iPhone XR Colors: Which color is best for you in 2022

Offering the same cutting edge internals as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR is noted for its colorful selection and less expensive price. Featuring a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, the iPhone XR comes in six gorgeous colors, each slightly more unique than the last. Need some help deciding which hue to get your iPhone XR in? Let's take a look at everything being offered.

(PRODUCT)RED is our favorite

iPhone XR red

Traditionally, Apple has released a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone version mid-year. However, when it came time to release the iPhone XR, it didn't wait. Like the other five colors, the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone XR was released on Day 1. Bold and powerful, this is the iPhone XR you should get if you want to make a statement and also feel awesome about your purchase. Proceeds benefit the Global Fund, which fights AIDS.

White is pure like winter snow

iPhone XR white

Peel iPhone XR Case (Image credit: Peel)

Sleek is a great word to describe the iPhone XR in white. Perhaps the least flashy of the iPhone XR models, the white version still packs a punch even without drawing too much attention to itself. Other colors will come and go as styles change. White, however, is a timeless choice.

Black is gorgeous and electric

iPhone XR in snow

iPhone XR (Image credit: iMore)

The iPhone XR in black is the most subdued iPhone XR version you can purchase. Like the white model, this color is always a popular choice for mobile devices for many precisely because it isn't flashy. When you can't make an iPhone XR choice based on color, this is the model you should get.

Blue is sky fresh

iPhone XR in blue

The blue iPhone XR will remind many of springtime when the colors of the world are starting to pop for another year. More powder blue than traditional blue, the iPhone XR in blue is a terrific choice if you want a handset that stands out, but not as much as perhaps the yellow and coral versions.

Yellow is bright and likes standing out

iPhone XR in yellow

iPhone XR in yellow (Image credit: iMore)

Understated is not a word to describe the iPhone XR in yellow. It's bold, brash, and ready to make an entrance wherever it's carried. Too bold for your tastes? There are five other choices from which to decide!

Coral is earthy and unique

iPhone XR coral

If you really want to stand out, you can't go wrong with the iPhone XR in coral. Not as iconic as the (PRODUCT)RED model or as flashy as the one in yellow, the coral model is breathtakingly beautiful in a fun way that's new for Apple.

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