iPhone 14: Biggest rumored changes

iPhone 14 concept
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Multiple reports say the iPhone 14 could be just a few weeks away, with insiders tipping an iPhone 14 launch event in the first half of September. 

With each passing year, customers must decide whether they want to upgrade from one of Apple's current best iPhones, like the iPhone 13, or stick with what they have. 

With that in mind, what do the rumors say about changes coming to the iPhone 14? On the face of it, this might not be such a big upgrade over previous years, here are some of the biggest rumored changes. 

iPhone 14  sizes and models

iPhone 14 case leaks

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When it comes to sizes and models, there is really only one headline change to talk about. Multiple reports and rumors almost unanimously indicate Apple is done with the 'mini' iPhone. Instead, the regular iPhone 14 range should now feature a 6.7-inch model, the same size as Apple's 'Max' Pro model. The 'Pro' lineup should still feature a 6.1-inch model and a 6.7-inch model. 

So, if you like the mini iPhone, bad news I'm afraid. If you want a larger 'Max' iPhone without the expense of the Pro moniker, this is your year. 

iPhone 14 design change

If you like the iPhone 13's design, then the iPhone 14 isn't going to change much. Multiple reports, case leaks, and CAD files, as well as renders, indicate the iPhone 14 will retain nearly all of the same features as the current model. The only expected design change is a slightly larger rear camera bump. On the front, the notch on the 'Pro' models is expected to be different, likely a hole-punch configuration. 

Iphone 14 Cad

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New colors

According to reports the new iPhone 14 will feature options in green, purple, black, white, and red. That means no blue or pink, and a new purple color. Similarly, the Pro is rumored to be getting a green and purple offering alongside the usual silver, gold, and graphite. That means no Blue. 

Processor and RAM

The iPhone 14 will reportedly not get a new processor, instead retaining the A15 of the current model. The iPhone 14 Pro should get a new A16 chip. The RAM is expected to be upgraded to 6GB on both the Pro and regular models, an improvement on the current 4GB. 


One big change on the Pro models will be an always-on display that constantly shows an image just like Apple Watch. This reportedly won't be coming to the regular iPhone 14, where the display isn't expected to change. 

iPhone 13 Pro models on display in an Apple Store

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Mark Gurman has promised iPhone 14 camera upgrades across the board, and at least some of that could entail a new 48MP wide-angle lens. There are also reports that upgrades to the front-facing camera may be coming including improved focus and better portrait mode shots as well as FaceTime improvements. 

5G and Wi-Fi

iPhone 14 concept

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Another possible area of upgrade is 5G and Wi-Fi. There are reports Apple's 5G chips will be better this year, making for less power consumption and better battery life when surfing on 5G. Likewise, the rumored Wi-Fi 6E could make for much faster browsing. 

Worth the upgrade?

As you can see, this is quite a raft of fairly small changes. There are no reported plans for a big design overhaul or a breakthrough feature like 5G, Face ID, reverse charging, or anything else for that matter. Apple is done with the 'S' years of iPhone upgrades, but if it wasn't, I'd happily suggest that the iPhone 14 sounds more like an iPhone 13S than anything else. That doesn't mean it won't be the best iPhone Apple has ever made, just that the choice to upgrade might be a harder one for some. 

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