Android has shown that when people are given a choice, they prefer something in the 4-4.5" range.
    Apple has earned the right to be arrogant, but they can't continue ignoring what people want. The competition today is too good.
  • I keep reading statements suggesting that "the people" want larger screens. I actually like larger screens than the 4S I currently own and would be interested in an iPhone with larger screen. But, if "the people" wanted that, why is the iPhone the best selling and fastest growing (in per capita sales) smartphone in the world? Even if people state they prefer something when asked in a poll (we all read the recent article on screen size poll), what they do with their money at the cash register isn't necessarily consistent.
  • If you want iOS, you don't have a choice. iOS is selling the phone, not the screen size.
    If Apple offered a 4-4.5" phone at the same price there is little doubt it would outsell the 3.5" version. All other manufacturers have proven this. It's very consistant.
  • Exactly. The main reason I switched to my iPhone 4 was because I wanted iOS, not because I wanted a smaller screen; I actually wanted a bigger screen. But I had been having major issues with my previous BB, WinMo, and Android devices, and decided that sacrificing a little bit of screen real estate for iOS's stability and reliability was an acceptable trade-off at the time. But now this 3.5" screen is starting to feel ridiculously small to me. I miss my 4.3" screen on my old HD2, and my 4" screen (and Swype keyboard) on my SGS1. So if this rumor ends up being true, and Apple stay with the 3.5" screen, as much as I like iOS, I simply won't be getting the next iPhone. I'll probably get a Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Screen is perfect size. Don't change it. If you want bigger get an iPad
    For those who argue the bigger Android phones sell better - of course they do. They are also the BEST phones. If you want a smaller screen you're stuck with 1 Ghz if you're lucky. So if you want a phone with good specs you swallow pride and grab the gigantic S2 or Nexus
  • I believe that Android outsells IPhone and if most Android screens are bigger than iphone(?) then aren't "the people" choosing larger screens?
  • Yes very good. Android which is an operating system that is on over 300 phones, tablets and whatever else. Outsells the iphone. Which is a PHONE. lol I love when people say that. To funny. This just in Windows 7 outsells HP computers.
  • So what? The question is between 3.5" screens and 4" screens. 4" screens outsell 3.5" screens. Period.
  • Actually iOS is also on iPod Touches and iPads so lets not forget that as well shall we.
  • But people AREN'T given a choice between equally powerful phones with different screen sizes. The 3.5"-screened Androids are phones with poor build quality, poor specs and a poor user experience. The majority of Android phones worth buying have the larger screens. Your choice is big, bigger or biggest unless you want a crap experience. No one going in to buy a Galaxy Nexus would look twice at a POS Samsung Android Boost Mobile phone not because the screen is small but because it's a bad phone. People like the new bigger screens to a point but it's not because they were given a fair choice between two similarly spec'd phones, it's because that was their only choice.
  • This is true; the higher-end Android devices do tend to be on the big side, like around 4.3" to 4.7". I agree that there should be more higher-end Android devices in a smaller form factor for those who want them. My old SGS1 variant (a Vibrant on T-Mo USA) felt just about right; I think its 4" screen fit me like a glove. It was Samsung and their lack of support for it that I had a problem with (I got Samsunged). But then they came out with the SGS2 with a 4.3" screen, which is OK, but now they're talking about an SGS3 with a 4.8" screen or whatever it'll be, which I think is reaching the practical limit on screen size. You might as well just get a Galaxy Note (tabphone) or Tab and be done with it. I wouldve been totally happy if Samsung would've just stuck with 4" screens. But more choice and variety is always a good thing.
  • You have a point, although there actually have been some choices that haven't done well. WP Focus Flash is out now, EVO Shift was out last year. And manufacturers don't just arbitrarily come up with their sizes. This is what most (but not all) people want in premium phone. There are all sorts of surveys and polls that bear this out.
  • Pretty sure Apple's labs have physical models of the new phone at all sizes... They'll pick the one that looks and functions best, and it'll probably sell a few.
  • I'm not sold yet, especially if the big feature is going to be LTE
  • 3.75" seems like a good compromise. I'd like that, but just as fine with the current size. 4" I think would be absolute largest but that dips below 300 dpi.
    And to all those "over four inches or I'm going (back) to android" folks. Enjoy!
  • I sure hope they stick with the 3.5" screen. It's one of the things I like about the iPhone.
  • U like a small screen ? Why only thing comes to mine is portability but if you have ever seen a 4" screen you would see it's not all that bigger but man for iPhone users it would seem that way
  • You can very easily fit a 4" screen into the existing iPhone chassis if they made some internal changes. Like getting rid of the crappy home button, talk about holding onto a legacy idea. Apple can create the mighty mouse and the touch pad mouse but can't get rid of the stupid home button. I mean Job's hated buttons so why is it there 5 generations later.
    Again you can fit a 4" screen into the existing phone or with a negligible bump like a few "mm" in size to handle it. Just compare the size of the Motorola Atrix to the iPhone 4/4S they are nearly identical.
  • I really hope it doesn't have a new dock connector as it will mess with my car dock setup (which won't work with an adapter) and means my wife will have the 4S with the old (current) connector and I'll have to use adapters with everything else and/or rebuy a load of cables and other accessories.
    I know Apple sometimes ditches old standards (floppy drives, parallel ports etc) but that's when there were viable alternatives and the old stuff wasn't necessary anymore. There's little wrong with the current connector and I find it hard to believe they will make something incompatible with so many existing cables and accessories.
  • Why not go with microUSB like the rest of the technology world?
  • Besides the fact that USB of any size was not engineered as a dock connector (i.e. just plant the phone down on a dock and it will slot in with ease) my original point still stands in that it will be different from all the cables and accessories most iPhone buyers already have from older iPhones, iPods, and iPads.
  • I have never found docking USB devices to be any more difficult than the Apple connector. Depends on the design I suppose.
    The point you make about making existing accessories obsolete is valid, but a bit ironic, being that Apple connectors are proprietary to begin with. Right now anybody making the switch from ANYTHING to Apple has to upgrade all their accessories. Doesn't seem to hurt sales much.
    Anyway, I hope they increase the power capability so the next iPad can charge quicker.
  • Look at the Galaxy Nexus and the 3 metal pins on the side that are used for connectivity, Apple could certainly develop on that technology. Bottom line is they need to make room inside or go a bit bigger to support the LTE and battery capacity it will likely get. So the connector and home button should go and a new method of capacitive home function along with a magsafe type power connector would be great. We can use wireless sync with iTunes and we have AirPlay so why do we need to 30 pin connector anyways. Oh yea so Apple can make money off of $29 docks and $19 cables that break faster than the $600 beater you bought in high school.
  • You mean like they made the smart covers redundant by changing the polarity of magnets on the new iPad? lol.
    Apple doesn't really care if it's inconvenient. They think about being an innovative leader more than anything else. Their second priority is to take care of their customers, which isn't a bad thing. A good example is how they make all their new softwares available on older products. unlike other companies (E.G. BLACKBERRY!)
  • Except the smart cover is a single accessory that has only been about for just over a year as opposed to the iPod connector that has been around for over 10 years more or less unchanged (dropping firewire charging caused a lot of complaints) and is used for a variety of purposes.
  • Well RIM has been making phones a lot longer than Apple has and over time their devices and the ability to add more features and memory and other abilities has grown as well. You simply cannot expect to put a 2GB OS onto a device with 512MB of storage for an OS now can you.
    So Apple supports devices for a long time, well the iPhone 1, 2 and 3G DO NOT support iOS 5.x now do they. So those users are SOL. I guess they should toss their old phones out and get a new one.
  • People are SO overly dramatic. Unless you're walking around in "jeggings", a phone with a 4.5" screen fits in your pocket just fine. I hate when people adamantly reject something that theyve never held or used.
  • +1
  • Yea I love all the people that say "if it goes bigger than 3.5 I won't use it." That is so stupid. You can't reject something if you've never used it. I'm sorry but 3.5 is too small in this era of smartphones. I honestly believe that Apple will finally move to a 4 inch screen at least. That whole crap about studies they did with one handed access across the screen is a joke. Trust me, you can still use a 4 inch screen with one hand easily. And I can guarantee you when they do make the screen bigger all the haters will be like "wow this amazing I'm so glad they did this!" lol.
  • Btu what about those of us who HAVE used larger phones and went back to the iPhone?
  • Then I'm sorry, because a bigger iphone is coming. So either get used to it or switch a crappy low end android device that's 3.5 or 3.7.
  • Please do not generalize -- I use the iPhone for many reasons, but it also happens to be about the only smartphone I can use one-handed. I'm five feet tall and female, and I have small hands. I couldn't even use my friend's Evo with one hand. So no, not everyone can use a bigger screen one-handed.
  • Like I said, I would expect it to go to 4 inches. Your friend's evo I believe is either 4.3 or 4.5 inches. Yes that is slightly bigger. I'm positive you could use 4 inches with your tiny hands as I have many female friends that own android devices much bigger than iphones and have absolutely no trouble. You're just used to the small screen move on.
  • That's a fair point. But on the flip side, not everyone can use a smaller screen one-handedly either. I have the exact opposite problem; I have big hands so the current 3.5" screen on the iPhone is the smallest it could be, and still be usable for me. My point is that one size does not fit all, so the argument works both ways.
  • or skinny jeans! damn hipsters!!
  • What app is that in the picture at the top of the story?
    And to weigh in on the screen size, I would prefer it to be what it is now or 4" at the most. I like my small slim iPhone 4, wouldn't want too much more.
  • My guess is less than 1% chance on the new dock connector, it's far too widespread to change up now.
  • It's the iPhone 4GS!
  • If its just LTE , A6 processor, and a dock I'll pass
    Hell I'll pass on a 4 inch screen lol. I have an iPad now
  • For their sake its better be 4+".
    You are probably wrong ... your sources are bad.
  • 3.5" is very good, 4" is slso very good, Apple please build the next iphone with 3.5" and 4" screens.... So we can have choices...
  • This is an interesting idea; since Apple already have their iMacs, MacBook Airs and Pros available in different sizes, why not make the iPhone (and iPad and iPod touch) come in different sizes as well? That way we could have the existing 3.5" screen and a 4.0" or maybe even 4.5" screen for those who want them. My main concern with that would be the app fragmentation that might occur due to slightly different pixel densities and resolutions (like with iPhone/iPod touch apps vs. iPad apps). And while they're at it, why not make the iPhone available in different colors like the iPod nano as well? I'd love to have a 4" iPhone in gunmetal grey. Just some ideas... Tho I doubt Apple will listen to us.
  • But pixel compatibility in iphone is a strong feature. Having different pixel ratio other than 2x would literally make iphone look like android. One of the reason why apps look jagged and not sharp in android phones is that developers don't custom tailor for each different pixel ratio. If they decide the same resolution on 3 sizes, the larger screen won't be the flagship model due to low pixel density which defeats the purpose of having a larger screen.
  • Technology grows at an exponential rate. This is what is wrong with the design of the iphone. They have kept the same size of the screen for 4 years or whatever and only increased the pixel density. Now they have a problem, everyone has moved on to a larger screen, higher resolutions, and they are stuck with their screen because of all the "app compatibility" issues. Either keep up with the growing technology or get left behind. It's time they step up the screen size.
  • live in fantasy land. The iphone is the best selling and definitely the most profitable phone out there by far. Apple has no worries. The next iphone with the same screen will set new records for them.
  • @cardfan
    I love your mentality. It's basically, "Well, I wanted this, but since everyone else seems to be happy with theirs, I'm happy, too!" It's like you can't think for yourself and believe what Apple wants you to believe. And people wonder why they call iPhone users iSheep? You're a prime example. Newsflash, guy. Back when people thought the iPhone was a joke, what happened? It turned into a success. Back when people thought Android was crap? Guess what? It's got the market now. Back when people thought the iPhone screen was the perfect screen size? Guess what. People want bigger things now. If you prefer a smaller screen, say so. Don't act like the rest of the world suddenly agrees with you. You are not the majority, moron.
  • Fully agreed with your idea. Apple shoud make both 3.4" and 4" for the better choice from Apple fans.
  • In other words, same ol same ol..
    Looks like I'll be looking elsewhere as I'm not upgrading for what will basically be another iPhone 4.
  • I would love to have even a smaller screen, around 3".
  • A bigger screen would be nice.. And while I'm dreaming, let's make it one of them really nice amoled screens. =D
  • I have my old HTC Touch Pro 2 with a 3.7" screen, and the difference in screen size between that and my iPhone 4, when held next to each other, is so minimal it hardly seems worthy of mention. FYI to the few who feel the need to comment on that size...
    I was so disappointed that the iPhone 4S was the same screen size that I didn't upgrade. Still have my iPhone 4. I could handle a 4.3" iPhone, but I think 4.0" is actually better as it could be made to fit on a body with little or no enlargement from current models of iPhone 4 and 4S.
  • Man...same screen size against? I must admit that apple makes the best phone but they may lose some loyal followers if they stick to 3.5. Bump it upto 4 and even the few people who don't like it will still buy it since android phones are way too big.
  • Does everyone here just have really small hands?
  • Apple is not one to be left behind. If all smartphones are 4" or above, Apple will be there, but "only better" or "we are last to the party, but got it right. " I believe the 4.5" and larger are more of a crazy fad. At some point everything will level back off to 4" or 4.5" One thing, if you play with the iPad for awile, that 3.5" screen really looks small. Apple may be thinking about a micro doc, not for the iPhone, or iPad, but for a new product entirely.
  • Dude, phone's specs and features advancing isn't a fad. It's evolution. If you really believe that bigger phones aren't going to stick around... indefinitely, you're either lying to yourself or have never actually used a larger device and can't compare. 3.5 isn't bad, even today. But 4.0 is better. Period.
  • 4.3 and 4.7 is the are best size in my opinion and for that we have HTC king of big screen phones
  • I'm a self confessed apple fan but I will cry into my pint glass if they don't make the screen bugger. Then to make my point to the apple board I will give them....the frowning of a lifetime !
  • That should read 'bigger' though it will be a bugger if it's not bigger !
  • Big big screen
  • Screen size could decide if I get the next iPhone or a Windows Phone. I have used Windows Phone and love it. I have used the iPhone and love it too. I want a 4" screen, that is the ideal size for me.
  • Same here; I like iOS for its stability and reliability (for the most part), and the way my Mac and iPhone seamlessly sync together without any fuss, but if the next iPhone doesn't have at least a 4" screen (and at this point I'm not expecting that it will), then I'm just going to get an unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 and be done with it. I've played with the smaller Lumia 800 at the Microsoft Store, and so far I'm very impressed by it and WP7 (never thought I'd ever say that about a MS product! LOL). But its 3.7" screen wasn't enough of a screen upgrade to justify my getting it. I held it next to my iPhone 4 in portrait mode, and the screen sizes really aren't that different; the Lumia's is slightly narrower and taller, while the iPhone 4's is slightly wider and shorter vertically. Then I found out that the Lumia 900 is coming out soon, so I decided to wait for it instead. Or maybe the HTC Titan 2; I'm going to withhold judgement til I get a chance to use them and see how they work for me.
  • Wait, when are we getting DisQus or whatever? Heard this website was supposed to be going to that months ago...what gives???
  • We had Disqus for quite a while and removed it. Spam bots ruined it.
  • I just got another iPhone/iPad cable to replace one. I hope they don't change the cable connector. A bigger screen would be nice, but I'm not due an upgrade until 2013, assuming Sprint is still around then and hasn't been bought or merged. Whatever the new iPhone is, it won't be coming to Sprint in 2012 with LTE. So it's a mute point what the iPhone Screen for this year is.
  • if they didnt add any other feature besides a larger screen, i would be fine with that. after years of eye strain head aches (and just a step away from 40), im ready for a jitterbug iphone
  • Yo people, the reason the iPhone 5 would have maybe a bit lager screen size with the same phone size as the 4s. The home button would not be there also the ear piece would be redesigned to take less space there fore making more space to increase the screen size in the same parameters of the 4s phone
    Maybe a projector keyboard which would solve the problem of typing .
    A huge battery life ... For sure .. Not like the current one ... Thinner .. Faster , edge to edge screen ...
  • No bigger screen, no sale..
  • All these people saying ''if the next iphone doesnt have a bigger screen im goin to android'' NO YOU'RE NOT! If you were, you would have gone there by now, because you probably been threatening the same thing since ip4 was released!
    You're all saying how AMAZING big screens on android are....yeah hows the battery life for those big screens working out?? i have a friend who has to charge her android phone after only 5 hours of use! if you want a bigger screen thats constantly connected to a charging dock, you have it, ill stick with my 3.5 that works all day from a single charge.
  • You're right. Not many people will switch. Some have. Most won't, though.
    Actually, larger screen Android phones have decent battery life. The Galaxy S2 line has great battery life. Even the ones with LTE. So does the Note, which is the biggest thing right now. And that has LTE, too. How about that 4S? Oh, right. Battery life sucks. Oops. So much for your battery life argument. And it doesn't even have the all-draining LTE.
    And yeah, you can say "I'll stick with it" all you want to... but at the end of the day, you know damn well you'd rather have a larger screen, if given the choice. Everyone does. At least man up and say Apple's strategy isn't perfect, fool.
  • same screen size is a deal breaker to me. I have been using an HTC desire HD for a year and could go down to a 4" but if they stay at 3.5 then I will stick with android. I do realize that it doesn't make a huge difference since you can't actually see any more on the screen but its nice to have everything slightly larger
  • I know screens sell, but I like the fact that the current one can be operated by one hand. For smaller hands, the bigger devices could be stretch, which will increase the likelihood of users finding their slick $600 phone-reimagined-as-art-object-formed-like-a-wet-hotel-soap-bar-but-built-like-Joel-Goodsen's-mom's-egg on a ballistic rendezvous with the sidewalk.
    And while we're at it - how about a dedicated camera button that's positioned better for taking pictures, especially rear-camera self shots at full arm's length? I feel like I'm dangling the dang thing off the edge of Half Dome when I attempt this.
    Steve Jobs talked a lot of smack about improving camera ergonomics, but Nikon is WAY better than Apple at physically configuring the ergonomics of their products. I perceive Apple's design priorities as follows: (1) simple (2) simple (3) shiny (4) shiny (distant 10) form following function.
  • The change to an October/fall release was primarily to move the iphone into the Christmas buying season. Releasing in spring had no special advantage. Kids were out of school so Apple wasn't able to use peer experience to help sell the product. Release in the holiday cycle, however, and you guarantee your new device is at the top of all the lists, versus being about six months old. Moving to fall makes tons of sense for Apple.
  • Excuse the OT question, but ... What are the chances the next iOS upgrade will bring Siri to the new iPad?
  • My complaint would be the different size DOCK CONNECTOR. I already have way too much cash in accessories especially for the audio system. There better be an adapter ( something else to buy ). or I just might have to say Jobs took the Iphone to the grave with him. This would be a huge mistake for people all ready committed. No big deal if your new to the device.
  • screen could be a tiny bit bigger, maybe somewhere between 3.65" and 3.8175" or 3.82" at a pinch.
  • 3.5 - 3.7
  • Lol at all the comments here! Let's face it. If Apple releases a 4.5" screen, it will probably be labeled as "screensolutionary" and all you current iPhone users will line up for it. I have an Android phone and it's called the Razr. Most of you bashing on Android need to remember that it is an operating system, not a phone. Google made Android to put the power of searching
  • I used to have an Iphone, but I have now changed it into Samsung Note. It slides nicely into my pocket, and the only time I notice it is there, is when I sit down in my car, and are going to strap on my seatbelt. That is the only time I need to take it out. The screen is just fantastic to surf, watch videos, pictures etc.
    My children still have Iphones, and the only reason for that is the tracking feature. When my daughter at six is out walking to her friends, I can track where she is, and that she has gotten there safely.
    The only thing that could make me change back to Iphone, is that Apple made a much larger screen, AND ... stopped telling me what i can and cannot install on my iphone. If I want to watch something and I need Adobe Flash, no matter how old and recource demanding it is, I can install it. If Apple is so afraid of their image of a wuick and responsive telephone, then they should still let people install it, but with a big warning about what this could result in.
  • I think the current size is perfect! It fits in the pocket and I can take photos with ease. I would say 4" on the screen size for an absolute max. Any larger and you would lose the ease of use and have to sue two hands to do everything.
  • I hope I will learn to love android OS :( Its time for an upgrade and if apple doesnt bring a 4 inch screen to life I been waiting for I will go for HTC on samsung.. I got disapointed with the release of 4s but kept waiting. Im really going to get dissapointed now if larger screen finally doesnt get implemented. I dont care about a procesaor update. Who cares? Camera? Who cares? They all work great already. But the bigger screen... Ahhhh... Just like they said introducing retina display, everything you do on your iphone is better
  • I think a 4" screen would be perfect!! I had an Android phone with a huge screen and downsizing to the iPhone was quite a challenge at first but now that I've used it for a while it's decent~but not perfect. I think the 4" screen would be a perfect compromise for everyone....not too big and bulky~not too small and giving headaches while using it. I don't like the change in the 30 pin though....I think Apple should stick to what everyone already has....unless the new smaller connector somehow supports full 1080i/1080p HD resolution to my big screen.....that would be worth it I think :)
  • I for one also will be jumping back to droid if apple drops another 3.5.
    Hello apple. When can you pop different screen size?? People want ios but if you keep popping out old stuff like this you will lose the young crowds who is your future customer
  • guys you still bought an iphone right even though it had a 3.5 inch screen. Also I wouldn't see why 0.5-1 inch bigger screen would make any difference. Its kind of like comparing a 13 inch notebook to a 14 inch one. Now if Apple managed to fit the screen without changing the size then that would work
  • I think the solution would be for Apple to make 2 or 3 different sizes of iphones, 3.5, 4 or 4.5 inches. Give us a choice !!!
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  • Re: the maverick If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. (sorry guys, I just couldn't resist)
  • This is why in my family I have a standing rule in place....all upgrades are used for me. Everyone else just gets my hand me downs. They don't mind cuz it keeps them in relatively new iPhones at all times and I pay the bill!
  • Hey!I'm a Chinese girl and I accidentally droppedmy iPhone4 into the pit!Miserable enough!I'm considering to buy a now iPhone and I need some advice:Should I buy iPhone4s or wait until the new generation of iPhone?The price will be really high when the new iPhone's launched in China.What should I do?
  • I think the 3.5 inch screen makes iPhone classic!Why change it?
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